Top 10 Data Scientists In India

Top 10 Data Scientists In India
Written by Micah Phillips

In the world of technology “data scientist” is one of the most sought-after job profiles in India as well as globally. In a recent report by the Hindu, it is stated that around 97,000 data analytics jobs are open in India, with 24% of jobs in Bengaluru and 22% opening in Delhi. Since there is a lot of transformation in the data science field and it is progressing at a very fast pace, leaving a huge demand for data science experts, especially in the Industrial and Technology/IT domain.

Today many AI software development companies are helping businesses integrate AI (artificial intelligence) into their businesses, making room for machine learning and artificial intelligence experts. These experts are someone to look up to and helps you shape your path. Having a positive influencing role model inspires others to live meaningful lives.

Those developers keen on developing their careers in AI (artificial intelligence), data science, and allied fields have diverse choices of role models to follow. Here are our top 10 picks of AI influencers that one should follow.

Top Data Scientists In India

Abhishek Thakur -World’s First Quadruple Kaggle Grandmaster

Well known for his research in natural language processing (NPL)Abhishek Thakur is the world’s first quadruple grandmaster on Kaggle. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Bonn and has worked for various organizations as a leader for Data Sciences. Apart from his work he loves taking part in ML (machine learning) competitions and has taken part in over 150 competitions so far. His research interest includes deep learning, automatic machine learning, computer vision, hyperparameter optimization, retrieval and pattern recognition, and image analysis.

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Ratnakar Pandey -Leading ML and Analytics

With 18+ years of experience in Data Science and AI, Ratnakar Pandey has held senior leadership positions in big shot companies such as Texas Instruments, Kabbage, and Citigroup. He is well known for his works in Automatic Speech Recognition, NLP (Natural language processing), and NLU (Natural-language understanding).

Ratnakar Pandey is leading the deep and machine learning models development activity across the customer life cycle, from acquisition to customer engagement to fraud prevention to risk-based underwriting policy development at Kabbage.

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Aditya Agarwal – Top 10 Data Scientists In India

With more than 12 years of experience in Statistical Modeling, Business Analytics, Project Management, and Predictive Modelling, Aditya Agarwal has worked for top companies in the retail domain, healthcare, and life insurance companies. He is an expert in handling structured and unstructured data and other interests include user interface development, solutions architecture, and big data.

Now working as an Advanced Analytics Practice Lead at Abzooba, Aditya Agarwal is leading a team of 50+ experienced data science professionals, who are solving interesting business problems using deep learning, NLP, machine learning, and computer vision. He gives thought leadership in AI to clients to help them covert their business objectives into analytical problems and data-driven solutions.

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Anubhav Shrivastava – Lead Data Scientist

Anubhav Shrivastava started his career as an investment analyst with forecasted-led decisioning in a valuing firm. Presently he has been trying to solve enterprise-level quantitive business problems in Asia, America, and Europe for the past decade. Being a full-stack data scientist, Anubhav has led breakthrough machine learning solutions and multiple offline-to-online data interventions in the healthcare, media, finance, and manufacturing industries.

Anubhav has been lauded for implementing data science as a function across multiple organizations. He is also well known for building products such as knowledge graphs, recommender systems, and deep spatial systems which displays this love for minimalistic designs.

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Bishwarup Bhattacharjee – Director, Machine Learning

Bishwarup Bhattacharjee is a data scientist with over 10 years of experience in Machine Learning with skills in R, Python, Java, SPSS, HTML, and CSS. He is well known for the extensive use of deep learning frameworks such as Keras, Theano, and Tensorflow.

With a solid background in statistics, Bishwarup Bhattarcharjee’s fondness for coding has helped him shift to data science. He has worked for companies like VMware, Aditya Birla, and Here Technology. He loves challenges and loves to learn things from experience. In his spare time, he likes to participate in online hackathons.

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Dipanjan Sarkar

Dipanjan Sarkar was recently awarded the “Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning”, “Top 10 Data Scientists in India, 2020” and “40 under 40 Data Scientists, 2021” award. Not only a Data Scientists but he is also a published author, instructor, faculty, and consultant in all things Data Science. His fields of work have been mostly in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing. He consults and mentors people and organizations from different backgrounds ranging from PhDs, Directors, VPs, C-Level Executives, and fresh college graduates in the areas of AI, Data Science, Advanced Analytics, and Product Development.

He has worked with tech giants Red Hat and Intel building large-scale intelligent systems, in multiple domains such as supply chain, infrastructure, software products, semiconductors, and security.

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Dr. Sheela Siddappa – Chief Advisor- Data Science

Chief Advisor for the Data Science Program at Bosch, Dr. Sheela Siddapa guides teams in multiple aspects with the likes of customer acquisition, consultation, recruitment, technical solutions, etc. With over 15 years of experience in the field of Machine Learning and Analytics, Dr. Sheetal has approached various business problems in the domain like Smart City, Airlines, Manufacturing, Railway, Energy, Health Care, Retail and Industry 4.0, etc.

Her passion for data science early in her engineering, observing the applications and value it can add to multiple domains. She has also worked as a Scientist at General Motors and as a Senior Research Scientist at the Research Center of Infosys.

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Sonny Laskar -Principal Data Scientist

Sonny Laskar is a Data Science Expert with a business-oriented approach and expertise in Machine Learning, deployment in Big Data Analytics Solutions, and Text Analytics. He led the IT Analytics wing at Microland where he builds the Next Generation IT Operations AI Cognitive Platform.

He currently focuses on AIOps for building next-gen II infrastructure. He has also been a part of the data science team at TCS with is well known for building the largest Banking Data Warehouse for SBI processing over 50TBs of daily data volume.

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Suvadip Chakraborty-Analytics and Data Science Lead

Suvadip Chakraborty is an Analytics leader and Data with experience of over 13 years and is well known for delivering analytical solutions with huge business impact. Currently, he leads the analytics team at HSBC for client acquisition initiatives, commercial banking, and developing end-to-end strategies to acquire new clients.

His centric role is to focus on developing a new solution to control algorithms, use new tools and platforms and facilitate deployment at a large scale.

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Usha Rengaraju

Ranked as Top Ten Data Scientists for 2020 by Analytics India Magazine, Usha Rengaraju has strong foundations in Psychology, Economics, Business Analytics, Business Foundations, and Finance. She also specializes in Probabilistic Graphical Models.

Usha has a stronghold in multiple domains such as genomics, quantitative finance, and marketing. Usha has a stronghold in multiple domains such as genomics, quantitative finance, and marketing. Science she is specialized in the probabilistic graphical model she has also build a Bayesian network-based algorithmic trading system. She has also renowned for her work in machine learning use cases acrosses various industries like cybersecurity, manufacturing, semiconductors, and telecommunications.

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To become a data scientist in India is does take a lot of hard work, but it is worth all the effort. However, it is important to focus on acquiring the right knowledge and skill set. On the other hand, you should also consider the data science scenario in India.

Which influencer did you know about and whom will you follow? The people mentioned above have spent their lives becoming who they are. They have influenced many and I hope they will influence you too.

Many businesses now adopting ML and AI for their businesses to simplify their processes. If you are in search of an AI development company that can help you integrate AI into your business ecosystem. Do visit us.

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