How to Fix Touchpad Not Working on Your Windows 10 Laptop

Written by Micah Phillips

The touchpad in the laptop replaced the traditional peripheral mouse and became a nice substitute. When it arrived on the scene, it looked trendy and cool, right?

However, the mouse-pad of the laptop is one of the most critical components and can get affected by numerous reasons. You should update the touchpad driver and tweak other settings in your Windows 10 laptop to keep the touchpad in good shape.

The touchpad may not respond to your touch or act in a skittish manner and the same affects the productivity adversely and you feel stranded while you are working on some important work. Don’t worry; we shall walk you through some tips and methods to resolve the problems of a faulty touchpad.

Ways to Resolve the Touchpad Issues on Windows Laptop

The issues of the touchpad may pop up either due to the drivers or the hardware device. The first step should be to identify the root cause and then work towards resolving the problem.

Given below are some of the methods to resolve the problems with touchpad in Windows 10 laptop:

● Reboot Your Laptop:

This is an old remedy, if nothing is working then switch off and restart again. The same can work for the touchpad as well. Go ahead and restart your Windows 10 Laptop and see if the touchpad works.

● Update Device Driver:

At times, there are compatibility issues between the device drivers and the operating system and that may cause the faulty touchpad. In such a case you should update touchpad drivers. There are two methods to do the same, one is manual and other is an automated method. The manual method involves navigating to the manufacturer’s website or using the inbuilt tools and the same is time-consuming and can cause errors. We recommend going for the automated method as it removes the chances of errors and also swift in working.

● Ensure the Connection with Laptop:

If you are facing issues with the touchpad then check the connection with your Windows 10 device. If you are using a USB touchpad then ensure that both ends of the connecting cable are properly connected.

● Unplug and Reconnect the Touchpad:

It may resolve the connection problem If you remove and reconnect the touchpad. If you use a type cover on the touchpad then go ahead and disconnect it, reattach it thereafter.

● Try Windows Troubleshooter:

Try Windows Troubleshooter

There is a pre-installed tool in Windows 10 called troubleshooter that has the capability to scan the system and the connected devices for faults and then repair them. Follow the sequence mentioned below to run the troubleshooter:
Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Hardware & Devices > Run the troubleshooter.

● Turn on the Bluetooth:

One of the reasons for the touchpad not working is that the Bluetooth is disabled on your laptop. For the same, see the Bluetooth tile, if it is dim then it means it is turned off. If it is displaying a blue color then it is turned on. Make sure that the Bluetooth on your laptop is turned on.

● Check If the Battery is Proper:

It may be a case that if the touchpad stops to work properly even if it is connected to the Windows 10 device then the batteries may not have enough power. You may consider replacing the old ones with a new set of batteries to see if this can fix up the issue with the touchpad.

● Check for Windows 10 Updates:

A Windows 10 update process is helpful in installing the updated versions of the device drivers and the operating system. Additionally, it can also update the firmware and these all updates can help in fixing up the issues with different devices and the touchpad.

● Make Sure Touchpad is Enabled in Settings:

Make Sure Touchpad is Enabled in Settings

At times it happens that while working on your laptop, you or the other person disables the touchpad. To check the same and enable it (In case it has been disabled), go to the Settings > Devices > Touchpad and check if that’s enabled.

touch enable lenovo laptop

● Disconnect the Other USB Peripherals:

It may be a case that external USB devices may not be compatible with the touchpad and interfere. You may try to disconnect the other USB devices and see if the touchpad works now.

● Disable the Tablet PC Input Service:

Disable the Tablet PC Input Service

There is a possibility that the touchpad of your Windows 10 system is interfering with the Tablet PC input service when your laptop is hybrid and has a touch screen. The Tablet PC input service controls the stylus function and it makes sense to disable the same if it is not useful for you. But in case you use the stylus function, you will have to judge the tradeoff between the faulty touchpad and stylus.

● Use the “Fn” Key to Re-enable the Touchpad:

Sometimes it may happen that you wish to tweak the volume level on your laptop and the touchpad gets disabled because you end up pressing a different button. Try using the functions key (F1, F2) along with the Fn key and see if it works.


In this article, we have described some of the methods to deal with the faulty touchpad. It may happen due to various reasons and can affect your productivity adversely. However, you can follow the above methods and update the touchpad driver to resolve the issues and make the touchpad work smoothly.

Please note that the software for the touchpad may vary as per the different laptop so there may be a little variation in the above methods. Having said that, these methods will direct you in the right direction to fix up the touchpad issues.

If you have any suggestions, feedback etc, please feel free to mention the same in the below-mentioned comment box.