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WordPress is a free content management system. It is paired with MySQL OR MariaDB database. WordPress includes plugins and templates. WordPress is one of the famous content management systems platforms.

Whether you want to build contact form or registration form, these plugins help you out.

A contact form is a vital element you should include in your website/blog. An excellent free form builder can act as a skyrocket to your site’s growth. Creating a contact form on the website helps to communicate better with webmasters.

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Modern contact page acts as a bridge between the website owner and user for better UI experience.

A contact page includes email address, street address phone number etc. These details benefit the website owner, giving customers a chance to reach out to you for feedback.

Are plugins different from widgets?

Both are similar to one another. The main difference between both is visibility and synergy. If your page is running properly in the background is a plugin. If a user can view it and communicate with it on the page then it’s a widget.

Why are plugins useful?

Plugins act as a great resource because they enable your site/blog to perform a set of functions. But using more plugins can be risky. But having the right plugins can help you to grow business online. Every plugin has its own functionality and action to be performed.

There are over 57,000+ WordPress plugins. This helps new users to find the right plugin to their website. Starting from SEO to data backups Plugins are available.

How can I choose the right contact plugin for my business?

Getting the best WordPress contact plugin depends on your needs and requirements. If you need basic contact form plugins, you may get limited features. So it is better to opt for professional/premium plugins which have advanced features.

Here best WordPress form plugins you can use them for your website/blog:

Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

1. WPForms

This form has a friendly interface. You can drag and drop the needed fields inside the form. The steps are very simple and easy. Design the form, use blocks to fix it, and your contact form is ready. WPForms Lite to create a simple template.

The paid version gets you:

● 20+ advanced form fields

● Form locker

● A significant number of marketing combinations

● Surveys creations

● PayPal integrations etc.

WPForms is a paid version. If you need a form for a blog, you can opt for WPForms Lite. If you have vast needs, you can go with the paid version. The plan starts from $39.50 TP $299.50 it depends on your number of sites.

2. Formidable forms

Formidable Forms is an excellent online form builder plugin. You can use them to create responsive forms. So they are compatible with all devices.

This plugin is with a free lite version with limited features. Premium comes with more functionalities. It is similar to WPForms with drag and drop options for complex and simple forms.

You can change colours and borders without doing any coding. You can make use of spam protection features and create up-level forms to your site.

3. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is perfect for non-developers. You can effortlessly customize the form as you will be accessing the live form. Only with the free version, you can use Spam management, prebuilt form templates etc.

In the paid version, you can use Paypal, file uploads, more layouts and styles etc. You can add custom CSS to your forms. It provides multi page forms, user analytics front ends submission and so on. Ninja set up your forms with tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact etc.

4. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the old forms with over 5 million users. It is a free plugin.

You should use basic HTML to create a contact form. They do not have a drag and drop option. You can complete a form using a textbox, radio buttons, dropdown and so on.

You can also set up Google captcha to reduce spam.

Online Training has become one of the most popular learning spaces. Teachers are making use of online forms to create questionnaires. Form plugins help to retrieve students details and store in the database. BookWidgets is the best tool to generate teaching plans. You can customize and download to use for everyday lessons.

The teaching plan varies from one class to another. It is better to outline your curriculum and plan. By planning, you can monitor the progress of your class. And WordPress helps teachers create forms to collect student information without any technical complications.

These forms also help you draft a teaching plan and lesson plan, to track class details. Some educators also use forms to set questions papers, assess students and gather data on the class performance.

Others use WordPress forms for attendance, monitoring class activities and keeping a check on how much of the syllabus is covered.

5. Jetpack Form

Jetpack is a free plugin and has been developed by the WordPress team. It includes site management and security modules for both free and paid versions. If you want to build a form in a page, you should copy generated code and add code in the text widget. The free plugin has limited features more than the paid version.

6. Caldera Forms

Caldera forms come with the both free and paid version. The free version is less but compared to WordPress forms, and it provides better features. You get multi page form features unless paid is formidable form. You can use conditional logic; it’s a paid feature in gravity forms.

In the free version of Caldera at WordPress.org you can:

● You can create unlimited forms

● You can create WordPress posts.

● You can send emails.

● Create PDF attachment etc.

In the paid version, you can use:

● Spam protection

● It accepts credit cards payments.

● Great add-ons

● 30-day money back

The plan varies from $99 to $499 per year; it depends on your usability and features you are looking for.

7. Typeform

Typeform lauded as the best form builder for conversational and surveys forms. This builder combines quickly with great apps in the market. You can access about 60+ templates for developing forms, surveys and quiz.

The best thing about Typeform is that by using the free version you can create a beautiful template.

Following are the features for free version:

● You get ready-made templates

● Google sheet and slack alliance

● You can download results in a spreadsheet.

● You can add ten questions in the form.

● Basic reports

● 100 response/month

In the paid version you get:

● 1000+ response/months

● Unlimited forms access

● Unlimited Questions you can add

● Upto 2 GB you can upload files.

● Mailchimp setup

● Payments and quiz calendars

● Form scheduling

● Custom made thank you page etc.

Pricing varies depending on your requirement. Primary would be $35 per month, Professional $50 and premium $70.

8. Gravity Form

Gravity serves you to create great features ahead more than simple contact form. You get more integrations than WPForms. Plus drag and drop options are more fluid. There are plenty of add-ons to enhance the form builder feature.

The only drawback is you should choose premium even to create a simple contact form. You can check with a demo to see how the form appears.

Features of Gravity paid version are:

● More than 30 form fields

● Conditional logic is available.

● You can use Automatic email notifications.

● There 14+ marketing add-ons

● Spam integration

● Paypal payment integration

● Surveys and polls.

9. Pabbly Form Builder

Pabbly Form Builder is best for people looking for an affordable and productive tool. The easier way you can use them. This tool provides features like form submission, uploading files, storage etc.

Pabbly is not a WordPress plug-in, but it is very much compatible with WordPress sites.

You can customize your form like width, length and create a fantastic form within minutes. Later you can straightaway share them on your WordPress site.

You can add applications like Mailchimp, Google Analytics etc. in your form builder

10. AR Forms

AR Forms is a WordPress premium plugin that offers solid features which are simple to use. Non-technical background people can also use and build complex forms in an easier way.

You can create a pop-up, contact form survey, signup form etc.

This form builder has features like:

● Real-time editor with pure drag and drop options. Here you can look preview for better understanding of appearance.

● It provides 20+ form field elements

● You can use multiple field themes like rounded rectangle etc.

● Conditional Logic

● You can calculate mathematical functions.

● 40+ pre-built sample forms

● Responsive forms

● Autosave option

● RTL Support

● Popular email marketing tool integration

● Paypal payment gateway

11. Everest Form

Everest Form comes with an extendable drag and drop option to build any effective form. This plugin offers multiple columns options, Google-captcha, email support etc. Google captcha secures WordPress website from hackers. It is vital to have google captcha to avoid spams.
This plugin has more traits like a great utility, best UI experience, which are hurdle-free.

12. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a free plugin you can develop and integrate a subscription form to your page/post. You can use WYSIWYG and HTML/CSS editors to develop forms. Later, using a short code, you can integrate them.

You can use this plugin to send confirmation or error messages and captcha etc.

13. Hubspot Forms

Hubspot is an online form builder tool. The tool is the combination of form with edging technology. This tool provides more compatibility than other online form builders, and it is free. You do not need to be technical expertise to use this plugin. You can rapidly create forms with the drag and drop option. You can convert visitors into leads with great form fields. Here custom forms connect to your contact database.

Once forms filled, they are auto routed to HubSpot’s free CRM. Later you can call them, set reminder work, send emails. It helps to nurture a relationship with the clients more effortlessly and effectively.

Forms are not sufficient to reach out customers/audience you need to focus on SEO as well. SEO is a crucial factor to rank your website/blog. Use proper tools to maximize WordPress SEO traffic.

While building forms in WordPress website, you can select from below four types:

● Inline form: In this, you can embed to your website/blog pages

● Overlay Modals: In this pop up appears in the top of page content towards the centre of the screen.

● Top Banners: Small banners in the top of the page

● Slide-in Boxes: Small boxes that appear in the side or bottom of the page.


Contact form acts as a revenue converter for a website. These plugins are selected based on research, user needs and market performance.

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