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Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

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Written by Ratnesh

As a result of extensive research and development in the field of any mobile application development company, there has been an upsurge of numerous mobile application developments on several platforms, be it android, windows or iOS. Have you ever wondered as an enterprise what challenges you might face challenges in formulating strategy for application development. The development of mobile application will test many IT divisions’s proficiency. Over the years improvement of mobile services depend upon improving the context of their application. Several factors like deciding the target audience, choosing the communication agenda. Following are the challenges faced at the time of devising a mobile app strategy.

  1. Contextual relevance

The relevance of context consists of three fundamental elements, preferences, situation and attitude. Preferences include personal details and history of the customers shared with you on various social networks. Situation segment includes the geographic significance of the application to be used. It is also important from the marketing point of you. For example, promoting an IT app in rural area makes no logic. Attitude, on the other hand encapsulate the idea of connecting to the feelings of customers. Delivering an application that includes combination of all three in indeed a challenging task.

  1. Proliferation

Another major challenge faced by the developers is optimizing the device proliferation. A good app is one that is equally optimized and easy to navigate on all the platforms, be it on tablet, mobile phones, and even on laptops. Improving development efficiency and optimizing the app both responsively and dynamically. New devices available in the market constantly raise the competition amidst app developers to improve functionality of the same on various devices.

  1. Prioritize consumer experience

Making the application more and more user specific is the key to popularizing the application. As the technology is developing each day, enhanced feature aiming at improving customer’s experience has taken precedence. Use of voice navigation over conventional touch has gained momentum as it is more easy and accessible. Apple’s Siri, Google voice navigation and the like are current trending ways to conduct searches.

The challenge lies in integrating the same in the application developed as faced by iOS application developers. Imagine a situation, you are loaded with luggage, unable to type, for the way on map you are looking for, would a voice navigation app a cool option? Yes, we know it is and hence, the challenge of integrating this function in the app adds to the functionality of the same.

  1. Interface interpretation

Technological leaps have made heads-ups display like Google Glass go on board in the next five years which would make gadgets all the more powerful, light in weight and perhaps even more stylish. Applications that do not work better on phone or tablet, other devices can be ported to a device like Google Glass. But heads-up display creates problems on the part of developers and makes the development all the more challenging.