How to Spy on Android: An Ultimate Guide in 2021 (Undetectable)

Written by Micah Phillips

Just, as usual, I was scrolling down my Facebook feeds. Though there was nothing that can surprise me, one promotional ad forced me to shift my interests from my friends’ feed to the product mentioned in the app.

As per the description, it was about an Android spy app that works 100% discreetly. Now, this is of my interest. Even after being a tech-nerd, I never heard of something like this. I was totally swayed away by the ad and started digging a little more on this.

My findings, from the ad, were astonishing and introduced me to a whole new and inventive way to trace/record/monitor every activity happening over the targeted Android device without letting anyone know about it. I know it interests you as much as it did to me.

This is why I decided to come up with a quick guide. Read to enlighten yourself on this subject matter.

Spyic – Changing the World’s Perspective on Android Spying

How to Spy on Android

Before I got to know about risk-free spying facilities from Spyic, I had a perception that no such thing exists. But, the more I get to know Spyic and its features, the more I started believing that the right technology can make anything possible.

The simple way to spy on Android that Spyic offers have been already tried and tested by millions across the nation.

My curiosity on Spyic also helped me learn that its flawless performance has been praised wholeheartedly by many world media houses like Forbes and Top10Reviews.

Such a sort of popularity can’t be ignored. And the reasons that back Spyic’s popularity are genuine and factual.

You don’t have to take the path of rooting

As far as I know, rooting was the only viable option available for spying the Android device. But, I also know that using it is like a bumpy ride. There are many ups and downs. Also, you can’t master this skill unless you’re a tech-maven.

This is why most people ditch the idea of Android spying a way that involved rooting at any point in time. Spyic’s spying technology is 100% free from rooting. So, you can take it on board without any qualms.

There are no compromises to be made

With Spyic, there are no compromises to be made to gain access to someone else’s phone. You don’t have to compromise with the data security while you’re monitoring the targeted OS online as it doesn’t save data on its server.

You don’t have to make compromises on data quality despite the affordable price tag. At $10 per month, you will get real-time and dependable data on the targeted device. Every data comes with timestamps to give you a solid ground.

You don’t have to compromise on the number of features. Spyic comes with an ability to spy on around 35+ phone activities. Starting from call history to web-browsing history, everything can be monitored and recorded.

Speaking of user-friendliness, Spyic is peerless.


Using Spyic is as easy as whipping the cream. No rocket science is involved. It’s less than MB size shrinks its download and installation time up to a great extent. Though its work is no less than any high-end software, its operation is similar to any other ordinary app.

You don’t have to be a spying expert for this to work. The app is also very user-friendly. Once installed, it will keep on helping you without bugging you now and then.

How to bring Spyic into action?

Well, bringing Spyic into action is the easiest job that you can handle. This four-step job takes less than 10 minutes.

Step 1 – Use any of your activated email ID to sign-up for free on Spyic website.

How to Spy on Android

Step 2 – You need to pick the right Spyic subscription package and make the payment. Thereafter, choose your OS. It means, enters ‘Android’ in the targeted device type section.

Step 3 – Download the app on the targeted Android device using the link, mentioned in the email that you will receive after the payment. Wait for the set-up to get finished. Once set-up is done, run the app in stealth mode.

Step 4 – To find out what’s happening on the targeted Android device, just access the dashboard using any device/browser. You can see the live data rendering over there. From the left side of the menu, you can click on the activity you want to monitor.

How did it manage to work without getting noticed?

You must be eager to know how Spyic managed to hide its presence on the targeted device and work for you around the clock. Well, there is no magic. It is science and technology. Spyic comes with stealth mode.

Don’t ever think of considering stealth mode just like any other feature.

It’s your philosopher’s stone. As soon as you activate this mode on, the app starts working clandestinely. Its icon goes missing from the home page and the app’s list. So, no one will be able to find out its presence on the targeted phone.

Spyic also ditches the regular app behavior, sending the notification directly, and keeps the mission as top-secret.

Every notification will be delivered directly on your dashboard. Its compact size helped it to work without hampering the phone’s performance. The phone’s battery and storage space are hardly eaten –up by Spyic.

Though the app will be downloaded on the targeted device, its monitoring and operation are 100% discreet and remote.

All these features and mode-of-operations help Spyic to maintain a low-profile on the targeted device and work without getting noticed by the target. This kind of Android spying was never imagined before.

In conclusion

Android spying was always a risky job. People were struggling hard to keep this process free from fears like getting caught in the act and losing data in the process.

Most importantly, the idea of downloading the app on the targeted device without getting noticed freaked us out the most. But, swiftly and easily, Spyic eliminated all these fears and helped you enjoy hassle-free and undetectable Android spying facilities.

When I heard all of this, it took me a while to digest. But, when I tried it myself, I understood and comprehended every bit of what it claimed. So, in case you have doubts, try using it.