Why and How to Get a Free Temporary Phone Number

How to Get a Free Temporary Phone Number
Written by Ratnesh

“The great growling engine of change is Technology,” quoted by Alvin Toffler, serves as proof for the current topic, which is “What, Why, and How to get a temporary phone number?”. The topic leads us back to 1991 when European Telecommunications Institute invented the first sim car(nothing but as a silicon integrated circuit- short for silicon chip). Different companies have taken a step to provide all the services — the service providers. Initially, we used to have only permanent sim cards that could be purchased from a sim store. Apart from this, it is also really easy to generate fake phone numbers nowadays.

Now, with technology evolving, we can make the world revolve in our hands. This technology now provides us a feature to take temporary phone numbers.

What is the temporary phone number?

The name itself says it all, and it is a phone number that can be used by a person for a certain period and get rid of it after the work is done like opt, SMS verification. Meaning, It is a virtual number that can be used for temporary purposes and taken from the service providers. This can usually be done in many different ways, starting with the simplest one- buying a temporary sim card and extending up to using Android applications & websites.

Why a temporary phone number?

Now, when one knows the information about anything, the next things that cross the mind are Why? What is the use? Is it really necessary?. Generally, we would want to use a phone for a lifetime to make communicate with others.

The purpose of a temporary phone number is to use it when we are unable to access the permanent numbers or if there is an urgent need for a certain purpose like OTP verification, SMS, receive text, verify Facebook, instagram, WhatsApp, google verification, Skype us and more. Sometimes we need fake number generators for the work of these popular countries like India, USA, UK, China, australia, Canada.

Then there is absolutely no necessity for the phone number ever again. So in such situations, the users tend to opt for a temporary phone number.

How to get a temporary phone number?

In such situations, what must be done to get a temporary phone number? There are many options. Let us discuss a few feasible options that are worth checking out.

  • SMS confirmation services
  • Mobile Apps for Temp Numbers
  • Temporary prepaid phones
  • Temporary sim cards

SMS Confirmation Websites for temporary phone number

These are online websites that allow us to use a temporary phone number to get an SMS. You can receive SMS messages online without registration. All received text messages are anonymous by these websites. So no one can track you.

This can be used while registering an account or to reach out to a person when a phone number isn’t working.

You can visit the following sites to get one:

  • http

Mobile App for Temporary Phone Numbers

These are usually applications developed by mobile application developers and software developers. All you have to do is register an account in the apps and get a phone number for temporary use, and once the work is done, we can drop the number. All the apps available for android and ios users.  These apps provide fast free SMS delivery protecting your Privacy. These free virtual phone numbers are also called disposable phone numbers. You can use these apps for sms verification, Social Media Like Twitter, craigslist and so on.

Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers

Telos 2nd Phone Number, Unlimited Calls & Texts

Download: Burner for Android | iOS

Download: Hushed for Android | iOS

Download: CoverMe for Android | iOS

Download: Line2 for Android | iOS

Download: Sideline for Android | iOS

Temporary Prepaid phones

In a cell phone market, we can often find prepaid phones. These are called the “burner phones,” you can contact the service provider and ask them to activate the service, and once completed, you can ask the provider to deactivate the phone number.

Just follow the whole procedure to get the activation.

Temporary Sim Cards

If all the mentioned processes seem to be complicated, you can always go back to a traditional way, go to a phone shop, and ask for a simple temporary sim card. You can burn it, throw it, and do whatever you want to because once the allocated period is completed, you will no longer have access to the system.

And if you feel all the options mentioned puzzling, just use a friend’s phone! Simple and your job’s done within no time. But if you want to ensure security, it is highly recommended to follow any of the procedures mentioned.

But if you are looking for free SMS receive, online fake phone number for verification with texts for quick use, then use the above websites to get a temp phone number.

Hope these tips work for you and your work has been done.

Happy Surfing.

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