Cloud Accounting: How To Educate your Clients About It

Written by Ratnesh

One of the biggest challenges faced by accountants is to educate their clients and customers about cloud accounting. They can understand why CPA firms and small businesses have such an unwillingness to adopt cloud accounting solutions.

For example, even the email platform faced a number of resistances from the businesses and individuals when it came into existence. But after some time, as it gained popularity, email became the globally accepted means of communication.

It can be expected that the same thing will happen with the cloud accounting, as, it is the technology of the future, and even will be the necessity for many businesses in the coming time. There will always be businesses who will deny change, but over a period of time even they will embrace it considering the unmatchable benefits it provides.

To convince your clients, employees, and the managers to move to the cloud, here are a few tips that will also help you to explain the benefits of cloud accounting.

1 – Share The Statistics

Paper-based accounting can bring along serious risks. According to a survey done on business owners, it was found that 45% of the respondents said that paper related accounting cause a serious risk from fraud.

And, around 30% said that they had a client who had been a victim of the fraud just because of the paper-based bill payment process.

The fact is that even a single check can reveal a lot of information about you,  your bank account details, your signature and so on. By moving to a cloud-based solution, you can ensure that only authorized individuals have the access to your accounting data. Cloud will keep your financial transactions safe and secure.

2 – Demonstrate Cloud Technology

One of the best ways of influencing your clients is to show them how cloud accounting actually works. Cloud-based services such as QuickBooks on the Cloud, Drake Tax Software on the Cloud, ProSeries on the Cloud, etc., have a very instinctive feel about them and offer several benefits too.

Tell your clients about the technology and show them how the feature works, whether it’s about sending an invoice or about multi-user collaboration on the same accounting files.
Apart from that, show them how any accounting  task can be accomplished by accessing the hosted accounting software using a smartphone or tablet. By just a quick demonstration, you can educate them about the potential of cloud accounting.

3 – Refer To An Expert

You can hire the experts from outside your company in order to educate your clients about cloud accounting. You should reach out to the consultants and discuss selling cloud accounting to the clients.
The experts use various resources such as case studies and webinars etc. to educate the clients about cloud accounting. There are a number things you can use to demonstrate the value of cloud accounting.

To really thrive in the competitive accounting industry, you must ensure that all your clients embrace Cloud accounting. With the right resources and information, even most uncertain clients may make a switch to the Cloud.


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