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5 Advantages of Building a Website on HTML5

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Written by Ratnesh

Since its launch in 2014, HTML5 has become widely popular among web developers. Its advanced features allow developers to work with ease and create neat, responsive, and functional websites across various platforms. Some of the world’s best web design agencies now use HTML5 as the primary language to design and build websites. Its interface is simple and its features are powerful. This allows developers to be creative and implement even the most intricate features into their designs without making the website difficult to navigate.

Listed below are 5 advantages HTML5 possesses over traditional programing languages used for web development:

  1. Supported Across Multiple Platforms: Codes written on HTML5 are supported across multiple platforms. This saves time and labour as developers can reuse the same batch of code across multiple platforms, devices, etc. HTML5 allows developers to use the same codes on iOS and Android, mobile as well as desktop websites, etc. This reduces the cost of production and saves valuable time.

  2. Supports Offline Browsing: HTML5 has a brand new feature called the offline application cache. This feature allows the app to store web application code and content in a local storage which allows users to access the content of a website even when they are not connected to the internet. Apart from providing users a good offline experience, this feature improves the performance of the site significantly, when accessed locally.

  3. Native Audio and Video Support: HTML5 has an inbuilt capability to play audios and videos which means that unlike the classic HTML, it doesn’t require plugin tags to play videos on any particular browser. Moreover, the native audio and video support allows faster distribution of content and has a positive impact on SEO.

  4. Supports Multiple Browsers: Users use various kinds of websites to access the Internet. Hence, it is essential for a website to perform consistently on every web browser. Codes of web pages or web applications written on HTML5 are supported on all browsers. Therefore, websites developed on HTML5 are highly consistent in terms of performance across all majorly used web browsers.

  5. Improved User Interface: HTML5 has a wide range of scope both for businesses as well as developers. A wide variety of websites can be built on HTML5 as it provides a plethora of themes, designs, presentation tools, and supports various media types. This allows developers to improve user experience and businesses to present their product/service appropriately and improve user engagement and retention of their website.

Well-equipped with advanced features, HTML5 is an ideal tool to develop a highly-functional website without spending a fortune. Though it’s convenient for developers to work on HTML5, it’s not easy enough for a non-technical person to understand and execute every feature of the language. Efficient use of the features of HTML5 possesses incomprehensible potential in terms of web development. Hence, it would be ideal for any business/corporation to employ a technically proficient HTML5 developer or an HTML5 Website design company to build a user-friendly, engaging, and informative website.

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