6 Smartphones With Best Audio Features

Written by Micah Phillips

The three most important features that people check before buying a smartphone is the phone’s battery life, picture quality and performance. People really didn’t pay attention to the audio quality of a phone but from the past few years people have been getting interested in buying a phone with good speakers and great audio quality.

We’ll probably be adding the Samsung Galaxy S8 to this list soon as it looks set to come with stereo speakers as per the latest leaks.

These are the 6 smartphones that have the best audio features:




This smartphone consists of a single speaker with excellent audio quality. Although the quality is exceptional but the sound isn’t loud enough even though it is Apple’s latest mobile phone. Due to this reason, one cannot use it in a gathering, or a place which is jam-packed with people. Its lows and sub-bass are quite good but the mids don’t response that well. The quality of highs is also mediocre as the phone pays attention to the low frequencies mostly. If you hold the phone in the right hand you may cover the speaker which is located on the bottom-hand of the corner. That being said, there was no sound distortion of any sort or any phone vibration. The audio quality of its speaker can make an average user happy.




This phone also has a great quality speaker but it too isn’t as loud as it should be. It consists of BoomSound and Dolby Audio Chips. The speaker is located on the front which is excellent for playing games and watching videos. The users are not really satisfied with it as the volume is quite low.  The highs of this phone are extraordinary which makes this phone worth buying. The sub-bass is not that good and the mids don’t give good response either. The special thing about the phone is that there is no sound distortion even on the maximum level. The backside of the phone vibrates a little when the sound is at the maximum level.

3. LG G5



LG G5 has definitely one the best audio features. It also consists of single speaker design. The biggest disadvantage of the phone is its sub-bass is almost absent. Its mids responds back well. The quality of highs is awesome. The speaker is present on the bottom left corner at the backside of the phone. So you won’t be blocking it if you hold the phone in your right hand. The loudness of the phone is satisfactory. There is no distortion or phone vibration even on the maximum level of the phone.




This phone has the best audio features in a Windows phone. Its sub-bass is almost absent. The highs and mids are quite good. The ranges are produced well due to its design. It has a single speaker at the backside of the phone. There are no sound distortions or phone vibrations even at the maximum level.



PHOTO: Android Authority

This phone has definitely one of the best speakers in any phone at the moment. It has one speaker design. Its audio and volume quality is much better than its predecessor. Its speaker is located at the bottom right of the phone which isn’t suitable if you are holding the phone in your right hand. There are no distortions or phone vibration even at the maximum level. Although the lows are almost non-existent, it doesn’t affect the overall experience if you are watching a video or a movie. The mids seem a little unreal. The highs are extra ordinary.



PHOTO: Digital Trends

This phone has dual speakers present at the front. The design of the speakers is much better as compared to HTC One M9. This phone is not very loud. The lows are almost absent. The mid-ranges are quite good. The highs are exceptional. It has minimal phone vibrations and there are no sound distortions. It would be safe to say that this phone has the best audio features.

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