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How to Generate Traffic to Your Small Business Website

How to Generate Traffic to Your Website
Written by Micah Phillips

Promoting your business website is quite tricky process. As Google comes with changes in ranking algorithm, keyword placement is not final mean to compete against forums, blogs, websites scattered across the web. So, what could be your strategy to stick out like a north star? Find these tips mentioned below to do seo for small business website and increase website traffic  fast.

Content first:

  • Reason to stay: Content is not just the king; it is the whole ground to engage the page visitors. Give your customers a reason to visit your website by ensuring something is there for them, whether it is product, service or information.
  • Easy access: Give a Call-To-Action (CTA) on every page. Make it clear to visitors about the steps they require to complete to sign a newsletter or to purchase a new product.
  • Reason to share content: Include prominent sharing buttons on your content and make it easy to share it across social media networks, like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Reddit etc.
  • Create quizzes or FAQ section: If possible, write and post some quizzes or FAQ sections on your website. Online tools like, Buzz Sumo has analysed social share counts of 100 million articles on an 8 months span, which covered quizzes.
  • Guest posting: Guest posting on other websites allows you to serve other markets. The back linking from such websites having large followers can drive a lot of traffic.

Stay search engine friendly:

  • Optimise your pages: Make sure that every page of your website is properly optimised for search engines. If you do not have expertise, check out Google’s Search Engine Optimisation starter guide.
  • Meat description tag: Craft your meta description tag with well-written Meta description (Snippets) that can strongly influence the traffic.
  • Rich snippets: Rich snippets give potential website visitors detailed information about your content in Google’s search result pages.
  • Keep checking your website: Check whether your website links are working fine or not! You may find free link checker, which are ‘Online Broken Link Checker’ or ‘Xenu’s Link Sleuth. ‘
  • Update your website periodically: Update your website regularly, as search engines like fresh content and you could share it across your social media networks too.

Satisfy visitor enough to recommend you to others:

  • Be trustworthy: Make sure your privacy policy and contact information is posted on the website. If you allow payment processing, obtain Cheap SSL certificate. Use shopping cart and secure payment method for credit cards (if you sale online).
  • Answer to the customer queries: Try to answer potential customers’ questions in advance by having visible and fully developed policies regarding customer service and collect customer data for future reference.
  • Responsive design: Make sure your website is responsive that everyone can see and access, no matter what the device specification is (Smartphone, Laptop, desktop etc.)

Do not forget to create local listings, when you are networking locally. Look for SEO for small business  Company, who can run ad campaign on social media sites. Remember to include your site URL across emails, business card. It would drive instant website traffic, if you participate in online forums as an expert to solve visitors’ queries!

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