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Digital Signature what is digital signature
Written by Micah Phillips

what is digital signature?

Lets us understand the term digital signature with a human example.

In today’s world security is one of the major aspects of human development in order to protect our assents.

We use biometric locks containing fingerprint sensors to verify a person’s true identity.

Similarly, our generation has come across various innovations such internet and social media.

So nowadays everything is going digital so when you are communicating via internet to authorise a person or source of information digital signature are used.

It is used to verify the source or sender of a particular digital message or document sent digitally.

Why use digital signature?

In today’s era of internet online frauds and scams are becoming a major issue and to tackle this cyber expert from around the globe developed various algorithms and techniques.

One of them happens to be digital signature.

Going in depth, we can say it’s a type of unique mathematical identity or algorithm designed to verify messages and documents source digitally.

This can be of great use for financial transactions, contract’s, legal documents, government tenders, any possible online sensitive documents that needs to be checked for authenticity can utilize digital signature online to validate the document.

The top nations of the world have given digital signature a legal significance some of the nations that have accepted the use of digital signature in their day to day legal online portals are united states of America, India, Algeria, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Switzerland.

Some of the countries of the European Union.

Forgery is one then major issue that have to be tackled by governments across the globe to avoid duplication of legal documents, and applying digital signature online plays a vital role to avoid forgery of legal documents and counterfeiting.

Where can we apply digital signature online?

Digital signature has a wide application online some of the major uses of digital signature in India are in IT return filling, GST filling, TDS certificate, IRCTC, Sales tax, e-tendering, e-auction, e-bidding, e-filling, roc, epf, Trademark, and other related word.

After knowing the importance and applications of digital signature one must have the question popping up in mind that how to get a digital signature online?

The answer to that question is “signyourdoc” is an online portal selling digital signature to individual and organization requiring digital signature to secure their online documents from forgery or counterfeiting by frauds and 3rd party attackers willing to misuse sensitive documents.

Signyourdoc offer variety of certificate to individual, organization and foreigners in both class 2 and class 3.

Our certificates conform to x.509 standard of public key infrastructure for India and are issued as per ivg and iog guidelines.

So “signyourdoc” is the most trusted, easy and feasible source of getting a digital signature online for your organization.

How to apply digital signature online

There are different type of digital signature:-

  1. Class 2 Digital Signature
  2. Class 3 Digital Signature
  3. DGFT Digital Signature
  1. Class 3 Digital Signature – These certificates are issued for business personnel as well as private individuals use.

So these certificates will validate that the information contained in the applications provided by the sender does not match with the data in recognized consumer databases.

  1. Class 3 Digital Signature – These certificates are issued for individuals and organization.

As these provides high assurance certificates, primarily meant for e-commerce online applications.

This should be issued only to personnel on their personal appearance before the certifying authorities physically present.

  1. DGFT Digital Signature – A DGFT Digital signature is required online to digitally sign any documents or messages in electronic format or are used for transactions that are to be performed online in a web-browser on the DGFT website portal.

Its is mostly uses by the EXIM (Exporters & Importers) Organization registered with the DGFT (Directorate General of foreign Trade) in India.

Why digital certificate and E-Invoicing should be a major part of your business?

Digital India and make in India initiative is recently launched by BJP Government of India.

Which specifically lays an emphasis on transformation of india a globally digitally empowered society and also it aims to modify and improve the digital infrastructure of the country.

And turn it into digital economy from tradition cashed based economy.

Central excise notification No 8/2015-CE(NT) date 1.03.2015 was issued to amend the current central excise Rules to allow different organizations and companies involved in the growth of India to issue digitally signed invoices.

Which was possible due to digital signature being introduced online in India.

With this massive transformation, India already became one among the several countries in Europe and other developed markets such as U.S that have transformed to digitally signed e-invoices and documents to protect sensitive documents from forgery and counterfeiting of documents.

It must be noticed that as per the new notification, legally valid online digital signature are the only ones that will guarantee signer identity and intent, data integrity, non-repudiation of signed documents and are based on most advanced technology.

In any big organization or manufacturing unit, invoices are an integral part of the business and it represents more than 21% to 31% of the overall letter or signed documents volume.

These invoices are sent to be printed, signed and transported to the recipients leading to huge delays in receipt and which may lead to high costs and efforts.

Electronic invoicing using digital signature online or e-invoicing saves a huge amount of time, effort and costs involved in the whole invoicing procedure and is green technology because of its environment friendliness.

Electronic invoices will always be easy to archive and retrieve later as compared to traditional paper invoices.

Digital signatures in online documents also provide highly enhanced security and authenticity to the e-invoices or e-receipts making it nearly impossible to forge it or counterfeit it.

Other pros of digital certificate to digitally sign invoices-

  • Electronic online documents can immediately be delivered to its prospective recipients over an email and sender has a proof of receipt which can save lot of effort and time also it prove to be cost effective.
  • Digital signature can play a vital role in protecting the authenticity and integrity of archived data and retrieved data.
  • Organizations can have integrated system workflow – signing, transfer, processing of electronic documents can happen within thepre-existing system itself without requiring major changes.
  • Digital signature provide environment friendly alternative to paper based process which contribute to saving nature.
  • Digital signature are a legally valid option similar to a hand written signature.
  • The digital verified and signed e-invoicing notification is a pivotal step for organizations to go digital with their processes.

Why Choose Digital Signature?

No doubt, digital signature online have made organization shift from paper based system to paperless environment a piece of cake. However, the main thing is to implement a secure, innovative solution to sign any file digitally. Businesses were searching for answers to their problems that can sign their documents, receipt or tenders with protection. These solutions should guarantee non-repudiation, authentication and trust delivered by their conventional counterparts.

Compliance is important:

Your digital signed online document must be legally complying to be considered legal and valid in the court of low.

To gain this, one must attain the signing process which adheres to standard regulations and lows tha are made to maintain your data secure and confidential.

Authenticity is a key aspect that makes sure authorized personnel has signed the documents.

While confidentiality protects documents from any unauthorized access.

While the sole purpose od non-repudiation must discard signature denial for future references.

Lastly integrity allows owners to detect each and every tampering done to the documents during the transfer.

Speedy ROI:

In today’s growing economic scenario, it is very crucial for us is to measure every buck we spend.

And this can be achieved by proper Return on Investment (ROI) analysis.

For an organization the most important is technology expenditure and it means automated.

Precise process and less turnaround time.

Considering this scenario in mind, your digital signature online solution must always bring your organization process automation, convenience, and accuracy.

This accuracy and convenience help bring more customer satisfaction and retention to these organizations.


Technology updates have brought simplicity and user convenience to same of our regular tasks such as signing, giving approvals or even the verification.

However, sometimes, it becomes quite difficult for new users to get acquainted with the technology, and therefore, an organization will have to spend money on training its personnel.

This training will not only involve money, but cost you a valuable time, which could be utilized for other predictive purpose.

So, it is very imperative for organization to choose a solution provider, which even a new user can manage very comfortably without prior knowledge or training.

Therefore, your digital signature solution has to be user-friendly, and cost-friendly too like the one we provide.

Multiple signature support:

One of the most important aspect is that your digital signature online solution must support section signing means that signing and verifying each section independently – multiple signature to a single document.

It must be possible for more than one person to sign a document from different locations, permitting faster process.

Today’s business demands procedure accuracy, timely delivery and most important is convenience.

So a document has to be signed, also verified at various Hierarchical levels, which leads to a conclusion that different individuals will sign that document at different stages to proceed.

In an electronic scenario, this signing feature will enable your organization to implement the hierarchical-based approval procedure at your end to make process paperless, fast, and reliable.