Manual Methods to Recover Data from Undetectable External Hard Drive

Manual Methods to Recover Data From Undetectable External Hard Drive
Written by Ratnesh

Are you looking for a solution to recover data from Undetectable External Hard drive? Don’t worry, this blog will help you to restore data from not found hard drives easily.

External hard drives are used to store backups or carry large volumes of data while you travel. However, you can’t depend on these devices 100%. As you know that a hard drive is a mechanical device so after years of usage, the inner parts like the read/write head and the magnetic platter that stores the data may get damaged due to friction and break down. There are several factors that can affect these drives like virus attacks, human errors, etc.

So one must be prepared for the situation when your computer fails to find the hard drive. The undetected hard drives let you in a frustrating situation as if you can’t find the hard drive then you will lose your crucial data too. So, keep reading the blog until it ends to know the solution to restore data from not found hard drives. But before we move to the methods let’s understand some common reasons due to which the computer cannot detect the hard drive.

Why Hard Drive becomes Undetectable?

To get a proper solution you must know the reasons due to which hard drives are undetectable. Following are some common causes that you should avoid to prevent any data loss:

● When hard drive sockets are not connected in a proper way.
● When Hard Drive becomes Raw or a corrupt.
● Due to errors in registry directory
● When a hard disk is not defined as the first booting device in BIOS
● Inappropriate partitioning of the hard disk.
● Due to available bad sectors on Hard disk drive.

Fortunately, if the computer cannot detect hard drive due to any of the reasons discussed above, you can have hope as data is not lost. Instead, your data is inaccessible because of unknown reasons and you can fix it easily. Now let’s discuss the solutions to find the undetected hard drive.

Simple and Easy manual Solutions to Recover data from Undetectable External Hard drive

There may be various solutions but here we will discuss the most simple and easy solutions to make the HDD detectable and to restore the data.

Method 1. Use another USB Port:

You can use a different USB port for the hard drive. That means if you use one on the front of the CPU cabinet, then you can use one in the back. But still, if you cannot detect the external hard drive, then you can try the below methods.

Method 2. Reinstall the USB Driver

Sometimes, you face Undetectable External Hard drive issues because of a corrupt or damaged USB driver. So you need to uninstall and reinstall them with the below simple steps:

1: Go to the Start and enter Run to initialize the “run” tool.
2: Now, type evmgmt.msc and tap on ok that will view the Device Manager.
3: Search the Universal Serial Bus Controllers in the list of devices and tap on the arrow icon to expand it further.
4: Here, You need to Right-click the first USB controller and then choose “Uninstall”.
5: Repeat the same steps for the entire remaining USB controllers.
6: Now, Restart the computer after which the system will automatically reinstall the USB drivers.

Method. 3 Recover Data from Undetectable External Hard drive with CMD:

To recover the data from undetectable hard drives with CMD or CHKDSK, follow the below-given steps.

1. Go to the disk management, find undetected hard drives, and remember the drive letter.
2. Now, view the command prompt in administrator mode and type chkdsk drive letter: /r/f in place of a drive letter enter drive letter marked to not found hard drive letter.
3. Wait until the process completes and enter disk part then hit the enter key
4. After you get into disk part type rescan command and wait until the process completes
5. If the hard disk is not specified as first booting device in BIOS
6. Here exit the disk part and enter the command chkdsk /f drive letter. Once the process completes check the undetected drive for recovered files.

The above-discussed methods will help you to fix undetectable hard drive issues and you may access your crucial data. However, most of the time, Windows tries to solve the problems with the hard drive by asking you to format it. Unfortunately, if you click on yes and allow to format the hard disk, you will lose entire data.

In other cases, where the hard drive gets corrupt, damaged, or even turn RAW. Any of the cases will put your crucial data at risk. And you need to take proper action as soon as possible to restore data from Undetectable External Hard drive. Then in such cases, you need a professional solution like Removable Media Data Recovery. The tool is a complete solution for any type of Windows data corruption errors. Utility helps you to recover data from corrupt, damaged, or undetected hard drives. The tool successfully recovers lost files, deleted photos, memorable videos, important office documents, etc. to their original form.


Here in this article, we discussed how to recover data from undetectable External Hard Drive. I hope after reading this article you will successfully recover the data from the undetectable hard drive