How to Optimize existing Content to get more Ranking and Traffic?

How to Optimize existing Content to get more Ranking and Traffic
Written by Micah Phillips

Before applying the strategies of optimizing existing content, have a clear idea related to content optimization. Content Optimization is a process applying in a webpage and its content. When webpage and its content get optimized it will turn in to more attractive and beneficial to the audience. When this process is getting updated on your web page you can identify the changes and improvements of your web page technically that for example page rank. Page rank is a mathematical algorithm that will help to recognize your webpage score on a scalable basis from 0 to 10.

One thing I want to register in your mind that getting top ten positions of Google search is not your destination. Staying at the top position should be your target. Your success may stay on this footstep when you are showing your webpage sustainability on the top position of Google search.

What is the purpose of more ranking and more traffic on your webpage?

Google displays ten results on the first page of it, once someone looks for any particular need. If your web page displayed in the top ten results of Google search, then it can be a great opening and a great foundation for you and your business. Also, it will convert your audience into consumers. These kinds of displaying ten results are also based on the terms ranking and traffic of your web page. For example, if you are searching for the term “wooden corner shelf”, you can see the Google results in the following screenshot:

How to optimize existing content to get more ranking and traffic

I hope you may get a clear vision about what is content optimization and what is the importance of content optimization now.

Well, how to apply this optimization to the existing content of your web page?

The following creates notable SEO benefits for your web pages.

1. Analyze all data in your webpage

Analyze all data is the Initial and crispy thing you should do with your content for optimization. Analyzing data includes identifying your audience, best content of your web pages, tracking of eCommerce metrics and not limited to.

All this kind of analysis can be done by the free tracking tool offered by Google, Google Analytics. This free tracking tool used to measure your website’s performance. It can pattern the entire audience of your webpage into particular segments such as age, gender, country and so on.

Also, the Google analytics tool used to run experiments on your web page. Through this, you can identify which landing page performs best and which pages need to be adjusted. You can run this kind of experiment for your specific goals also. So based on the specific goals you can optimize your web pages.

Analyze all data in your webpage

Image Ref:

2. Keyword Optimization / Keyword research

Keyword optimization is the process of researching, evaluating and choosing the right and sharp keywords to develop web traffic from search engines to your website. It is the most crucial stage of optimization since it is not one time process. If you are selecting wrong target keywords all the other efforts lead you to an infinite path of optimization. So selecting proper keywords is important for optimization. You should do this keyword optimization continuously to show the sustainability of your website traffic.

To evaluate keyword optimization, try to target the most popular keyword. If you want to cover a number of audiences, you should use the most searched keywords for your webpage also. But that popular keyword does not use to give rank to your web page. Then move with the other option such as target less competitive keywords. It may help for the young websites.

How to implement this keyword optimization to your website?

There are more number of free tools are available online to implement and research your keyword optimization.

· Keyword Tool

It is the best alternative to Google keyword planner and other keyword research tools. The Keyword tool uses the technique of Google autocomplete to give suggestions for the best keyword for your relevant search terms.
If you are searching for clay pot in keyword tool for specific keyword optimization then it will show all the great possibilities for you.

Keyword Tool Link

Keyword Tool Link:

This screenshot shows how the keyword tool shows the 410 unique keywords for the relevant search terms. Also, this tool gives you all the possible unique keywords as an Excel report page. You can download and use it on your landing page.

Another useful keyword optimization tools available are

· AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
· Google correlate
· Bulk keyword generator
· Keyword in
· Ubersuggest

3. Develop rich content/media visually

Rich Content is not just a word. Let me tell you why?

A massive amount of content has been developed every single moment. It can be developed by humans, machines and other technical resources. But a simple content could not create a valuable space for your webpage. All the content must be organized, patterned, interpretable and then analyzed to get more valuable space. Also to make great engagement with the audience, try to develop rich content visually such as

· High -Quality Images
· Interactive contents
· Videos
· Data visualization / Graph / Dashboard and so on.

• High-quality images develops the professional status of your webpage
• Interactive contents act as a bridge between you and the audience. Also, it helps to develop the community and page visit in a great manner.
• Videos create better reach of your brand/product in the audience’s mind.
• Data visualization creates a better understanding of your business operations and activities.

4. Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the best optimization techniques of your existing content. Internal linking creates the relationship between the content of different pages on your website. For example, when searching for how to draw a peacock, in that related page you can also add the link for animals, drawing & illustration which are all related to your search page. In the following screenshot, you can see clearly.

How to optimize existing content to get more ranking and traffic

Interlinking used to build a strong and elegant internal structure of your website. It will help Google Bot to find deeper page identification even though it is not always visited.

For example, a company sells different types of corner shelves. Its page can be interlinked with the related web page under the search term of wooden corner shelves. Interlinking of “wooden corner shelves” and “corner shelves” page could help Google recognize it and should return that page for the given search terms.

Interlinking manipulates better crawling and indexing benefits for Google search. It creates a better website rank on search result pages.

5. Create valuable content to encourage backlinks

The most frustrating part of the optimization is creating backlinks to your landing page. Backlinks also are known as external backlinks. It is the process of linking your website with another website somewhere in their content. That could be on a single page, on blog writing or any other service page.

How can you create genuine backlinks to your website?

Write more guest posts:

Most websites and blogs post a writer biography at each post and allowing freedom to create backlinks for writer’s website. By writing guest posts on other websites it will show your industry expertise through them.

Collaborate on creative and interesting projects

Collaborating with creative happenings is a wonderful way to create backlinks to your website. Through this you can reach more number of audiences at the same time itself.

Agree with others to credit their work for you

All the creators are always looking to create and manage portfolios of their talent. These portfolios have some kind of backlinks to your website for viewers to review about their releases.

6. Keep clear in website navigation

Website navigation is nothing but linking between the pages on your website and how the audience can navigate from one page to another page. Website navigation is an essential thing for giving the best experience for your audience.

If any new audience reaches your website for the particular search terms, and if your navigation choices are not clear, then a new audience may select to back button at their first visit itself. So when a new audience visits your website make all the amenities for them to stay with your website. Based on your content apply main navigation (ie) above the fold or left side column or else secondary navigation (ie) below the fold or right side column.

7. Never forget to write useful Meta description

If new audience searches for your content, they may try to read your Meta description first without visiting your website. Meta description is the short snippet that Google adds under each search terms result. So include something brief to the audience to enter into your website.

Example: If you are searching for redbus in Google, you can see the following screenshot. See what kind of Meta description has been given by them to attract their audience.

them to attract their audience.


If you are creating your web page content without any optimization there is a great opportunity to create optimization in your existing content. It’s all about improvements in ranking, creates organic traffic of your webpage and so on.