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Trends and Tools that Firms and Individuals Involved in Web Design and Development need to be Aware of

Trends and Tools that Firms and Individuals Involved in Web Design and Development need to be Aware of
Written by Ratnesh

In a fast changing world of rapid technological advancements and changes, companies must adapt to latest technologies to respond quickly to market situations. They need to pay specific attention to web design and development and as such hire the services of a firm that can design and deliver state of the art solutions that are fully capable with the latest technology trends and possess higher levels of scalability for smooth and hassle free future development and expansion.

The service provider must execute best-in-class strategies that successfully deliver measurable, positive results for a diverse scope of clients. A quality firm in the business of website design and development must have knowledge of the latest technological tools and trends so that they are able to offer comprehensive website design and development services boasting of highly scalable designs, well thought of graphics and layouts and search engine optimized content.

In the following paragraphs we shall look in some detail about the latest trends and practices in web designing and web development. This article is useful for both the firms engaged in web designing and development services as well as the people who are under the process of building a website for their business.

Important Website designing Trends in the Market

It is often said that the only thing that is constant in this fast paced world is change. Nowhere is this phenomenon more prevalent than the ever evolving world of website designing and development. With each passing year, we witness noticeable differences in the concept, design, applications, technologies and the thinking that goes behind the development of a website that makes the task of communication with your present and potential customers extremely easy. Every year the web designing industry goes through some sort of evolution cycle that is important and relevant to the overall cause of the websites and intended purpose for which they are designed and built in the first place.

The whole situation can seem a bit surreal as the things can go from being relevant to redundant overnight and the trends that may have appeared outlive their utility making a sudden comeback. It is precisely the reason one should be fully aware of the changes taking place in the market. Latest knowledge of this ever-evolving field will allow you to keep improving your skills as you will always be aware of the latest technologies and tools that are being used to design outstanding websites that deliver consistent revenue growth, positive brand awareness, and convert visitors into loyal customers. Over the past few years, many web designers are trying to move away from simple and closed compositions to create open-styled, seemingly chaotic, “broken” and cut compositions. In doing so, they in fact, are responding to the demands and needs of online visitors who want more and more from their online user experience.


It is often said that consistency is the virtue of an ass. A new trend is being witnessed that seeks to challenge the conventional style of web designing with more vibrant, vivid, bold and colourful colours and images. Sites with Brutalist designs often employ simple markup, inline styles, and harsh colours/gradients. However, it would be wrong to assume that Brutalism is often resorted to make a website look more conspicuous. Bold texts, images and large typography and layouts will only work if they combine their boldness with a certain degree of aesthetics and subtlety.

Split-screen design

The growing need and development of responsive website allows developers to balance text with images or share two different products using split-screen design. Easy implementation and its ability to present content in a fresh and balanced way is its most potent advantage. You will agree that benefits that need to display products side by side for comparison can greatly benefit from split-screen design.

Design for large screens

The word responsive website immediately brings up the image of a website that can easily resize itself to look good on smaller screens of smartphones. However, it would be a folly to forget that a large segment of users even today tend to have large scale monitors. Under such circumstances, it is important to be aware of technologies like SVG’s that are perfect for large screen design.

Important Website designing Trends in the Market

Having talked about important trends that are or likely to impact website designing in the New Year, it is time to look at another component of website building that is website development.

Artificial intelligence

The popularity of cloud computing and the culture of free flow of data and collaboration it has spawned makes AI one of the hottest trends in the tech market. They are being widely used to offer a better, faster, simpler and more affordable consumer experiences. The biggest example of how artificial intelligence is revolutionising our way is that of recently launched Amazon GO store– Amazon’s new checkout-less convenience store. After a shopper walks through the gate, a bank of cameras and other sensors in the ceiling tracks her progress through the store. When an item is picked up, the same cameras recognise it and add it to the visitor’s virtual shopping cart. Ten minutes after the shopper walks out the door, the app charges a credit card and provides a digital receipt.

Design prints

Introduced not a long time back, they became quickly popular with product teams and there is strong indication that more designers will try their hands on design sprints in coming time.


You have to have a strong command over JavaScript in order to be a good website developer. This dynamic and lightweight computer programming language most commonly used as a part of web pages, whose implementations allow client-side script to interact with the user and make dynamic pages. There are many fundamentals of JavaScript like Closures, Promises, Classes, Functions, etc that developers need to grasp of this powerful interpreted programming language with object-oriented capabilities.