8 Best SEO Plugins for an Optimized Website

Best SEO Plugins
Written by Ratnesh

Search Engine Optimization is a major contributor in enhancing the online visibility and productivity of a website. It is among the marketing categories that generate the most traffic to a site. To improve the SEO of a website, marketers intend to implement highly effective SEO plugins. WordPress is full of various Plugins; they are highly efficient and help in optimizing a site. While there are some of the most popular ones, there many plugins under-the-radar, which can help you maximize the effectiveness of your site. To assist in selecting the most appropriate one; here is a list of some lesser known and Niche SEO plugins. Take a look!

All in One Rich Snippets

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It is the most overlooked part of SEO. Rich Snippets offers such search engines that have extra bits of useful info including company details, reviews, address and many other. The Rich Snippets offers areas within the post editor section of WordPress that can help you customize markups and rich snippets to deliver the message efficiently, in the content. In quite a simple way, it will make your listing more noticeable.

The SEO Framework

Best SEO Plugins

The SEO Framework is the plugin that can automate many optimization tasks of you site expertly. You have to put in little initial guidance to change the Meta description, titles and canonical URL’s, structured data and Graph tags.

The plugin helps to enhance search engine rankings distinctively while being the most preferred starting point for many websites. Moreover, with SEO Framework you can use global options to adjust SEO of your site. It supports custom post like bbPress and WooCommerce. With this Plugin, you can instantly receive the notifications from Bing and Google, upon enabling the sitemap features.

SEO Squirrly

Best SEO Plugins

SEO Squirrly is the best tool for beginners or for those who know little about SEO. In a different manner it helps users optimize the SEO of a site. The tools ask you to enter the content in the section provided, you have to write the content or taglines you have planned to add. After this step, it will offer relevant images and suggestions to help you create a highly optimized post. The best thing of SEO Squirrly is that it offers high-ranking keywords.

Neil Patel stated about this plugin that,” Squirrly is more than an SEO tool – it’s a complete content marketing suite.”

Best SEO Plugins

Moreover, it will assist you in composing content in the most human-friendly manner. By monitoring the weekly reports and statistics provided by the tool you will get a chance to optimize your Google rankings as well.


Best SEO Plugins

This plugin helps users to edit and optimize post and images in bulk form. The images and post metadata can be easily and it saves a lot of time as well; you do not have to click open every link or option again and again. In addition, apart from simply editing Meta, you can also resize images and improve SEO link titles.

The plugins optimize breadcrumb navigation, on-page optimization, social-media sharing, broken link character, and XML sitemap generation. No doubt, WP Meta SEO is an all in one SEO solution.

You can simultaneously edit a post and resize an image as well, what could be better than this? No need to waste time on long procedures now!


Best SEO Plugins

It is an SEO bundle full of many features. WPSSO creates accurate markup and Meta tags. It creates tags for Facebook, Pinterest, and Google, video markups, site markups, e-commerce product markups and local business markups as well.

You do not have to write the content manually, the WPSSO automatically read the entire content exist on your WordPress site. It is more like a comprehensive tracking system; it reads the missing or required changes to a site and suggests expert solutions to fine-tune the optimization.

In addition, it can help you integrate your favorite plugins. The keyword analysis tools provided by the WPSO helps to index most searched keywords for greater visibility.

SEO Image Toolbox

Best SEO Plugins

In the quest to create a highly optimized site, most marketers often forget to focus on enhancing images. However, with SEO Image Toolbar, you can put an end to all your worries related to HTML validation errors for the images. The plugin not only enhances the image quality and suggest the appropriate options for choosing the picture but also improve the SEO score. The moment you upload the image, SEO Image Toolbar automatically generates its ALT tabs and save them in the database. Being an open source software, it will assist you in maximizing the accessibility of your site.

SEO Ultimate

Best SEO Plugins

SEO Ultimate being the most professional plugin helps you create strong SEO presence over the internet. It allows title optimization, post and media description editing, graph optimization and the creation of rich snippet. With SEO Ultimate, you can create out-of-box post titles along and can easily override tags for improved SEO keywords.

It customizes home page, format titles, enhances SERP click-through rates and auto-generate descriptions.


Best SEO Plugins

WPSKO offers two main features. It helps you connect with Google Search Console plus offer a customizable dashboard. Moreover, it allows access to GSC data within the WordPress along with providing over 5000 most searched keywords. You can track the performance of your site through ranking keywords, clicks history, impressions history, position history, and ranking pages for a specific period. With this plugin, you can get keywords that can optimize your low-ranking articles.

To Wrap Up

Optimized your site and get ranked higher with these amazingly productive SEO plugins. These plugins are packed with innumerable benefits can help you increase your online visibility. You can track the progress, index most relevant keywords, and edit your tags quickly and conveniently. Select the most appropriate one and make an unbeatable success.

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