Best 10 Free Instagram Feed WordPress Plugins 2021

Instagram Feed Free WordPress Plugins
Written by Micah Phillips

Instagram has been the game-changer for social media networks. Instagram started as a mere photo-sharing social media app but has transformed into a social media giant with vast horizons.

Instagram has changed the routine of people but also has impacted businesses and their marketing strategies.

Instagram has a total of 1.074 billion active users, and according to research, 90% of the users follow a business.

The same survey noticed that 50% of Instagram users show interest in a brand after seeing their ad on Instagram.

Instagram’s advertisement reaches more than 1.16 billion users, and hence, Instagram has a huge impact on businesses.

Marketers are always in a hunt for tools that helps to include Instagram as part of their strategy; the Instagram feed plugin has emerged as an effective tool for them. The tool helps businesses to enhance their brand awareness and increase their sales.

Instagram Widget has emerged as a boon for businesses; widget not only makes your website look catchy and sparks an interest in the user about your product and your business. Instagram Widget is readily available in the market and very popular amongst marketers.

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As most of the websites use WordPress, we will be discussing the Top-10 Best Instagram Feed plugin for your WordPress website in this blog.

Starting with the basics, let try to understand Instagram Widget

Instagram Widget

Instagram Widget is a tool that helps you to fetch, aggregate, and moderate the content related to your business from Instagram and displays them into one unified presentation on your website.

Instagram Widget makes your website more interactive and engaging to the audience. It makes your website more vibrant and making it more pleasing to the eyes. You can even moderate the content that your feed displays. You can filter out and remove the irrelevant content and keep the feed positive and related to the business.

Instagram Widget is the most economical and efficient tool present in the market. It works as a bridge between a business website and Instagram, providing the customer a sneak into your Instagram chatter without exiting the window.

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The Top 10 Instagram Feed WordPress Plugins for Website:

Social Media Aggregator – Tagembed

Tagembed is the best social media aggregation tool in the market. It also provides you with the Social Media aggregator WordPress Plugin for Instagram. The tool fetches, aggregates, curates, and moderates the feed related to your business from Instagram using hashtags, mentions, tags, etc., and displays it on your website.

The tool also allows you to moderate the feed; with moderation, you can keep an eye on the content that displays on your website. You have the option to filter out the content that you find irrelevant and can hide the unwanted content. It helps you to keep your feed related to the business.

Tagembed is the most popular tool amongst marketers. It is a coding-free tool, and hence, you don’t require any coding experience and knowledge to use it. It is an amazing tool that combines your WordPress website with Instagram feeds.

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Feed Them Social

Feed them social provides you free Instagram plugin; the plugin allows you to create and display the content from Instagram into your website. The plugin is compatible with other social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

It beautifies your website by displaying amazing content from your social media and makes your website more vibrant and eye-catching. You can customize by changing themes and backgrounds. It is compatible with all the devices, and hence no modification is needed for different devices.

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Enjoy Instagram Plugin

Enjoy Instagram Plugin embeds Instagram feed onto your website. It accumulates the feeds using hashtags, tags, mentions, etc and displays them on your website in an attractive manner. It allows you to use different layouts; you can choose from various options and use the layout that suits your website.

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Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is one of the popular plugins present in the market; it helps you display your business’s Instagram feed on your website. It provides you with different customization options; for instance, you can change the dimensions of your photos. The visitor can go through the posts and photos on your Instagram and have a little sneak in your social media presence. It provides the regular update and hence, the visitors get to see new and fresh content every time he visits your website.

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WPZOOM Instagram Widget

Next on the list is WPZOOM Instagram Widget, the tool that shows the latest Instagram posts related to your business on your website. The widget offers many customization options to make your website look more professional and attractive. It is an easy-to-use widget, and with few easy steps, you will be able to display the Instagram posts on your website.

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Grace is another platform that enables you to display your Instagram feed on your website. The tool collects the posts from Instagram with the help of appropriate hashtags, mentions, and locations and then displays the collected content onto your website. Grace provides you the option to change the height and width of the feed, along with different customization options to change the layout of the feed and make it more attractive.

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Spotlight Plugin

Spotlight has made a name for itself in such a short duration of time. It is a newly launched platform and gained trust all over the world. It is easy to use and easy to install the platform, and with just a few easy and simple steps, you can embed the Instagram widget onto your website. The tool also allows you to monitor the Instagram feed and filter out all irrelevant and unwanted feed from your website.

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Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal is another WordPress plugin that is popular amongst marketers and businesses. It displays the Instagram feed on the website in various ways. Instagram Journal provides various customization options for the feed; you can change the font size, style, color, background to make your feed look pleasing to the eye. The tool also provides various feature to keep the visitor engaged on the website, modes such as gallery mode, contest mode, etc., keep the customer engaged on the website and makes your website interactive.

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Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is one the best tool available in the market to display Instagram feed on your website. It helps you to assemble the feed from Instagram using hashtags, locations, tags, etc., and display it on the website. It also has a premium plan that provides furthermore features for the widget and makes your website more interactive and engaging for the audience. The tool is one of the most used tools and has surfaced as one of the most trusted tools in the market.

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AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro displays the Instagram feed in different layouts and styles to make your website better and more lively. The tool showcases the feed according to your preference. In other words, you can set the location of the display on your website. It can display it as a header, footer, or slider.

It provides you with options to choose from different templates and make your website appealing to the visitor. An appealing website sparks interest in the visitor, and he tends to explore more on the website and enchase your sales.

It is surely a great tool to make your website alluring and gain more visitors.

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Social Media Feed

Social Media Feed plugin is a clean and beautiful plugin for Integrate Instagram on website.

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Final Words

There are ample benefits of embedding Instagram feed on your website. It makes you ahead in the competition and makes your website attractive to visitors.

The visitor tends to spend more time on the interactive website, as interactive websites keep visitors engaged on the website, which sparks curiosity about the product. As he spends more time on the website, it increases the website traffic and decreases the bounce rate.

Instagram Widget provides social proof to potential customers about the product and the business. A customer always reads about the reviews and gathers all the information about the product and business before buying anything. Instagram feed fulfills that need as it provides the proof without leaving the window.

By embedding Instagram feed on the website, you can also promote the UGC; the user feels valued if he gets a mention on the website and promotes the user to create more user-generated content. It helps in the mouth-to-mouth publicity for the businesses and enchases their brand presence in social media.

Instagram helps a business to amplify brand awareness and hence it is important to include Instagram as part of marketing strategy. Instagram plugins and widgets are economical and smart to add Instagram to your marketing strategy and help your business grow.

Now you know the ten best available tools in the market that helps you to embed the Instagram feed into your website. So, go ahead and try them all and explore all the features provided by these tools. Make your website stand out from the crowd, enhance your sales, increase your brand awareness and help your business to grow and reach the next level

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