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Growth of PHP based Websites

PHP based Websites
Written by Ratnesh

The development and application of PHP (acronym for hypertext preprocessor) are focused on server-side scripting and content management system in a website’s design and its function as well numerous other devices of new media. With new vistas opening up in the world of IT (information technology) almost every day, the PHP website development, have become vibrant and dynamic than ever before. Right from day-one varied versions of the PHP website components and allied applications have been emerging on the scene and the IT market.

The greatest advantage of using PHP is its simplicity that even a newcomer would find it as a blessing in disguise while programming complex tasks. It works as either a module, or as a CGI processor. A company’s success depends on creating and performing suitable business processes that is possible with PHP web development.

India being a major global leader in the development of software programmes, the demand for application of PHP services has witnessed immense rise, particularly over the past decade and half. PHP website modules play a vital role in rendering numerous functions like blogging, photo galleries, and bulletin boards. Renowned companies in India have also developed and customised web applications for various industrial segments using open source technology of the PHP. High rated PHP frameworks are also in great demand. Improvement in a number of complex PHP web applications has made operations in the commercial arena user-friendly and also much easier for the user.

The PHP based websites allow each user to choose from assorted pre-defined visual styles, themes and skins which are implemented with the aid of CSS (cascading style sheets) and template files. Additional themes are also created by the administrator for branding and customizing the feature and façade of the clients’ website although this calls for expertise with CSS and templates.

In the changing scenarios, Custom PHP web development services have a pivotal role. It is not merely an online presence, but also the vital need for a specific identity of the client like an exclusive signature style. Aided by this concept, the website designer can facilitate what one wants as a brand identity with that signature style. This will further help in web portal development that will have a direct impact on e-commerce transactions of the client. The PHP web development services enable an integrated approach from designing, developing, maintaining or redesigning.

A notable aspect of PHP is that it differs from something like Java Script, the code that is executed on the server and generating HTML that is then sent to the client. One would receive the results of running that script but not know as to what was the underlying code. Hence one can even configure the web server to process all the HTML files with PHP which in fact would be like a trump card up the sleeve. So much so, a designer prefers working on PHP for tailor made effects and solutions.

Above all, PHP can be used on all major operating systems such as Linux, varied Unix modes, MS-Windows, Mac OS X and RISC OS etc. Today, it has become the favoured medium of support for a majority of the web servers today like Apache, IIS, and many others. With PHP one can have the choice for an operating system and a web server.