Top 12 Must Have Gadgets for Students

Top 12 Must Have Gadgets for Students
Written by Micah Phillips

Students are busy most of the time and don’t get time to relax. The gadgets have made our lives easy and comfortable. It is not only hard but also impossible to live without a gadget. From cooking to washing clothes- each device has some component to make life easy and comfortable.

Students being away from families enjoy the web-camera and video calling from their phones. Therefore, gadgets have reduced the distances remarkably. We all can’t stop getting fascinating from the iPods, music systems, video games and DVDs. Gadgets have also made us social in the world.

Gadgets have made our lives very convenient. From waking up by an alarm to heating the breakfast in a microwave, our lives are loaded with gadgets.

Gadgets have played a very big role in innovation and creativity. It is no more difficult for a student to start a business. Anyone who has a good idea can start a business through funds.

More and more electronic gadgets are flooding in the market. We should be only knowing which the most needed gadgets are for a student.

Top 12 Must Have Gadgets for Students

1. Headphones

Headphones are must for each and every student inspite of eating in a cafeteria or roaming in the lobby. Headphones come in many forms like the earbud, headset and wireless. When students are learning a new language, headphones can make them feel focused but not distracted. Students will absorb more information through listening with headphones. Even if you want to enjoy music without being side-tracked, headphones can block all the unwanted sounds.

I can’t stop myself from telling you about Apple Airpods. Whether I am at gym or on my way to college, as soon as I open the case, the airpods automatically sync with my phone.

2. Amazon Kindle

The pain of carrying heavy books can always put you off. Almost all of the books would be on kindle. Let’s talk about the latest model of kindle. It comes with Bluetooth and battery can last for days.

3. Power bank

Students should not have a fear of losing battery. They don’t have time to charge their phones as they are too busy to get most out of the assignments and papers in the class. Power bank charges the phone when you are on the go.

You don’t have to see warning of low battery during an exam. Powerbank is small enough to get fitted in the back pack and no matter wherever you go, you can charge the phone.

4. USB with a USB fan to beat the Heat in summers

The USB fan is powered through a USB. You can plug fan into the computer. Best part is that the fan is being portable. Even if you do camp with friends, you can plug it into the power bank. The USB fan is not expensive and easy to carry.

5. Printer

Students always need to print lot of papers in the university. They ought to have a portable printer. Whether you have to print photos from phone or an assignment, getting a printer is always striking. You don’t need to buy all the books as you can get a print of relevant pages.

6. Smart Lock

Many students juggle between the studies and social life to balance the time everywhere. Sometimes the keys are lost or stolen. At times it is hard to come back for opening the door as you want your friend to let in before you reach home.

In order to put your mind at comfort in the busy schedule. There is a smart lock through which you can control all keyless access and door activity from your smart phone. Just tap the button on your phone and control the lock with your voice.

7. Coffee Maker

The coffee addiction in a student life is not unknown to anyone. Students have to be awake all night to complete the pending assignments. You already have a tight budget and cannot afford to pay few bucks for a cup of coffee every day. The full sized or single sized coffee maker is your first choice as they both come with their own added features and advantages.

8. Fitbit Flex

Student life is very tumultuous and you need to have a balance between your sleeping and eating habits. Fitbit Flex is a tracking device or a wristband which fits in a bangle or pendant and automatically tracks running. Auto sleep tracking shows how well have you slept.

You can also get the assignment alerts through the LED which displays coloured coded lights. The battery life of flex is 5 days which shows it can track your all day without needing a charge.

9. Streaming Stick

I won’t call it a need for students but a luxury which they would enjoy. The streaming stick comes with variety of channels. You can connect with TV and it works with the remote control.

10. Smart Phone

Last but not the least is the smart phone. Let’s not get into the debate of using phones. The learning ways have diversified so much that one can teach and learn through a smartphone. Below is the list of few advantages

• Managing your Activities
• Numerous learning Apps.
• Helpful location Apps
• Learning goes all time in and out of the class
• Entertainment in the form of games, movies, Netflix and Music

11. Tablet

The tablet has brought an integrated learning experience for the students. It comes with different knowledge resources. Tablet is easy to carry for taking notes in the class. There is no fear of losing the data as it can be stored easily. Student can use coupon for getting tablet in a very cheapest prices and it can be reach out for every student.

12. Hard Drive

The two main roles of a hard drive in student life are

1. Data Storage
2. Expand capacity of Xbox or Play Station.

Gadgets have a significant position in our lives. We cannot imagine life without them. Gadgets have made us efficient by increasing our productivity and the world has become a better place to live in. You have the freedom to call or message from anywhere. So, gadgets are not only fun but they also save our precious time.