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10 Practical Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work on Your English Skills

how to motivate yourself to study english at work
Written by Ratnesh

Do you lack the confidence to speak in English? Does your English Pronunciation make you the laughing stock of the group? If so, what you need is language confidence. The hard reality of present society is that your intelligence is measured on the basis of your hold on the English language. To achieve your dream career goals, you need to improve your English speaking skills. Not only on the professional front, but English learning can give a boost to your everyday conversation as well.

When there are so many languages spoken in the world, what’s the fuss about the English language? There are many languages that millions of people speak around the world. But it’s the English language that holds the prestige of being called the universal language. The English language acts as the bridge between different cultures and acts as the key factor of communication across the world. With all that said, the question boils down to “how to motivate yourself to work on your English skills.”

1. Get encouragement: Under-confidence can act as a barrier in improving your English skills. Most English learners have an off-putting view of their English skills. People are afraid to talk about their inability to speak in the English language because of the fear of embarrassment. To learn fluent English, you need first to prepare yourself. Your English may be better than the others’. But there is always room for improvement.

2. Stay clear of comparison: One reason why you lack the confidence to speak in the English language is that you compare your English speaking skills. If you compare your English with native speakers, you will lack fluency. You will start thinking your English is weak, and you will never be able to improve it. Feeling bad about yourself will prevent you from becoming a pro at English speaking.

3. Learn from mistakes: Prepare, learn, and share should be your learning mantra. But learning takes time and you can’t master the language in a day. Practice, practice, and practice are all that you need to focus on. Mistakes are the reason why people get discouraged and afraid to speak in English. But instead of getting disheartened, you need to learn from your mistakes. Mistakes are a by-product of learning and should motivate you rather than acting as a discouragement. View mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

4. Be aware of your goal: Be clear why you want to learn English. Do you want to communicate with your friends in English? Want to pass an exam? Want to communicate with your business clients? Whatever be the reason, be precise with it. Before going for English learning, sit down, take some time to concentrate on your goals. Imagine that you can speak perfect English with your friends. Visualize yourself giving an ideal presentation to your clients. Visualization will provide you with the power and motivation to learn English.

5. Track your progress: Small achievements of today will become the success of tomorrow. To get motivation, you need to keep track of your progress. Take a notebook and highlight the important things you learn each day. There are many Free English Speaking Apps that will help you to record your English conversations. You can listen to it and get to know about your mistakes and then take steps to improve them.

6. Make friends who speak English: Another way of motivating yourself is to make friends who speak fluent English. You can practice your English with them and get honest feedback about your improvements and mistakes. Conversing every day in English will boost your confidence to speak in English at formal events.

7. Take small yet constructive steps: Learning perfect English is a big project. But the way to conquer significant battles is to win the small ones. The first step to learning perfect English is to set realistic expectations. You can’t become a pro English speaker in a day. There are certain situations when you don’t feel like studying. In such situations, you should take time out to do one tiny thing. It can be reading some poetry for 5 minutes, or watching a video or learning 5 English words. These baby steps will help you to learn big.

8. Learning should be fun: To make learning fun, you can ditch those boring classroom learning sessions for some innovative learning techniques. Try to look for some variations to make learning exciting and enjoyable. You can switch between YouTube videos, watch English movies, and even use English speaking apps.

9. Find a buddy: If you find a buddy who can accompany you to the English classes, you are all sorted. Your friends and peers give you the motivation to improve your learning skills. Learning alone can be boring; hence, you need to find your learning buddy.

10. Positive reinforcement: Rewards give you the boost you need to move closer to your English-speaking goals. You can set smaller goals and reward yourself every time you achieve them. For instance, for reading an entire book in English or for conversing in English for 2 minutes you can give yourself a thumbs up.

These tips will help you to improve your speech. To develop brilliance in speech, you can use the English Speaking App. But, before you use the online app, you need to bring the above tips into practice.