5 Factors to Consider to Get Cheap International Flights

Cheap International Flights
Written by Micah Phillips

Getting cheap international flights isn’t easy if you don’t know what to look for when booking. Pricey airline tickets can chop off your budget on your planned vacation.

Check out these factors that you have to consider to get cheap international flights.

How to get cheap international flights

1. Season of Travel

The season is one factor that can greatly affect the price of your ticket. If you want to get a cheap flight, you must check the season first.

Various airlines and countries have different seasonality. You must check the low-season and high-season before booking. As expected, ticket prices are expensive during high season and cheap during low-season.

In general, you may refer to this guide to know the seasonality:

Early Year

Late Year

Off-Peak Season January to March November to early December
Shoulder Season April to May September to October
Peak Season June to August Dec. 10 to Jan. 10

Ticket prices go up during peak season because a lot of travelers want to visit their family and friends during those dates. Airlines take it as an opportunity to boost their sales.

If you still want to travel during high season, booking at least six months in advance is the best. During these months, you can get a cheap ticket for your upcoming travel.

You need to be very careful about booking if you really want to grab a cheap flight. If you’re flying overseas, the disparity of ticket prices between peak and off-season is very huge. Ticket prices during peak season are double the price during off-season.

2. Timing of buying a ticket

Before booking a flight, have you checked to see if you’re at the right timing? Don’t expect your tickets to be cheap if you book it a week before your departure. Expect to be paying a premium.

It’s always safe to purchase an international airline ticket between 120 and 160 days before departure. It is most applicable when you’re flying in Asia and Europe.

If you are flying solo, you can wait until the last minute sale. If you’re flying with your family and friends, you can book it early so you can get a seat together.

3. Airlines or Type of Aircraft

Don’t be choosy with the airlines if you want to get a cheap flight overseas. If not, you have the tendency to book a pricey flight.

If you’re specific about the airline, it may not have a cheap flight to your destination. For instance, if you’re flying to Malaysia, you may want to book Malaysia Airlines because you think that it can give you a great deal. However, keep in mind that it may not give you the cheapest ticket for that particular destination during that time.

Also, it plays a role if you’re choosing a budget airline. Since it is budget, the ticket price is the only thing that you have to pay. If you want extra legroom or a meal, you have to pay extra for it.

4. Timing of Flight

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the cheapest days to fly. It is because fewer people want to travel on those days.

Don’t plan your trip on Mondays and Fridays because they are popular for business travelers. Don’t fly on Sunday too because more vacationers are flying on that day.

Don’t plan your flight during summer vacations and holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving because they are expected to get pricey. Timing it during regular months instead.

5. Destination

Your destination is one factor that greatly influences the price of your international ticket. If your destination is far from your country, as expected, you’ll pay more.

6. Competition

If more people are looking for the same destination prices will be high.

7. Promo & Launch fares

Usually, you will get a discounted price.

8. Airport fees

Cheaper airport fees give you cheaper tickets.

9. Distance

The longer distance you will fly the price will be less.

10. Seat supply

If the seat in an airplane is empty they will offer a discount.

11. Connecting flights vs. non-stops

A connecting flight can be a lot cheaper than a nonstop.

12. Fuel Surcharge

13. Watch sales

For instance, if your goal is to go for a beach holiday, you may plan for any destination to grab a cheap deal. But if you are particular with the destination, you may not find a good deal for that.

To find an affordable international flight, you should look for all beach destinations instead of just a specific beach destination like the Maldives. In some instances, choosing a not so popular destination can save a huge amount of your travel expenses.

Always check different airlines and booking search engines of their special offers, vacation packages, flight deals, and international packages. You can also get an alert each time they release these promos to get an update.

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