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Advantages of HTML 5 Website

HTML 5: website Design Company
Written by Ratnesh

HTML 5 is the updated version of the hyper-text-markup-language. While it provides various features as older versions, it also has several new syntactical features like <audio>, <video>, <canvas> and integration of SVG content. Because of these elements, the integration of multimedia and graphical content into a website without using third-party plug-ins and flash has become easy. Let’s have a look at the other advantages of using HTML 5 below:

Offline Caching of Content:

HTML5 provides the users with the benefit of offline caching of content. It means the visitors can load and see some elements of the webpage even without an active internet connection if they have visited that webpage earlier. Visitors can see the core elements of a website even if their internet connection goes down. Using [irp posts=”2556″ name=”5 Advantages of Building a Website on HTML5″] webmasters can demarcate which files users’ browsers will save.

Cleaner and Improved Code:

Earlier HTML codes used to be long and messy due to which making even the basic changes in the website were a nightmare. HTML5 offers the developers with the ease of writing neater codes. Such codes are optimized for enhanced search engine readability and when search engines understand the content it results in higher search rankings. For getting a website developed with cleaner codes, one should always take help of a professional HTML 5 website design company as such companies have a team of experienced developers.

Improved Semantics:

As the codes are very standardized, we can enhance the semantic value of the web page using HTML5. It has made easy to see which part of the page are headers, footers, aside, etc. and it also enables to know their meaning and purpose in the entire format.


One of the major benefits of HTML5 is that it is cross-compatible with all the major web-browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. With cross-compatibility, it doesn’t mean that the browser will support every new element introduced in HTML5, but surely it will be able to read the doctype at least.

Client Database:

Earlier cookies were used to track unique client data which had serious disadvantages. Its greatest drawback was that all your cookie data was added to every HTTP request header. It had a measurable impact on the response time. One of the best ways to get rid of this problem was to reduce the cookie size. Using HTML5, we can do better as it allows us to do local storage and session storage instead of cookies. However, it is not a permanent database, but it allows you to store structured data, temporarily.


HTML5 presents a vast range of opportunities in the domain of web development for businesses. Using it, you can enhance your visitor’s web experience. Moreover, HTML5 offers a solid foundation for your SEO strategy. To ensure your business website is search engine optimized and professional looking take the help of a leading website design company as such companies possess years of expertise in the arena and offer the best services at the most economical rates.

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