Choose Between Teamspeak 2, 3, Teamspeak Server With Added Benefits

Written by Ratnesh

You might have heard a lot about Teamspeak 2 & 3 & Teamspeak Server. But do you know its exact meaning? Previously, it was the version 2nd, which ravished the entire market, and now, it’s time for 16the 3rd version, to spin its magic. You might know that teamspeak 2 is the predecessor to advanced 3rdversion. However, there are various reasons available, which make the second version, favorite choice of people. For that, you have to learn more about the key points, which can make this service viable to user. Learn everything from reputed sources only, as you do not have to make any mistake, while using this server.

Team Speak Server


In this field of Teamspeak 2 & 3 & Teamspeak Server, what does the 2nd version do, which other voice solutions are not capable of doing? This team was mainly designed to run seamlessly on 56k modems. If you are on any such modems, then teamspeak 2 is going to function smoothly, without creating any hassle. And the best part is this edition uses insanely smaller amount of resources. The product offers lower resource usage, alongside more features. This voice system was developed mostly for the computers. Therefore, it takes lesser power than any background tasks, as performed in Windows 7.

More on the latest version

Even though the 2nd version is just amazing, but the latest 3rd version is ravishing the market, even more. This section comprises of built-in FTP feature, which acts as a bonus point. As this is your server, therefore; you have the right to make choice between Teamspeak 2 & 3 & Teamspeak Server. But, before coming to a decision, it is vital for you to go through the features of both versions. This will help you to make the correct decision only.


Other than FTP feature, this section further comprises of 600 MB of monthly file transfer. You have the right to enjoy unlimited storage, followed by no such speed limits. All these services are free of cost, making it even more lucrative among the masses! Now, you will even come across file transfer feature.It provides you with extra service for allowing users in sharing files. In case, you ever run out of space, still this server is going to work absolutely fine. These servers are not restricted in any manner, giving you ultimate freedom in using it. Just follow the features before making any choice.

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