12 Gadgets That Every Student Needs

12 Gadgets That Every Student Needs
Written by Ratnesh

If you are a mother, you will surely know that today students say they need dozens of gadgets to study and get good grades, but let’s be honest, many times children and teenagers often take advantage of the ignorance you have of technology and try to surprise you with names and terms you don’t know. We know that it is sometimes difficult to catch up and keep up, so we give you a brief review of these 12 amazing gadgets for students, so you will surprise your children and help them improve their school performance, at the same time to have the latest technology at home and in your backpack. check out for more reviews of gadgets.

JBL Onstage, 400p iPod Dock / Alarm Clock

Waking up on Monday at 6 in the morning with the hateful sound of the alarm has always been difficult, but although it seems incredible, there is a way to do it in a more pleasant way. Thanks to JBL Onstage, your child can get up with his favorite song or playlist and thus start his day with a smile on his face.


For some strange reason, the most useful things usually disappear minutes before leaving home, it seems that there is some kind of elf that is dedicated to hiding the keys, cell phone or wallet just at that time. This is why the Doorganizer is a great help, since your child can have everything in one place and thus avoid delays to get to school.

InfoScan TS Elite

At first glance it seems like a common bookmark, but don’t be fooled, this device is a small scanner capable of capturing information of up to 500 pages. With the Info Scan TS Lite, the student will be able to mark the text they need to study and then transfer it to the PC for a deeper analysis.


Although it seems exaggerated, there are children and adolescents who do not want to study because the graphite smell of their pencils is annoying and causes them dizziness. For this type of cases there are Smencils, gourmet pencils with a wide variety of aromas such as chewing gum, cinnamon, and grape or orange that will make your study processes something rich and pleasant.

Anti-theft lunch bags

Surely your seasoning is so good that your child’s friends always want to try something of their launch, and this is something that can be annoying, as this can become a routine for those who like the taste of others. These bags are a great solution to this problem, since they look unpleasant with black and green spots that simulate a state of putrefaction, although it is worth mentioning that the only thing that is affected is the visual aspect, since your taste will remain unmatched.

Targus Heat Defense

This is a great device, since it is a cooler for your child’s laptop that does not require a battery and that will keep his legs cool thanks to a gel that absorbs heat and maintains an ideal temperature. With this gadget, your child will enjoy the long hours of study in the same way he enjoys the time he spends in front of Facebook.

Seagate Free Agent Go

We know that your child always does something else while studying in front of the computer, that is, it is common for teenagers to download music, attend to their social networks, chat online and surf the web while doing their homework. And this is a great risk for them, since between so much distractions it is possible that from one moment to another the light goes out and all its advances are lost, and worse, the music and photographs that it had already downloaded.

That is why we recommend Free Agent Go, a device that will allow you to make automatic backups with which you can store between 16 and 64GB, in addition to having encryption technology to keep your files safe.

Power stick

It is normal that when you see your child with his laptop, tablet and smartphone, you wonder why the hell you need all these devices. That is a common question, and believe us, we all do it too and sometimes we don’t know why we need so many gadgets, all we know is that we love to use them.

Therefore, we recommend this portable battery that will provide extra hours of study and entertainment for your child, in addition to serving with an external memory of 4 and 8GB.

Acer Aspire R7

Exhibitions with cards and work cards were in the past, the digital era has forced students to use all kinds of gadgets to perform their daily activities at school, so we recommend the Acer Aspire R7, a laptop capable of turning its 180º monitor, which is very useful for more effective and dynamic exposures.

Anti-theft launch

A few years ago, when we did not have so much technology to help us in our school work, taking notes while the teacher was talking was a great feat, since following her voice with the pen was increasingly difficult as we progressed. But today technology has a solution for virtually all the problems of our lives, and the Livescribe Pulse is a sample of this, since it is a pen that has the ability to function as a recorder while you are taking note, that is, you can write a summary of the class and have all the details of it in an audio file.

In addition, this device has compatibility with tablets, so that you can write directly on them and pass the writing to a digital format in a single movement.

Virtual Keyboard

It is becoming less common to use laptops to go to school, it is more, in a few years we could say that this type of computers has been in the past, since what is today is to use tablets to go to classes, although they have a weak point in front of laptops, since it is not so easy to enter text on the touch screen, this is a problem that we all face when we try to adopt this technology as definitive, but that is not a problem, since with the Virtual Keyboard, a gadget that fits in the palm of your hand and that you can use as a keychain, entering text will be as easy as doing it with a physical keyboard.

With a single movement, this device displays a virtual keyboard with which you can enter text quickly and conveniently no matter where you are, so you can convert any place in your personal office.

Kindle Fire

Today, all children and adolescents want to have the most innovative and powerful tablet on the market, and this is not bad, the problem is that many parents are unaware of the reach that these devices can have, qualifying them as something that only serves to play video games and “wasting time on the Internet”, but this is not true, since these gadgets have a great capacity to be the perfect school partner for your child.

The Kindle Fire is a sample of this, since it is a tablet with which you can surf the Internet, play video games and interact on your favorite social networks, while working as one of the e-readers (book readers electronic) most powerful on the market. Which is vital to have hundreds of books in one place, encouraging reading and research in the student.