How to smartly use Cell Phones at Work – Etiquette Tips

How to smartly use Cell Phones at Work - Etiquette Tips
Written by Ratnesh

It’s 2019, and we are living in a digital area where cell phones have become a crucial entity for our survival, just like air. Starting from being in touch with friends and family miles apart to finalizing a million-dollar deal, everything is taking place on the phone. With such ubiquitous, ignoring cell phones is hard. If data is to be believed, an average user tap, click, and swipe for say about 2500+ times a day.

The data is enough to show you the extent of cell phone usability.

Though you can use your cell phone as you want while resting at home, you need to be extra vigilant while using it in a public place, especially at the workplace. There are certain protocols that you should adhere to in any way while using a cell phone at work to prevent any cellular sins.

Take our cell phone usage tips to improve your productivity and efficiency at work –

● Put your phone away

If you are amongst the frontrunners of your business and need to handle multiple operations, then the wisest thing to do here is to switch to cloud telephony. Cloud telephony is a powerful tool to streamline the communication by its own at various fronts and maintain a healthy work atmosphere while addressing major communication concerns.

The VoIP phone number comes with a voicemail feature that allows your callers to leave a message while you are busy in a presentation and not able to pick a call.

The best part is that it has auto voicemail to email transcription facility rendering you the ability to acknowledge hassle-freely. You can also set call forwarding, talk to your clients with International phone number, and divert the calls to any other number when you are busy closing a deal, but don’t miss any call.

● Use your Cell phones for important calls only

Your office hours need to be utilized properly if you want to be in good books of the management and excel in your career. That is why you need to set your priorities regarding using the cell phone at work. You need to find out which calls need to be taken and which can wait for your call back after the office hours. If you are using VoIP phone number, then you can set incoming call priorities and allow only the important contacts to call you. Rest will receive a personalized message if they try to call you during office hours. So, set your incoming call priorities and let only important calls bother you at work.

● Moderation is the key

You can’t avoid using your cell phone at all during work hours, as you may receive a business call or a personal emergency call. However, you need to set the limits and use it in moderation. As the smartphone is what we are using these days, we have gained easy access to the world. Social media is now a tap away. However, using it during office hours is not at all acceptable.

Make sure that you have sneak-peak of your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram after office hours or during breaks only. The posts are going to stay there and wait for your acknowledgment. However, if you are using any personal chat messengers like Whatsapp for personal communication, then you can check it once in a while during your office hours.

● Silent your ringer

You are in the middle of a meeting, and suddenly, a cringe ringtone buzzes at full volume on your phone. How will you feel?

Of course, you’ll feel embarrassed.

To prevent this situation, it is wise to keep your phone on silent mode. All your calls, messages, and notifications will come with a hush – so, no disturbance at all.

● Watch out your phone’s volume

So, you got an important business or personal call on your international phone number, and you need to pick it anyhow during office hours. While you are doing so, make sure that your volume should be low and be polite no matter what are the situations. If you are sharing office space with other colleagues, then better to excuse yourself and attend it after coming out of the cabin. Find a place that is right to pick a call before answering the call.

Similarly, never put your phone on speaker while attending a call unless the caller doesn’t have anything that needs to be shared with everyone. We will also suggest you not to use Bluetooth earphones while answering the calls as people tend to talk a little louder with them. The ideal way to answer the call on your phone is without any added accessory.

In conclusion

We can’t debar cell phone use at work. However, by following these tips, you can use it smartly and professionally. So, next time you are using a cell phone at work, recall these tips, and follow.