9+1 Ways Digital Health Technologies Help Fight Obesity

Ways Digital Health Technologies Help Fight Obesity
Written by Micah Phillips

A mug that turns water into Coca-Cola, a fork that makes you eat properly, great apps to look skinny, etc. These are not stories from a fairy tale, but innovative gadgets for weight loss that anyone can buy today.

We will tell you about the tricky inventions that help you fight against excess pounds in this article.

Digital Health Technologies Help Fight Obesity

Kitchen safe

If the dependence on sweets is so strong that you are not able to limit yourself, you should think about buying a so-called Kitchen safe. This device allows you to block access to harmful snacks for a certain time.

The Kitchen safe looks like a regular plastic container for storing food. Only the lid has an electronic lock with a timer, which can be set at any time – from one minute to ten days.

Let’s say you allow yourself a few slices of chocolate in the morning, but often break down and eat the entire bar.

Instead of completely abandoning the chocolate, break off a piece, and lock the rest in the Safe until tomorrow morning. You will not be able to open the container until the time runs out. The electronic lock will ensure that you do not break your promise to yourself.

By the way, you can put not only calorie products, but also cigarettes, a game console, and even your phone into such a safe.

Smart glass

The innovative gadget is a stylish plastic glass with a function of reading the content. The device easily identifies the type of drink that was poured into it – coffee, tea, water, juice. It also calculates very useful parameters for slimming: the amount of sugar and total calorie content.

The glass is synchronized with the smartphone application of the same name, and data about the liquid composition is immediately displayed on the screen.

This is not a one-time analysis, but a whole system. You pour into this glass everything that you are going to drink. If it is inconvenient to pour, for example, during dinner in a restaurant, you can enter the information in the app yourself. The smart glass summarizes the data for the day and shows how many calories and sugar in total you get from drinks.

The smart glass also monitors whether you are drinking enough liquid during the day, and signals if you are at risk of dehydration.

As a result, the owner of the magic glass learns a lot about his habits and gets the opportunity to change them, improving health.

Portable Scales

Along with the scanning glass, you can use a portable food scales to calculate calories. Light, compact, they fit in a bag. Therefore, you can take them with you to a cafe or work. At any time you can determine how many calories are contained, for example, in a purchased cupcake.

You just put a cupcake on the scales, and they immediately transmit data on the nutritional value of the product, taking into account its weight, to the smartphone screen. After looking at the numbers, you can decide whether you should eat the whole cupcake, or better only half.

And when you cook at home, you don’t need to check tables. Smart scales will calculate the calorie content of each ingredient, add up the amount, and show how many calories your dish contains in the end.

Disciplining fork

The electronic cutlery can re-educate those who are used to consuming food too quickly.

As you know, the feeling of satiety comes to us not immediately, but only after some time after the start of eating. It is physiologically impossible to feel satiated until the glucose is absorbed. Therefore, one of the main rules for losing weight is to eat slowly.

The smart fork measures the weight of food, as well as the speed and frequency of hand movements. If the fork feels that you are in a hurry, it will start to vibrate, reminding you to slow down.

After a hearty meal, the plug can be inserted into the USB port of your computer or synced with your smartphone. The fork will transmit impressions about your behavior to the app.

Strict, but fair, this is a very useful gadget for losing weight.

Magic mug

For the sake of the figure, you have to deny yourself many pleasures, such as sweet soda and fruit juices with a high glycemic index. If life without Coca-Cola is unbearable for you, buy the innovative “The Right Cup” mug.
The uniqueness of this gadget is its ability to change the taste of your drink, or rather, your taste sensations.

By filling the mug with ordinary water, you can feel the taste of berries, peaches, apples, or even Coca-Cola.

The secret is that the mug has a special flavoring coating that deceives the olfactory and taste buds. The mug creates the illusion that you are drinking a sweet beverage instead of water.

This device will be useful not only for those who are losing weight but also for diabetics.

One cup is one flavor. Therefore, they are sold in sets. You buy an orange cup, a peach cup, a berry cup, a cola cup, or an apple cup. The action of the flavoring suffices for six months, after which the cup, alas, will have to be replaced by a new one.

Fitness trackers for any sports training

Special trackers have long taken a leading position in the fitness industry among other sports gadgets. These are devices with a wide variety of functions that facilitate physical training. They can count the distance traveled or steps taken, measure the pulse, and count calories burned. Devices make fitness more effective by allowing you to monitor the duration and quality of the physical activity.

Beginners buy simpler gadgets, while experienced athletes prefer more advanced devices with several functions at once. But all of them are mainly presented in 2 versions – key rings or bracelets. Gadgets do not have their operating system, so in most cases, they need to sync with your smartphone.

Scales-analyzers: effective weight loss at home and in the gym

For effective weight loss, you need to weigh yourself regularly. This helps you keep your weight under control and adjust your diet if necessary. For sure, you also have floor scales at home. But some manufacturers offer smart devices that not only show body weight on the display but also many other data.

What can scales-analyzers do? Calculate the amount of fat and water in the body, offer a report on the metabolic processes in the body, calculate the ratio of muscle and bone tissue, give recommendations for fighting excess weight and effective training. If you sync your fitness scales with your smartphone, you can see any of the digital data in the form of graphs and tables.

Scales-analyzers are a useful gadget for those who lose weight through sports and diets, as well as trying to build muscle mass as quickly as possible in the gym.

Electronic skipping rope for home fitness

Rope jumping is an effective cardio training that you can do at home. And this is exactly the kind of fitness preferred by many of those who are configured to lose weight but are not yet ready to buy a season ticket to the gym.

Electronic skipping rope looks familiar to many. Only the handles are more advanced – with a display. A smart skipping rope can count the number of jumps made. This means that with long-term training, you can no longer count on your own — this function will take over the skipping rope.

Some gadgets count not only the number of jumps but also the calories burned. There are skipping ropes without a rope at all — it’s just 2 handles equipped with small displays. A gadget for those who are afraid to get tangled in a skipping rope, jumping in a small room.

Mini-spray: pleasant fragrances in the fight against excess weight

It is believed that inhaling some fragrances can suppress appetite. This helps to lose the extra weight. If you believe in this theory, there is a special gadget for this – a mini-spray. This is a small rechargeable device, which emits fragrant steam that can be inhaled. It comes with several cartridges with different flavors – mint, chocolate, fruit, desserts.

The mini-spray will help to control the appetite of “emotional” eaters, who are stress-eating.