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How A Team Management App Can Create A Better Workplace?

Team Management App
Written by Micah Phillips

Over half of all team communication will be done through the apps by 2018-Gartner.

The internal communication software has fast permeated the workplace due to its numerous advantages. Here is how team management apps are creating better workplaces:

Improved Productivity

A team app allows you to have structured team conversations. Creating a robust team communication channel will boost your productivity immensely.

One-To-One Messaging

Making use of one-to-one instant messages, team members can now share information in a faster, more discrete manner. In the absence of such an app, emails are the sole means to exchange workplace content. Emails are difficult to link and track. Personal messaging on team chat is in real-time and also saves them for future references. They enable quicker decision making, especially on important issues.

Group Messaging

Group messaging is more relevant to team discussions because it sends instant messages to all the concerned parties. When you’re trying to resolve a customer issue that requires coordination amongst team mates from different departments present in separate locations, emails fall short. Using such software’s, your team can reliably and efficiently solve customer concerns in record time.

What If You Want To Discuss Things With Team Mates Face-To-Face In Real-Time?

During a busy work day you might not get the time to meet your team members. However, when it is imperative that you talk to them face to face, you can always make use of the inbuilt video calling features.

Video & Audio Calling

Audio calling has been around for a long time, but it is a considerable cost Centre for an organization. With a team communication app, you can make audio calls from within the app for free. A video call, however, is a more effective and personalized way to interact.

Group Video Call

While working on a project with your entire team, video conferencing just makes more sense. Some team management apps are capable of connecting up-to 25 people at the same time. Even if with fewer people, it still allows you to discuss key ideas with your project members at once. You can use group video calls to solve complicated issues that would normally require face to face meetings.  You can also cut down on travel and subsidiary costs.

But A Team App Is More Than Messages And Calls…

You can compose teams with members from various departments and organize all your documents, conversations and discussions accordingly. You can create channels which allow you to manage multiple projects with ease and manage workspace resources.

To sum it up

With a good team management app, you can create congenial workplaces that are both productive and cost-effective. So skip the wait time and go get one now!

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