Why is SSL Important? Benefits of Using an SSL Certificate

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Written by Micah Phillips

Norton describes the SSL certificate as a type of digital certification. The certification provides authentication for a website. Also it enables you to make a safe and encrypted connection.

Your website as well as your digital identity get protected by SSL certification. It is important to install a security protocol on your website if you use it to keep personal data. In case, your website also asks for banking information from a client, then it’s necessary to install an SSL certification.

Let’s see how SSL certification can help you and your website in keeping up the security.

● Establish Secure Connection: First and foremost, installing SSL certification will secure all the connections. In other words, no third-party access would be possible. So, your visitors can safely and securely use your website.

● Complete Encryption: SSL certification offers high-level encryption on your website and improves the overall security of the website. SSL certification in a way stretching a layer of security over the intellectual property.

● Authority and Authentication: Installing an SSL certification on your website is a way to make sure that you stay authentic in cyberspace. SSL makes sure that the website points to the right server. Technically speaking, it will help you against a phishing attack as well.

● Trustworthiness: With a new website being launched each minute, it’s challenging to know which website to trust. In case, you have an e-commerce store, then an SSL certificate is a must-to-have. The certificate will help you build credibility with customers.

But, what does an SSL stand for in an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for secure socket layer. It is the backbone of the secure internet, it ensures that the data that’s being transferred from point A to point B is safe and secured. Believe it or not! Many third-parties would want to access your data and to do this they try to break into the connection. That’s where the SSL certificate comes into the picture. It protects information for example credit card number, passwords etc. from cyber theft. Moreover, SSL certificates all protect your website from scammers.

Did you know?

The term SSL is closely related to the TLS. The full-form of TLS is Transport Layer Security; it’s an up-to-date version of the original SSL protocol. Nowadays both SSL and TLS certificates are used, they are often referred to as one group.

Do You Need SSL for A WordPress Website?

Yes. Nowadays SSL is a highly recommended security protocol for all websites over the internet. As discussed earlier, in case your website collects user information for example login details, payment information etc. then it’s important to get an SSL certificate. It’s also necessary to have an SSL certificate if you are running an e-commerce store. Another example would be a membership website.

Mostly, the online payment service requires your website to use SSL for the protection and security of the connection. But, that’s not it – you would also need a positive brand impression to capture a wider audience. SSL certification is also recommended by SEO Experts as it helps you in ranking higher in SERPs.

How Does SSL Certificate Works?

At this point, the basic understanding of SSL certificates is clear to you. That means the next best thing to understand is why it is important? You might even be wondering how exactly it works?

We know that SSL protects information by simply encrypting the data. Well, that’s one short way to explain it. The long way is to understand what happened behind the scene. So, when a user visits the SSL protected website, it’s the browser that performs the initial checks. The browser also verifies whether the website is SSL certified enabled and is it still valid. When everything seems to work all right, the browser then uses the public key to encrypt the data, next, this data is then sent back to the destination server. Then, it’s decrypted using the public key. Oh! There is a secret private key as well.

How Much It Is Going To Cost?

The cost of SSL certificates varies from one authority to another. Typically, you would have to pay anywhere between $50-250 / year. You can easily get your SSL certificate with add-on services but might affect the cost of it. That said, there are a plethora of domain name registration services in the world that can provide you with the best deals. But, before you rush to find one, here check out how you can get an SSL certificate for FREE!

Getting an SSL Certificate for Free

It is more common than you think, many website owners overlook the importance of using SSL certificates because of the additional cost. This means that they compromise on their security, leaving their website vulnerable to data theft.

Luckily nowadays you can search and easily find out a non-profit project that is established to provide a free SSL certificate authority. Now you can make your website a safe-to-use platform for visitors. Here, check out some of the top hosting companies that offer free SSL certificates as an added benefit with their hosting plans.

1. Bluehost
2. WPEngine
3. SiteGround
4. HostGator
5. Dreamhost
6. InMotion Hosting
7. GreenGeeks
8. Liquid Web
9. iPage

You can turn toward these companies to get your free SSL certification. Next, depending on your hosting company selection, you might have to follow different steps to enable it for your website.

Let’s get started with Installing and Setting up Free SSL Certificate on WordPress

So, you have already enabled a free SSL certificate. Next, you need to set up in WordPress. This will allow you to use HTTPS instead of HTTP in all the URLs. You can easily do it by installing and activating the plugin on the website that enables SSL certification.

Once you have successfully installed the plugin, it will check if your SSL certificate is enabled – or not! In case there is no SSL certificate, it will enable it and change HTTP to HTTPS. Now, you can double-check to make sure that your website is loading using the HTTPS protocol. It’s a simple way to get HTTPS.

Note: In case if one link is still loading using the HTTP protocol, then browsers would treat your entire website as insecure.

Don’t worry!

You can fix these URLs by using your browsers inspect tool. Find the URL that still shows HTTP protocol and replace them with correct HTTP’s URLs.

Three type of SSL certificate: –

1. Domain validated
2. Organization validated
3. Extended Validation

SSL certification can give you a huge advantage especially if you are selling a product or service online. It’s a factor that plays a role in building confidence with customers. Furthermore, it protects user information. You now know about a different type of SSL certification, its cost and how you can get one for free. Choose a certificate that best fits your needs. You can go with extending validation SSL certification in case you are selling products online. However, if you have multiple domains, then the multi-domain SSL certificate would work best for you! Deliver peace of mind to your customer so that you can make them believe that you are the exact company they are looking for, rather than a scam or fake!


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