Things that make TS3 Server Bot a Must Have Online Tool[Updated 2021]

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Written by Ratnesh

Today, we spend a major portion of our daily routine over the Internet doing multiple things that include online gaming, education and training, communication, and a lot more. Without a doubt, the Internet has become an indispensable thing of our time, and we cannot even imagine a day without it. And, the thing that makes this experience better is TeamSpeak 3 Bot or TS3 Bot.

Without a doubt, TS3 BOT is an awesome solution when it comes to performing multiple things online simultaneously.

Why T3 Server Bot?

TS3 BOT’s earlier version was TS BOT. It lacked at some crucial features that most of the online users wanted including security concerns as well. However, TS3 BOT is a fully hosted tool that has been created with an aim to deliver a solution which is easy to use and having high-security standards.

Now, new TS3 BOT is capable of handling up to thousands of simultaneous online users due to its client-server architecture. New features include excellent voice quality, and low system & bandwidth usage. No doubt, it is a powerful tool that let you do a lot of cool things. Reason? Its open framework lets you customize the functions so that you could improve it.

Now, let’s take a glance at its features that makes TS3 BOT a must have tool.

Crystal Clear Communication

TeamSpeak 3 delivers unmatched voice quality due to Opus audio codec. Further, it has integrated automatic microphone volume adjustment, echo cancellation, and noise reduction to ensure you communicate flawlessly.

Great Scalability

Being based on client-server architecture, TS3 BOT lets you hold a conference for small group conversations to large conferences with hundreds of participants taking part actively.

Better Controlling

Now, you can set permissions the way you want. With this latest version, you will have a complete control of your server. So, deciding who can talk, join channels, remove users, and many such things has become easier than ever.

Enhanced Security

Unlike TS BOT, you have to police your server all the time. Based on AES encryption technique, this latest version offers you a promising security because it gives DDoS protection. Also, to avoid threats due to weak usernames and passwords, it uses public-private key authentication.

Beautify Your Interface

Now, you get customization options. With this feature, you can now customize your tool with included themes, sound packs, and enticing designs. Further, you can use add-ons contributed by TeamSpeak user community.

Smooth File Transfer

Now, with free ts3 server hosting 2018, take you collaborative experience to a whole new level. Share, Transfer, and Download the stored files on the breeze.

Full-Time Access through Mobile

Well, it is a mobile world, and TeamSpeak 3 has brought this version with full preparation. Now, stay connected right from your ANDROID and iOS device with their compatible versions.

In the End

Points stated above clearly explains the things that make TS3 a must have online tool. Try it to see what how much beneficial it could prove to you.

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