7 Habits that make you a Successful Entrepreneur

7 Habits that make you a Successful Entrepreneur
Written by Micah Phillips

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes a risky or daring journey to benefit from an opportunity, rather than working as an employee. Entrepreneurship is not easy, it requires a consistent discipline, hard work, dedication, smartness, creativity, and willingness to take risks and confidence in you.

Probably the best thing about pursuing a career as an entrepreneur is the wide-open conceivable outcomes. If you are a person who only makes excuses, you can never be a successful entrepreneur because success and failure do not happen by chance.

Success cannot achieve with any consistency when drawn nearer in an apathetic, aimless, hit or miss design. The best and most effective entrepreneurs do not engage straightforwardness or disruption as a piece of their basic leadership process. They make sure that a point must be definite, sorted out and completely arranged before executing on any objective, goal or plan.

Highly successful entrepreneurs are:

1. Andrew Carnegie
2. Bill gates
3. Oprah Winfrey
4. Henry Ford and many others

Business Tips from Highly Successful Entrepreneur

• Don’t show your weakness to your rivals, act like you don’t have any.

• Work toward being significant.

• Seek and you shall find.

• Love what you do.

• Don’t let anyone intimidate you out of your dream.

• Focus on quality and execution.

• Be a thought leader.

According to Bill gates:

• Move Fast and Keep Innovating. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you should work hard and be faster than your competitors.

• Think Ahead of the Times.

• Your Time Is Valuable.

• Learn From Your Mistakes.

• Persistence and Perseverance.

• Take Risks.

• Never Give Up.

• Focus on Unhappy Customers.

According to Andrew Carnegie:

• Pay attention to the more important things. “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say.

• Make it fun make it light. “There is little success where there is little laughter.” Be persistent. Do not spread yourself too thin. Motivate yourself.

According to Oprah Winfrey:

• “You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job, and not be paid for it.” When you are doing what you love, then you are probably going to do a better job. You will also have more energy. Oprah says, “Passion is energy.

10 most important habits of a successful entrepreneur include:

• They go step by step,

• They workout and mediate after doing some tasks,

• Do important tasks firsts,

• They start with the day’s hardest task,

• They are always ready to learn something new,

• They see their failure as a lesson,

• They listen more than they talk,

• They take proper rest,

• Measure progress,

• Must have a vision and laser focus.

Successful entrepreneurs share these common habits, explained below are seven of those habits that make you a successful entrepreneur.



To be a successful entrepreneur, a person must have to understand 80:20 rules.

80% of success comes from 20% work. Therefore, a person has to plan the task according to its priorities.
Successful businessperson routine includes these steps to prioritize tasks:

• Make a list of all tasks
• Draw together all that they could consider completing in a day.
• Identify between urgent or important task.
• Identify the task that needs immediate attention.
• Then do a least valued task.
• Then other tasks.
• Assess value.
• Order task by estimated effort.
• Be flexible and adaptive
• Know when to switch the tasks.


A person is fresh early in the day, so start with the most frustrating, difficult, exhausting or procrastination including task.

The benefits to start a day with the hardest task are:

• It will make you more productive overall. .

• It will make you less worried, because you will manage the hardest ones first and then the easier. Clearly it will be less difficult and frustrating.


Learning is an endless procedure. Every day it is an opportunity to pick up something other than what is expected, expanding your insight and improving yourself. Entrepreneurs are consistent learners, as they need to be creative and think out of the box. Successful entrepreneurs must identify that they do not know everything. The more they learn, the better an entrepreneur or business visionary they become in light of the fact that they comprehend their general surroundings.

Learning something new on daily basis is very important. It helps a person to get some extraordinary and one of a unique ideas to handle his/her hard errands into simple way.

Successful business people or entrepreneurs realize that the minute they quit learning is the minute they quit developing. Being an entrepreneur is hard you will never stop seeking more and more knowledge. Therefore, use your hard work for productive tasks which will definitely leads you to the success.


There are numerous lessons a person will learn throughout everyday life and the most successful people learn from their failures. They do not give disappointment or failure a chance to stop them however continues changing, creating and developing. They envision it, plan for it and learn from it. They see those lessons not as a failure yet as a bombed endeavor. Successful entrepreneurs learn from their slipups and endeavor to improve.

As Ford once said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” In other words, we must take our failures as our teachers.

Naturally, no one likes the experience of failure. It is very disruptive to our sense of optimism and momentum when our plans do not work out. However, we can only benefit from changing the way we tend to think about failure.


A good businessman knows the significance of being punctual. They want to be sharp, sincerely accessible, and on the ball in every aspect of their profession. There is a demonstrated and all around recorded group of proof on the bi-directional connection among rest and stress: an absence of rest makes an expansion in passionate reactivity and diminishes in dissatisfaction resistance, which add to one more night of poor rest. It is an appalling cycle.

Effective business visionaries would prefer not to sit around being up during the evening worrying about how inadequately or incapably they took care of circumstances or individuals during the day. In the event that poor resting examples are left unmanaged, adequacy winds up unthinkable. Effective business people believe that work is not going anywhere. They cut out the important time for rest and are all the better for it. Since they regard their rest and try to get enough of it they make themselves more averse to succumb to sentiments of burnout, falling prey to lost profitability, expanded medical problems and missed long periods of work.


Successful people are excellent listeners. They listen to their mentors, their team, their customers and even their competitors. A person can improve team performance only if he listens and understand their challenges.

This is a significant differentiation. Effective business people tune in to comprehend, not really to react promptly to information exchanged. Listening is not easy for a many people. A great many people want to talk and seldom set aside the effort to tune in. A great many people ask couple of questions and invest their energy offering responses. Successful entrepreneurs listen and ask many questions to learn much more.


Success cannot achieve as an entrepreneur if you do not understand the significance of the result. You can’t skip the important things just because you are dealing with numerous activities at the same time. Therefore, it becomes very important for an entrepreneur to break down or track work; it will give a person some important information about if he is moving closer towards meeting his established goals or objectives. For this, he can make some reports, excel sheets document or write down in daily work done notebook.

At the end of week or month, a person can justify his work efficiency and results. This can help them to have a better understanding of what has to be done or should be given worth time. If they are not, they discard them and implement effective actions that will better help in their efforts to produce successful results.


Succeeding in business does not require overnight success. In fact, that is largely a myth. Successful entrepreneurs or business people treat themselves as their business’ most significant resource. They invest significant energy, fuel their bodies with sustenance, exercise, and take care of themselves. They have confidence in themselves, and do not surrender to self-uncertainty, dread or fear.

A person must unplug and pause during the daily routine. It will help him refocus on the goals and help to energize. Success is more than just reading quotes. In fact, it often involves changing who you are on the inside and developing successful habits. Presently you know the day by day propensities for effective business people.

Actualize them into your everyday propensities with the goal that you can create victories in your own business person venture. The success is after the worth efforts you do! So, make your time productive and you will become a successful entrepreneur one day.