Top Apps Built with React Native

Written by Micah Phillips

The evolution of the React Native framework is quite fascinating, indeed. It, first, started as the Hackathon project of Facebook in the year of 2013. However, since then, it has come quite a long way. Nowadays, almost every mobile app development company is using it for creating their apps for iOS as well as Android platforms.

Currently, there are more than hundreds of apps that have been built with the React Native framework. So, here, we will only be talking about a few applications, which are highly popular in the market. Hence, without any further ado, let’s get started with it. However, we would like to point out that Riseapps, react native development company, helped us in creating this application list. And we are grateful for that.

Apps Built with React Native

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook was the first react native development company that used this technology to create Facebook Ads Manager. Due to the proper implementation of the framework, the application has a super-clean interface, an easy-to-use navigation system, and an intuitive UX.

Furthermore, it also handles the different types of ad formats, currencies, as well as time zones quite effectively. Moreover, if you notice carefully, the transitions and the animations of the applications seem to be quite flawless too.


Airbnb has been yet another application, which has been made by using the react native framework. In a recent interview, a member of the react-native development company has revealed that almost 60 members work daily to develop this application.

Hence, like Facebook Ads Manager, this application, too, has a sublime user interface, which both easy to understand and operate. Furthermore, owing to the react-native framework, the app also works quite stably, even during the network connection issues.


Like the previous two apps on this list, Bloomberg was not created with native react software. Hence, it, previously, encountered a lot of issues, such as a server crashing and lagging. Due to this reason, the developers of the application implemented the react-native framework on it, and, now, it does wonders in almost every aspect.


Widely considered as one of the most popular shopping apps, Myntra, too, was developed by a react native development company. Like the other applications, this one, too, has an intuitive UI and does not lag when you try to open any new page or window in it.

Furthermore, the whole flowery and colorful aura, which emits through the interface of the application, was also made possible by react-native. Besides, its UX seems to be quite amazing too.


Gyroscope is essentially a health toolkit app, which enables you to track your health and lifestyle in a fun and unique way. With this application, you can keep track of your heart rate, how many miles you have run, and how much weight you have lost, in a simple yet informative manner.

You can see every data through only two simple view modes, Cards and Simple. So, you do not have to do that much brainstorming for using it. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

So, these are some of the most popular applications that were made by employing the react native framework.

But if you are passionate about mobile cross-platform application development, you need to pay attention to a framework such as Flutter.

Flutter was developed by Google a few years later than React Native. Both of these frameworks do a great job developing iOS and Android applications, but they still have some differences. There are many comparisons of Flutter vs React Native from industry professionals. Nevertheless, our goal is to draw your attention to the fact that Flutter, despite its “age,” has already gained popularity among developers.

Enjoy your search, and thank you for reading us.