Is there any Data Recovery Software for Android?

Data Recovery Software
Written by Micah Phillips

Do you ever delete your android phone data? If you are here, that ensures you are already losing it. It can happen accidentally anytime. It was absolutely a bad dream when I was going through this situation.

So, we have come up with a solution to avoid this misfortune. Here is the point, we tested several tools to restore the damaged data from any phone. And some tools are work like marvelous. Scroll below to get the affordable list.

Data recovery software for Android

Dr. Fone The Recuva

This software is supported by almost all branded android phones and models. When you ask for the data recovery, it’s coming in the first place. The software lets you restore the phone SMS, contacts, and memorable photos and videos.

Suppose you accidentally delete the data or do a factory reset or do anything else. In that case, Dr. Fone has the best solution to recover all data from your android phone. The software has an internal function where you can select the data you want to recover.

FonePaw iOS Fastest Recovery Soft

Are you already tired of using different data recovery tools for your android phone? I hope no one satisfied you yet. So why not try the FonePaw iOS? You can’t believe me, but I’m introducing you to the best android data recovery software. We found it reliable to restore deleted or lost data.

It’s friendly and easy to operate. Yes! We are talking about the effectiveness and the way it recovers data. So, don’t lose hope. Its powerful capacity and wonderful adjustability let you use it in different versions. It’s a must needed the item to add to your software box.

iCare Software

You might hear this name from your friends or any advertising. Why I’m telling this? Because iCare is known as the popular data recovery tool for android phones. It’s free software but works like a pro one. You can restore the videos, documents or any necessary files from the internal and external storage.

This item is getting popular for it free of service. Most of the data recovery software asks a little charge in the ending process, But iCare makes it free of cost.


Jihosift is a powerful recovery tool for android phones and tablets. It’s adjustable with all android models and versions. The software is capable of restoring all deleted data from the external and internal SD by doing a few simple clicks. They offer an easy to access interface for their users. So, you will never feel any difficulties operating it.

These are the four powerful android data recovery tools we are using for a long time. They all are easy to use and worth your every minute. If you ready to restore your deleted data, use one of the above software to do that in a smart way. Your all data will restore exactly the same way when they deleted—so no need to pay an extra penny for that.