DIY Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Replacement

DIY Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Replacement
Written by Micah Phillips

When Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro, it was heralded as a tablet that would replace tablets. Its design was innovative and fresh. The Surface Pro is a power hub that you can carry around with you as a tablet, or you can comment a keyboard module with it and convert it into a laptop. This device has seen plenty of success over the years. It packs quite a punch and is great for multi-tasking. However, it suffers from the same design flaws that many other modern compact devices have. The Surface Pro sacrifices repairability in order to enhance its aesthetics.

Most laptops have external batteries that you can swap out without any trouble. However, since the Surface Pro is a compact device designed to work as a tablet, its battery is housed inside the device. The laptop has an internal battery similar to what we get to see on smartphones. An internal battery takes up less space, but it is also harder to reach in case you need to replace it. Lithium ion batteries gradually lose their efficiency as they grow older. And once this happens, your device’s usage becomes very limited since you can no longer rely on its battery life.

If your Surface Pro’s battery starts acting up, you can send it to a repair lab for a quick and easy battery replacement. Breakfixnow is a great place for reliable and affordable repair work. Alternatively, if you’re handy with tools, you can try replacing the battery by yourself. You will have to disassemble your laptop in order to do this.

Keep in mind that the Surface Pro is difficult to get into. This isn’t a repair job that you want to try if you don’t know what you’re doing. Another thing to think about is your Microsoft warranty. The Surface Pro comes with a warranty from its manufacturer. If your device still has its warranty, it’s better to send it over to Microsoft. Opening your device yourself or having a third party repair it will void the warranty.

Surface Pro Battery Replacement Guide

Getting into the Surface Pro requires patience, tact, and the right kind of tools. For this repair job, you will
need the following:

• Hair Dryer or Heat gun
• Suction cup
• A toolkit made for smartphones and tablets

Once you have everything on hand and you have ordered a replacement battery, you can get to work.

1. Start off by making sure that your device’s battery is below 25% and shut it down.

2. After the device has been switched off, place the device in front of yourself in an upright position. Use the Surface Pro’s back stand to prop it up.

3. Use your heat gun/hair dryer to loosen the screen’s adhesive. Evenly heat all four edges of the screen and make sure you don’t apply too much heat. Once the screen’s edges feel hot to touch, you can move onto the next step.

4. Place the suction cup on one end of the screen. Use the suction cup to gently lift the screen. Once a gap forms between the screen and device, use a pick or thin cutting tool to slice away at the softened adhesive.

5. Run the pick/cutting tool across the screen’s edges until it comes loose.

6. Throughout the process, use the suction cup for leverage and pull the screen away from the device. Make sure to be gentle.

7. Once the screen comes loose, find the two display cables that connect it to the device. Detach the display cables from the device with a plastic prying tool.

8. Now remove the screen completely from the device.

9. You will find the device’s motherboard at the top right corner of the device. Use the plastic tool to pry away the metal casing covering the motherboard.

10. The exposed motherboard has a heat sink connected to it. The heat sink is held in place by 4 screws. Locate them and remove them.

11. Near the tablet’s bottom, you will find a copper plate with a single screw in it. Remove the screw and
leave the plate in place.

12. Now locate the screws holding the heat sink’s tubing in place and unscrew them.

13. At this point, you will be able to remove the heat sink from the device completely. Remember to apply a fresh dollop of thermal paste onto the heat sink when you’re putting it back in place.

14. The next step is to disconnect the black wire connected to the motherboard and then unscrew the motherboard.

15. Once the motherboard is removed, you will find the battery held in place with adhesive tape. Remove the tape and gently loosen the battery with a plastic pry tool.

16. Remove the old battery, disconnect it from the motherboard and replace it with the new one.

17. Now follow all the steps in reverse in order to reassemble your device.