Melissa’s Address Verification API – A Game Changer

Address Verification API
Written by Micah Phillips

Companies can ensure prompt deliveries and good customer service only if they have the correct and complete address for their customers. Melissa’s Address Verification API makes it easier to verify addresses so that your mailing list is accurate and up to date at all times. It also completes and formats addresses to standardize your customer data. By taking advantage of these services, you can limit the money and time spent on reaching out to undeliverable addresses.

Melissa address verification services are available for both single record real-time verification and batch processing. In the case of batch processing, an array can contain up to 100 records per thread with unique Record IDs. It supports REST and JSON web service protocols.

Address Verification/ Validation

From spelling errors to incorrect postal codes, we look into every detail and verify addresses in over 240 countries. This ensures that the data entering your systems is factually correct. Melissa performs this address verification service by accessing official governmental data® addresses like CASS™ for the USPS, PAF™ for RoyalMail, SERP™ for CanadaPost, and more.

The results are coded as AVxx. The digits follow AV indicate the level of validation. In the first digit, 1 stands for partially validated and 2 stands for fully validated. The 2nd digit reflects the level of address validation. This includes premises, administrative area, thoroughfare, and locality. For example, an error code AV12 indicates that the address has only been partially validated at the locality level. In the case of countries with good reference data, i.e. where every house has a house number and sub premise data is easily available, a good address will be coded as AV24 or AV25.

Errors are coded as AExx. The errors identified can range from an inability to validate the address as postal code level to cases where the street address can be found but the suite number given is not valid. Melissa also identifies cases wherein the street name entered has no matches or has too many matches to be considered unique.

Address Completion and Correction

20% of addresses filled into forms online have errors. Many of these errors can be easily corrected. For example, a road name may be misspelled or the pin code entered may be wrong. Melissa Global Address Verification helps correct such errors. It also fills in missing components such as localities or pin codes. This helps ensure that your deliveries reach the intended person.

If changes are made, the results are coded as ACxx. For example, AC01 indicates that the postal code was added or changed. Similarly, AC11 indicates that the street leading to the address was added or changed. This includes modifications such as changing “Rd” to “St”.

Address Standardization

Addresses can be entered in many forms. Someone may enter their apartment number, floor and building name while another person may skip the floor number. Similarly, cities and districts can have the same names. If not clearly differentiated, it can create confusion. Melissa standardizes addresses to meet the local country formatting rules. Addresses are broken down into individual components. This includes multiple address lines, locality names, administrative area names, country names and postal codes. It also allows you to customize the output to your configurations. Thus, you can specify whether you want the entire address or only the delivery address.
For example take the address: 33 Boulevard de Cimiez, Nice, 6000, FRA. This will be formatted as:

Formatted Address: 33 BOULEVARD DE CIMIEZ

             06000 NICE

• Address Line 1: 33 Boulevard de Cimiez
• Address Line 2: 06000 Nice
• Locality (City): Nice
• Administrative Area (State): Nice
• Postal Code: 06000
• Country Name: France (FRA)


To track deliveries and select the best routes, an increasing number of companies are turning to geolocation in addition to postal addresses. Geocoding describes a location in terms of longitudes and latitudes. While street names and even city names may change from time to time, these coordinates will always stay constant. Thus, it makes addresses easier to find. After verifying and completing the postal address details, Melissa Address Verification service will also give out the longitudinal and latitudinal values of the address. In the above example, the coordinate values given would be Latitude: 43.711084 & Longitude: 7.271146

How Can You Benefit From This?

Having the right mailing addresses helps boost delivery accuracy rates and reduces operational costs. For example, it minimizes the cost of fuel spent looking for incorrect addresses. Having accurate and complete addresses also helps create comprehensive customer profiles, accurately analyze the results of marketing campaigns and take proactive measures to meet the needs of growing customer bases. Put together, faster delivery, prompt service and the ability to understand customer profiles better improve brand value and builds customer loyalty.