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Best 15+ Countdown apps for Android & iOS

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Written by Micah Phillips

Our lives today are in a fast lane, where we are busy will all day-to-day chores. With our busy schedules and numbers of tasks piling up on our to-do list, it becomes quite difficult to keep track of time. Missing out on a certain deadline to forgetting a loved one’s big day, it has become our habit to forget important events and tasks.

To help you not forget important events like your anniversary, loved one’s birthdays and other important tasks of your lives mobile game app development companies have come up with a solution for you in form of countdown apps.

Countdown apps remind you of all the important events in your life, from birthdays to important business meetings. Using these apps, you can keep track of upcoming holidays so you can plan your vacations accordingly. Here are the best 15 countdown apps for timekeeping for both android and iOS devices.

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Best 15 Countdown Apps For Android And iOS


The countdown is one of the best among top countdown apps developed for both android and iOS users. It is offered free on both the play store and Appstore, it does have in-app purchase options that can be used on basis of your needs. This app reminds you of all important upcoming events, and have features like automatically deleting the timers after their expiration.

Countdown star:

Countdown star is another greatest addition to the list of best countdown apps for both android and iOS users. The app allows you to set your own pictures for your countdowns. Countdown star comes up with minimal features and a stellar interface available on both Play Store and Appstore for free. The app can also synchronize with the apple watch, and also allows you to set wallpapers as it contains 25 presets for you in the app.


With more than 1 million downloads on both Appstore and play store countdown+ is a well-liked countdown app among people. For ease of the user, it has a countdown going on for national and traditional events and holidays. Providing a customization option, it even lets you add a picture of your own choice to your countdowns. Based on your preference the app provides a notification reminder feature which reminds you of the remaining days in minutes.

Time until:

Time until is one of the stylish and popular countdown apps available for android users around the world. With a free download from the play store, the app offers hundreds of pictures that can be used by users for their countdowns. The app supports countdown units ranging from seconds to years hence helping you to keep track of important events in your life.

Days counter:

Days counter is an easy-to-use countdown app offered to android users that keeps a track of the remaining days for an event and days passed after the event. The app allows you to customize your own countdown widget with in-app backgrounds and pictures. It also allows users to edit the fonts and colors according to their preferences.

Dreamdays Countdown V:

If you want to count down to important days in your life to make it a special one Dreamdays V count down is the best option for you. Features like setting your events countdown by categories and time can be used through the app. It allows you to customize your countdowns with your pictures and recorded voice reminders. You can use lip sync apps to change your voice and add to your set countdowns. By adding customized countdowns, you can also choose from Dream days V’s six default categories which include anniversary, birthday, holiday, life, school, and trip.

Days Matter:

Days matter is another popular app compatible with both android and iOS devices that keeps a track of your important days of life. The calendar of days matter supports 10000 years from January 1 AD to 31st December 9999 AD. By customizing your countdowns, you can also choose between three categories offered by days matter which include anniversary, work, and life.

Countdown Widget:

Countdown widget is a classic countdown app that can count both up and down. It is available for free on both Playstore and Appstore. Paid premium features of the app can be used based on your requirements. One of the unique features it offers is the drag option by which you can drag your countdown display anywhere you want. Countdown widget is a perfect app if you want to countdown days left for your retirement.

Big days:

Big days is a perfect app if you want to set up countdowns from important days in your life. The app is offered to both android and iOS users. With over 1 million downloads on the play store, big days is one of the most preferred apps used for countdowns. The best thing about the app is the features it offers i.e., the option to view the remaining days and the days past after an event. The app also allows users to change the color and font style.


With more than 10 million+ downloads on both Playstore and Appstore TheDayBefore is the most popular apps in the list of best 15 countdown apps. The app offers its users 120 unique themes to customize their countdowns. It allows users to edit and choose background pictures and icons for every event they create. The apps contain features like event countdown, invitations, guest management, and function reminders.

Exam Countdown Lite:

Exam countdown lite compatible with both android and iOS devices is a perfect solution for students to keep track of their exam schedules. It not only helps students to keep track of the examination schedule but also assists teachers in setting up a timetable for examinations. Other than keeping track of the exam schedules it helps users to store all the data related to the examination in one place. The unique feature the app offers is the invitation option to other users to countdown via Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, etc.

Ready Set Holiday:

As the name explains the purpose of the app Ready Set Holiday is the perfect app to set a countdown for your adventurous vacations. It is a user-friendly app for both android and iOS users. it allows users to choose pictures in the app as well as allows them to upload their own pictures to set the background for the countdown. Apart from countdown features, it offers users the option to chat with strangers so you can choose their vacation partners.

Baby countdown:

The baby countdown app is the perfect app for mothers to be, it allows us to keep track of expected delivery dates. It can be used by both android and iOS users for free. You can get a daily quote of day and tips related to pregnancy through the app. With over 100k downloads the app is becoming the best choice for pregnant women around the world.

The Bump – Pregnancy & Baby Tracker:

The Bump is a great app developed for first-time mom’s ease. It is available on both android and iOS platforms. The Bump offers unique and the most amazing feature of getting 3D visualization of a Baby’s growth during pregnancy. Pregnant women around the world can get a daily article with tips related to pregnancy by using this app. This app is specially developed for women who are going to be mothers for the first time the app helps them to learn everything related to their baby.

Christmas Countdown:

Being one of the most anticipated holidays of the year Christmas does deserve to have its own countdown app to keep your excitement on the edge. Christmas Countdown is one of the most popular apps in its category with ratings of 4.9 and 4.8 stars on Android and iOS respectively. With its on-screen widget, it offers convenience to keep a track of time. App contains Christmas themed symbols as well to match its holiday theme

In conclusion

In the hustle-bustle of life, it’s human nature that we forget important events of our lives like birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, etc. Above mentioned best 15 countdown apps are the solution to keep a track of time and get yourself updated with all the important events of your life.

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