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Best Free Invoicing and Billing App for Freelancers

Best Invoicing and Billing App for Freelancers
Written by Ratnesh

Freelancers and small business owners need to work hard for overall success. They provide the product or services to the clients, manage business aspects, make sure that the clients are satisfied. And, after the work is completed, they get paid.

But the payment process is not that simple. At first, the freelancers have to send invoices to the clients. Well, the process of invoicing isn’t the exciting part of freelance life. However, it must be done so that you get the payment for your hard work.

It’s better not to use the manual invoicing method that takes a lot of time and effort. You can adopt invoicing and billing applications & software’s to bring automation to your business operation.

These tools have become really useful for the freelancers as it saves a lot of time and makes invoicing and billing process efficient. It keeps your billing and accounting organized and ensures that all the records are accurate and complete.

But which is the best invoicing and billing app for freelancers?

There are many choices like PayPal, OutInvoice, Freshbooks, Wave, Invoicely, etc., available in the market. You can choose any of these great applications for your business.

Here is the descriptive view of the best invoicing and billing app for freelancers.

Best Invoicing Apps for Freelancers Android & iOS

#1 PayPal

Yes, it’s true PayPal is in the first place because it provides the most accessible payment options. With the free account, you can create unlimited invoices.

There is no cost for the invoices, but through the invoices, clients can pay through PayPal, by credit card, or bank transfer. Only average fees are added to the money you received.

However, you will not be provided with all the features if you choose PayPal for your invoice, but this must not matter to you. It will show if your invoices have been paid or not but do not manage invoices.

If you have already used PayPal, it is the best way to deal with invoices as it is easier to use. And, it is an excellent choice for the client as it is fast, easy, and does not charge extra cost for any invoices.

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#2 OutInvoice

OutInvoice is a newly introduced invoicing software designed for freelancers and small businesses. It helps to create and send professional invoices, get paid faster, track records of invoices and make work life easier.

This invoicing app is filled with many advanced features that make invoicing and billing easy and convenient to use. Some of the attractive features of OutInvoice are:

  • Multiple Members Profile: OutInvoice offers the users create multiple members profile so that anyone can manage invoices, monitor due payment, due date, void, and receipt.
  • Manage multiple businesses: The users can handle multiple businesses with a single account.
  • Send invoices Faster: The software creates the invoices automatically and sends professional invoices faster.
  • Accept online payments: It accepts various online payment options like PayPal or Stripe.
  • Track record of invoices: The online invoicing software helps to monitor overdue and receipt. It also manages and tracks the payment of each invoice.

Try 30 days FREE trial Now! No credit card is required.

It offers two subscription plans:

Monthly: It costs $6 per person/month with unlimited users and business, no transaction fees, and unlimited invoices.

Yearly: It costs $60 per person /year with unlimited users and business, no transaction fees, and unlimited invoices.


#3 Wave

The free plan of Wave provides access to accounting software and other features like expense tracking, credit card connections, unlimited bank, and more.

You must be wondering how Wave makes money if everything is free? I will answer your curiosity, if you set up a Wave account to accept your invoice payments, then Wave will collect a small fee of 2.9%+$0.30 for credit card payments,1% for the bank payments. This is a minimal amount that is similar to what PayPal has when collecting payments.

Wave also provides some other additional plans that handle the payroll. They offer invoice and accounting processes for free.

The money that they make from processing payments and the payroll taxes allows them to offer the invoicing and accounting functionality for free while they make money processing invoices and payroll taxes.

Be sure and try Wave if you seek a free invoicing solution with the advanced feature with the best accounting tools.

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#4 Invoicely

Invoicely is an app based on invoicing, but it has some other exciting features that might interest you. The limited features of a free plan may be suitable for freelancers. It includes:

  • Unlimited invoices
  • Bill in multiple currencies
  • Accept online PayPal payments
  • Easily customizable and create professional-looking invoices

But, the basic plan costs $9.99 per month, which offers additional features that might be useful to you:

  • Create estimates
  • Repetitive invoices
  • Accept credit card payments

Invoicely’s free plan meets the needs of many freelancers and is the best option.

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#5 Invoicera

Invoicera is flooded with features of invoicing and billing software. They provide the best features beyond the needs of the average freelancer, but these features might help you with your business.

It offers a free plan with limited services, but they support invoicing and manage three clients only. However, you can upgrade to the Pro plan for $15 per month, which manages 100 clients.

The free and pro plan lets you customize the invoice templates, manage repetitive billing, and accept card payments. These plans are provided with late payment reminders, unlimited time tracking, profit and loss reporting, and 30+ payment options.

It even offers project management and client management features that might not be needed for most freelancers who are looking for an invoicing app.

Invoicera can be the best solution if you need advanced features. But, if you are seeking a simple way to create and manage invoices, then I would recommend you to look for other apps or software.

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#6 Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja offers a free plan that is best suited for freelancers. The free plan lets you create invoices for up to 100 clients, recurring invoices, proposals, multiple gateways, and more. It also provides time tracking facilities.

The users can always upgrade to the pro plan if they need to manage more than 100 clients, which costs $8 per month. The pro plan supports an unlimited number of clients and comes with other additional features like templates for invoices and quotes.

Overall, Invoice Ninja is the best option, and a free plan will be enough for many freelancers.

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#7 FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a simple-to-use app that includes accounting features in addition to invoicing. There is no free plan included in FreshBooks because of the features and functionality. The pricing starts with $15 per month for the lite plan.

It supports five billable clients, unlimited invoices and estimates, unlimited expense tracking, unlimited time tracking, accepts online payment, credit card, tax reports, and more.

One of the significant limitations of the lite plan for freelancers is the number of clients limited to 5. Another plan is the plus plan which lets you have 50 billable clients for $25 per month.

Its invoicing features stand out in the crowd because of its accounting features. You can easily create balance sheets, general ledgers, trial balances, and many more with these features. If you are looking for invoicing app with other features, FreshBooks will be the best option; otherwise, go for other listed apps.

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#8 Harvest

Harvest is essentially a time-tracking app; however, it also involves invoice services. If you are working as a part of a team, time tracking features can be beneficial. Harvest includes some fantastic skills for team management and project management and integrates time tracking into those functions.

You can easily create invoices on time and track the project working time. Send the reminder through automation and collect them through online payment options like PayPal or Stripe.

As Harvest’s main feature is a time tracking than invoicing, it lacks other features and other options not as strong as time tracking.

Like other apps, Harvest also offers a free plan, but it only allows you to manage two projects and does not include some of the team features. Harvest comes with two plans.

  • Solo Plan: It allows you to manage unlimited projects. It costs about $12 per month; however, it also comes with team services.
  • Team Plan: The team plan costs $12 per month per person.

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#9 Hiveage

Hiveage is a feature-rich app that includes more than invoicing. It provides dynamic features like estimates, payment Gateways, financial reports, recurring billing, Teams and Businesses, time tracking, Expenses tracking, Mileage Tracking, Credit, and Debit card Processing, Pay links, and many more. It comes in different subscription plans.

Free Plan: It added a free plan that provides invoices to 5 Clients with Unlimited invoices, unlimited estimates, unlimited time tracking, unlimited expense tracking, and Payment Gateways. It is best suited for those who are just starting a business.

Basic Plan: It is designed for savvy freelancers. It cost $16 per month. It supports 50 Clients, provides unlimited invoices, unlimited estimates, unlimited time tracking, and expense tracking, provides unlimited recurring billing, financial reports, and provides multiple payment gateways.

Pro Plan: It is best suited for running a small business. It costs $25 per month. It supports 250 clients, five team members, unlimited invoices, unlimited estimates, unlimited time tracking and expense tracking, unlimited recurring billing, manages financial reports, provide multiple payment gateways, sends emails from your domain, customizes email notifications, and automatic payment reminders. It is the recommended plan for small businesses.

Plus Plan: It is designed for business owners with booming businesses. It costs $42 per month. It supports 1000 clients, ten team members, sending unlimited invoices, unlimited estimates, unlimited time tracking and expense tracking, unlimited recurring billing, financial reports, Payments Gateways, send emails from your domain, customize email notifications, automatically sends payment reminders, personalized support to migrate data from other services.

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#10 Xero

Xero is another feature-populated app that offers a lot more features than invoicing. Xero got features like FreshBooks that include invoicing as one aspect of its services. It does not provide a free plan but comes with three subscription plans. They are:

Early: It is suitable for freelancers, sole traders, and new businesses. It provides 20 invoices and sends quotes, five bills, reconciles bank transactions, captures bills and receipts.

Growing: It is suitable for growing small businesses. It costs $32 per month. It supports invoices and quotes, bills, reconciles bank transactions, and captures bills and receipts.

Established: It is best suited for established businesses of all sizes. It costs $62 per month. It supports sending invoices and quotes, entering bills, reconciling bank transactions, capturing bills and receipts, accepting multiple currencies, tracks projects and claims expenses.

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Popular Free Invoice Apps

Invoice Maker: Estimate & Invoice App

Invoice Simple is a fast and easy invoice app.

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Zoho Invoice – Online Invoicing & Billing Software

Send and manage invoices from anywhere using your laptop / phone / tablet/Mac/Ipod

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Other popular names are quickbooks,, Stripe, Invoice2go,, Pancake invoice.


Most freelancers seek simple and cost-effective apps. And, yes, it’s a clever move to invest in a suitable and straightforward invoicing and billing application rather than wasting money on the features that you don’t use. The freelancers who got few clients can choose the simple type of apps, and the ones who got many clients can choose that software with advanced features.

But before you select the right one, you can always try the free trial of the applications. It gives you insights into that app, and you can compare the features of apps and choose the one that matches your requirements.

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