10 Smart Tricks To Keep Your Smartphone Battery Healthy

10 Smart Tricks To Keep Your Smartphone Battery Healthy
Written by Micah Phillips

“Smartphone with poor Battery Life” a common problem for most of the people. A dead smartphone means you are outside from the world. You can’t contact with your friends & family, can’t check mail, social profiles, messages and the list goes on. However, following some simple ticks, you can easily increase your smartphone battery life. And also keep it healthy for long time use. So in this post, we are going to share some exclusive tricks that will help to keep your Smartphone Battery Healthy. Using these tricks, you can also keep your phone alive for a long time.

Best Tricks To Keep Your Smartphone Battery Healthy

  1. Avoid Unofficial and Fast Charger

When you are outside of your home and need to recharge your smartphone, you may use an un-official charger. This will hamper your phone battery life. So it is always a good idea to keep an authorized charger to recharge your smartphone when need. An un-official charger means that not comes with your smartphone or not recommended by the smartphone manufacturer. So official smartphone accessories that mean manufacturer recommended charger and cable must be used to recharge your smartphone battery.

On the other hand, now-a-days, most of the smartphones come with fast charging feature. That means you can recharge your device battery faster than traditional charger using the manufacturer recommended charger. A fast charger will damage your battery life slowly and un-official fast charger can damage it rapidly.

  1. Turn Off Vibrations

Most of us use the smartphone vibration feature to get notified about calls, SMS, emails or reminders, especially when we are at meeting or office. But vibration consumes more battery power than phone ringtone. So it is a smart idea to turn off your phone vibration to consume less battery power.

  1. Reduce Display Brightness and Turn Off Auto Brightness

If you are not happy with your smartphone battery life, then its time to check your device brightness. High brightness will consume high battery power and also can drain the battery quickly. So you must keep the display brightness as low as possible. Some people thought that low brightness will harm their eye. But this is totally bullshit, there is no strong medical evidence for this.

Auto brightness means your device will automatically adjust the brightness according to circumstance. Some people use this feature to increase their smartphone battery life, but ultimately it also drains the battery. Alternatively, you can try dimming your device display to increase the battery life and keep it in good condition.

  1. Turn Off Location/GPS

Turn Off Location/GPSWe need to use the device GPS or location feature for maps and navigation purpose. GPS or location use heavy battery power to provide an accurate result. So you must keep it turn off when you are not using any apps/service that needs location or GPS.

  1. Turn Off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Cellular Data

turn-off-bluetooth,-wifi,-cellularWell, we need to turn on Bluetooth to connect with other devices like smartphone, headphone, speaker, etc. But you may forget to turn it off when your task was done and this will drain your device battery life. Same for the Wi-Fi option. You don’t need to use internet 24 hours, right? So why you are not turning it off after use.

According to our personal experience, Cellular data consume high battery power than Wi-Fi connection. So you must turn it off for long battery life when you don’t need it.

  1. Uninstall Unknown or Unnecessary Apps

Some apps use high battery power for sending notifications or share locations that run in the background. So it is always a good idea to uninstall unknown or unnecessary apps from your smartphone. So how you define unnecessary apps, well, just have a look at all apps installed on your device. And delete those apps that are not mandatory for now and that are not using from last several weeks or months.

  1. Never Use Live Wallpaper or Heavy Theme

Live wallpaper and heavy themes are one of the well-known reason that drains your smartphone battery. It is always a great idea to use a still wallpaper with a dark background to keep your phone alive for more time. Heavy themes also can drain your device battery.

  1. Never let the Battery get Down to 0%

Some people like to recharge their smartphone battery when it goes to 0. But this is not a good idea to keep the device battery good for a long time.

  1. Use Power Saving Mode

Use Power Saving ModeNow-a-days, most of the Android smartphones come with built-in power saving mode. This is one of the best ways that you can utilize to keep your device on for a long time. There are several power saving modes available in the power saving function and you can any of these according to your need.

  1. Use the Flight Mode

Using flight mode at night or when you don’t need to use your smartphone is another best idea to keep the battery safe from the drain. Flight mode available on some devices as Airplane mode.

Final Thoughts

A smartphone is always important device in our everyday life. We must keep it alive to get urgent and necessary calls, SMS or emails. And hope these trips will work best to keep your smartphone battery healthy as well as keep it alive.

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