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How social media drives business opportunities to the next level?

Dubai business opportunities
Written by Micah Phillips

Almost everyone is an active player of either one or many predominant social media platforms. For professional entrepreneurs and jobseekers, its LinkedIn or Twitter for those who love socialising, establish new connections and keep up with the pace of information.

Pinterest comes with interactive images and excellent social media platform for those who like to show their achievement whether it’s something they cook or wear. Taking the lead is Facebook with around 3 billion global users.

One thing’s pretty clear; social media is expanding radically and a dynamic part of modern life. It’s also an excellent tool to establish and expand your corporate ground providing new opportunities. Some of the most promising Dubai business opportunities touch billions of aspiring job seekers and entrepreneurs through social media resulting in imminent boost.

Let’s have a look at some of the most powerful Dubai business opportunities driven by social networking platform.

  1. Market research

By eavesdropping on your audience, plotting a powerful and real-time business strategy as per demographic is perhaps the best thing you can do with social media. It allows you to build a buyer personal profile, outline challenges and their solutions, preferences and much more.

This is considered a primary objective and most optimistic use of social media; learn about your audience and influencers before approaching them. Establish a rapport to ensure maximum participation and anticipation from both ends.

  1. Brand awareness

To build a lasting online presence, market and improving your brand, social networks are totally incredible. The very principles of inbound marketing has its roots in social media, preferring people expert at using multiple channels for distribution of content thus building a staunch brand awareness. The element of subtlety is a must to ensure you proceed on track.

Search engine rankings and social media goes hand-in-hand as the platform helps garnering organic traffic crucial to SEO and online marketing.

  1. Lead generation

Marketers invest ample resources and time in formulating content crucial to lead generation. It can be in form of an online guide, case studies, eBook, whitepapers and much more. If no one ever gets to see it, value of that content is lost thereby ending all efforts in vain.

With the many social media channels out there, you can amplify the reach, reinforce brand awareness and take-off driving maximum leads. Social network today contributes more or less 80 percent with website conversion and a means to discover crisp content.

  1. Cultivate leads

Majority of the leads generated earlier usually don’t speak to sales as they need additional content relevant to the purchase cycle. This requires an expert’s guide to move across the marketing funnel and emerge successfully. Close monitoring with social media helps in nurturing existing leads, critical to the buying cycle which is possible by providing relevant questions, front and backend support.

HubSpot Social Inbox is rather effective that lets you create and monitor “leads stream” based on CRM details. A notification is dropped to your inbox every time when there’s a tweet about your services per specific keywords, brand name and competitors as well. The information lets you plan your next move and stay ahead of the competition.


Almost all business opportunities provide ultimate customer support as part of social media strategy, guaranteeing success in the long run.

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