The Top 6 Reasons Why No One Is Watching Your Videos

Written by Micah Phillips

Using a video to promote your business is a powerful marketing tactic. With a video, you can communicate your message more effectively, lock in the attention of your target audience, educate, and convince your viewers to act toward your advantage. Here are some important statistics proving the power of videos:

•    Product videos perform 4x better than “text” content. (Source: Animoto)
•    Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97 percent and brand association by 139 percent. (Source: HubSpot)
•     59 percent of executives prefer video to text. (Source: Forbes)
•     52 percent of marketers say videos are effective for brand awareness. (Source: WowMakers)

It’s important to note, however, that not all videos are able to yield the advantages they’re intended to generate. They fail to engage viewers, which instantly puts the effort to waste. Some people just watch the content once, and then forget about it completely. Meanwhile, there are those that lose interest in the video really quickly and click Close a few seconds after pressing Play. And there are also those who see the thumbnail and automatically decide they won’t bother.

For marketing videos, these are worrisome reactions from viewers, and if the videos you’re churning out don’t get enough views, they clearly are failures at building solid relationships with customers and prospects and creating conversions. But, what could possibly be the reasons why no one’s giving your videos the time of day? Six reasons why videos don’t get views or are quickly abandoned by viewers.

1. The title doesn’t go with what the video’s about.

People who watch videos hate click-bait titles with little to do with the actual content. If you utilized such a tactic, then for sure you have turned off members of your audience. Remedy this bad decision by making sure your title is interesting, consistent with the actual content, and clearly presents the value it will bring to viewers.

2. The video’s too long.

Long-form content is actually the trend for digital marketing these days. People don’t mind videos that are 20 minutes long or even longer than that. But such long videos are more ideal for certain types of content like product reviews and demonstrations.

However, for announcements or updates, keep the video length to under five minutes. Short and sweet does the trick for announcement videos.

If you really want to set the most ideal length for your video, test it out on different audiences first before releasing it online, advise the professionals in digital marketing.

3. You didn’t link, embed, share it on your website or official social media accounts.

You can’t expect people to just know when you’ve released a video. If your target market often turns to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts or your website for information, then you should make the video accessible through all of these touch points. If you don’t, then how will they ever find out?

4. You didn’t invite people to “subscribe.”

A call-to-action is necessary for all online marketing efforts. Even if you have that subscribe button for your YouTube channel, you still need to encourage your target audience to hit that button. That subscribe button will ensure your subscribers get notified right away every time you release a video.

5. You didn’t apply high performing SEO tactics.

SEO strategies make sure that the content is accessible in various places online. If you do away with popular SEO tactics, you diminish the potential of the video to be seen. SEO experts recommend announcing your video through a press release, linking information from an article to the video, or presenting it in an audio file or in infographic format.

6. The video looks low-quality.

You need to meet the discriminating taste of today’s audiences. When you have stay-at-home mothers and wives creating beautiful, well-edited videos on YouTube, your business marketing videos should be at least on par with their work. So, use the best cameras and editing software and thoroughly organize the content to meet the high expectations of viewers.

When you make videos, your primary focus should be your viewers’ positive experience (their convenience, enjoyment, and the value they’ll derive from the material). Target the user experience and achieving your other marketing objectives will become a breeze. So make sure the right people are producing your marketing videos; hire the experienced and respected professionals in the industry for the job.

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