Top 6 Spy Apps for Reading Someone’s Message in the World (Must Read!)

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Written by Micah Phillips

A lot of people are looking for different applications that can help them spy on someone’s messages. We decided to do our research on this topic and found top 6 spy apps for reading someone’s messages in the world.

Unlike other spy apps, these applications do not expose your device to any risk of data theft or unwanted ads. So, let’s discuss these apps and find out which one is the right spy app for you to check out how to read text message without phone.


Top 6 Spy Apps for Reading Someone's Message in the World (Must Read!)

The first app that we are going to talk about is Spyine. It is a phone monitoring app that provides all the tools and features that you need to spy on someone’s messages. This is one of the most popular spy apps trusted by millions of its monthly users.

This app has won the trust of the users as it does not require any jailbreak or phone rooting to help you spy on the targeted device. It can work on a regular smartphone without letting the user know about it.
Features like “Whatsapp spy” and “keylogger” make it top our list as no other application has provided such an easy way to spy someone’s messages.

Most Popular Features of Spyine

Keylogger: This is a feature that lets you check all the text typed by the user on their smartphone. You can check all the WhatsApp, Messenger, and Snapchat by using this feature, It allows the user to sort out messages based on the application and contact they were sent to.

Whatsapp Spy: This feature is specifically for Whatsapp messages. You check all the chats of the targeted device with the help of this application.

How to Use Spyine

You can use Spyine by following the Below Steps:

Step1: Create an Account

You need to create an account on the Spyine website to spy one someone’s messages. You can do that by choosing a monthly subscription starting from $10.83/month for 1 device.

Step2: Verify the Targeted Device

This step involves verifying the targeted device to your online account. You can do it by installing the Spyine application in their android device. The user will never know about this app as it works in the stealth mode.
On the other hand, you can verify an iPhone by entering their iCloud credentials in your Spyine account.

Step3: Monitor the Messages

You are all set to spy on the messages of the targeted device. Just go to the dashboard of your account and click on the Whatsapp spy option. You will find all their messages and chats in the new window. Additionally, you can click Spyine to use a keylogger to find all the messages of their device.

NOTE: All other applications follow the same process to spy on someone’s messages. Refer to this installing process to use all the recommended applications.


Top 6 Spy Apps for Reading Someone's Message in the World (Must Read!)

Neatspy is a new player in the spying game. However, it became famous just after the launch of its amazing features. This application can help you spy on someone’s messages by just installing this app on their smartphone.

It does not require a rooted smartphone to retrieve messages with its advanced technology. Many leading spying applications fail to provide this advantage to its users.
Advantages of Using Neatspy

Affordable: You can use this application for around $10/month. It offers several different plans to monitor your employees and children.

No Jailbreak Required: Almost every other spy app needs a jailbreak in the iPhone to function properly. However, Neatspy can work with a secured iPhone.


Top 6 Spy Apps for Reading Someone's Message in the World (Must Read!)

If you are looking for an easy and fast solution, then ClickFree is the best application for you. It can help you set up your accounts within a few seconds and you will be able to spy on the targeted device.

It does not have advanced features like Spyine but it is a great app to monitor someone’s messages. You can trust this application as it works on private keys that cannot be hacked by anyone.

Additionally, it does not require you to install any application on an iPhone. You can do it by verifying their iCloud account.

Note: ClickFree offers all the famous features of a spy application.


Minspy is one of the greatest spying applications that you can use to check someone’s messages remotely. You can do it by creating an account on their platform and verifying the targeted device. This application has a lot of positive reviews from its satisfied users.

Minspy made it to our list as it respects the privacy of its users as well as the targeted device. The retrieved data cannot be accessed by their servers without your private keys. It means that you are the only person who can access that data.

Main Features of Minspy

Whatsapp Spy: Minspy also offers the Whatsapp spy feature that lets you get access to someone’s WhatsApp without
touching their phone. You can also take the screenshot of the chats with the help of their tools.

Stealth Mode: This application works in the stealth mode to protect your identity from the targeted device owner. They can never find out that they are being monitored by you.


Spyic is known for its parental control and remote monitoring feature. You can use this application to spy on someone’s messages without worrying about privacy.

The advantage of using it is their additional layer of security as it was designed for parents to monitor their children’s activities. You can easily track Whatsapp messages and call logs with this application.
Note: This application has features that can do a lot more than just spying on the messages.


Spyier is another phone monitoring platform offering different spying solutions to its users. It never fails to amaze us with its advanced features like keylogging. You can monitor the messages of any smartphone or tablet within a few minutes.

They have managed a 96% customer rate that shows how much they care about their users. You can always call at their customer support to solve any issue regarding this application.

Advantages of Using Spyier

Free Demo: You can get a free app demo before purchasing their paid plans. It allows you to explore the application to make sure this is the right app for you.

Responsive Support: Their support is available 24/7 for their users. You can open your query ticket and get the resolution within a few minutes.


The applications that we have discussed in this article will help you spy on anyone’s messages. However, you should go through the installation guide to make sure you do not end up getting caught.

We recommend using Spyine as it is easy to use and provides an additional layer of security to its users. The app
automatically works in the stealth mode and decreases your risk of getting exposed.

The best thing about the above applications is that they can read text messages remotely and you do not need to touch the targeted device. So just choose any app from the top 6 Spy apps of reading someone’s messages and surprise your friends with your skills.