Essential Off-Page and Site Elements that Every SEO Expert Must Practice!

off page seo factors
Written by Ratnesh

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of placing your website on the top page in the search results, and a medium to grow your business on a bigger scale. SEO has multiple factors which are essential for all kind of companies. SEO experts primarily divide these factors into three various categories known as on-page, off-page, and site factors. Like SEO tools help you determine the popularity and competitiveness of the proper keywords used for your site, these critical factors help in improving the search engine ranking of your website in search engines.

No doubt SEO factors and tools play a crucial role in the growth of an individual. However, apart from the top-notch tools and elements, advanced technology such as a good data center is also required to store and secure your information. There exist various data centers in the world such as Digital Realty- Lakeside data center, NSA- Bumble hive data center, QTS Metro-Atlanta, GA data center, and many more where you can securely store your information. Now let us discuss the off-page and site factors in a detailed manner:

Off Page factors:

While ranking the pages of a site, Google also considers factors outside of a website. These factors play an essential role in better ranking of a website. To know more about off-page factors, below are the key factors:

Inbound Links

An inbound link is a constant and reliable strategy in SEO in which other websites provide high-quality backlinks to your site to rank higher in the search engine results pages.

Outbound Links

An outbound linking is another constant and reliable strategy in SEO in which you provide a backlink to another website on your website. Outbound links are of two types:

Do Follow Link

The do follow link is the default link in which neither you need to add a code or change anything. You only need to build a link which will automatically pass on Google PageRank from your webpage to the targeted web page.

No-Follow Link

A no follow link is the abnormal link which does not pass on any Google PageRank to the targeted webpage. This link blocks off the Google PageRank flow.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is the ranking score of a search engine which ranks on the scale of 1 to 100. Moz developed DA to predict the rank of a website rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher is the domain authority the more is the website rank. Therefore, preferably build links from high domain authority websites.

Contextual Links

A contextual link is a link found within the content of the page. If you make appropriate contextual links, then it will effectively improve the SEO rank of your website.

Anchor Text

The clickable text in a hyperlink which is often blue and underlined is called Anchor Text. This text is a crucial element in improving the SEO of your website because it provides information about the content of a page to the search engines.

Site Factors:

Below are the specific site factors which affect the search visibility of your site:


A sitemap helps search engines to index all pages on a site. The sitemap is the most efficient way which provides information about the pages of your website to search engines.

Domain Trust

As trust matters, domain trust is another crucial factor which determines the trustworthiness of a website. Also, keeping a high domain trust advantage the ranking of a website. So, build a high domain trust.

Server Location

A server location affects the page load speed of a website and search engines take website load speed into account for rankings in the search results. So, server location boost rankings of a website.

Mobile Optimised Site

Mobile optimization is the process of optimizing your website in a mobile-friendly manner. Nowadays the ratio of mobile users is more so; it is necessary to possess a mobile-optimized site to give your users a hitch-free experience and enhance search rankings of your website.

Google Search Console Integration

Verifying a website at Google Webmasters Tools helps with the indexing and optimization visibility of a site. Also, this tool provides valuable data which you can use to optimize your website in a better way.

So, the above are the world-class off-page and site factors that SEO experts must practice on a regular basis to rank a business on a higher position in a short span of time.