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Best Money Transfer Apps in India

Money Transfer Apps India
Written by Ratnesh

Some decades ago, most people in India wished to have the ability to send money to any part of the world within a few clicks from their smartphones. Currently, we now have this ability at our fingerprints because there are so many money transfer apps that you can use to transact online.

In this article, we will be looking at the best money transfer apps in India. You will discover that sending out money to your loved ones in India is quite easy. Most of Apps available with UPI Feature in India.

Top Online Money Transfer Apps

1. Paytm

Paytm has more than 150 million users making it one of the largest digital payment platforms in India. In fact, it is one of the best money transfer Apps in the region.

The tool offers a comprehensive list of payment solutions for both merchants and clients to make use of this tool to make seamless payments to both merchants and customers. It comes from debit/credit cards, banks, and digital credit to name a few.

The App allows you to transfer money from your digital wallet to your bank account and vice versa. You can also make online payments for so many services such as online shopping, buying DTH/mobile recharge, and paying utility bills.

2. Phonepe

You can use this money transfer App to make online bill payments, DTH/mobile recharges, and UPI payments. If you are a registered user, you can receive and send money to your family and friends. You are free to transact up to 1NR 1 lakh for each transaction any time and from anywhere.

The App also allows you to manage multiple transactions, save beneficiaries, check your account balance, and get cash backs and refunds instantly to your bank account.

3. Google Pay

Google Pay was previously referred to as Google Tez and it comes out as the best money transfer App because of its UI. This app supports UPI-based transactions and you have to link your bank account to the Google Play ID. After this, you are free to start using the app to send and receive payments.

You have the option of locking the app securely using a password, pattern, or PIN. When you tap on the ‘New’ option, you will be able to initiate a new payment. If you want faster transactions, you need to enable the Tez mode. The mode identifies people who are nearby automatically and you can choose to pay to the desired recipient.

The money transfer app also allows users to scan QR codes to pay various businesses and people through the App. An interesting feature of this app is that it gives you scratch cards on the transactions that are above Rs 150. You can use it to earn money or even to pay yourself when you refer to the Google Pay App to other users.

4. Yono by SBI

Yono is a mobile money app that the State Bank of India launched to allow the transfer of money between users, bank accounts, recharge, pay bills, book hotels, movies, travel, as well as shopping. It is a semi-closed wallet that provides its services to thirteen languages and it is also available to the non-SBI customers. The money transfer app allows users to set reminders for money transfers, dues, and view mini statements for the transactions that are carried out. Currently, Yono has more than ten million installations on the Android Play Store.

5. PayPal

The PayPal money transfer App is free and it is popular globally. The massive popularity of PayPal is what makes it appear among the best money transfer apps in India. All you need to do is sign up for PayPal and then start using it. However, the process can consume some time before you get a verified account. Once you are done, you will begin to send and receive money for both business and personal use.

You will also get a desktop version of this App and it is quite easy to use. All you need to do is select the ‘send’ or ‘pay’ options to perform any of these tasks. However, you have to save your credit card details before you can transact. You can also sync your contacts so that it is easy to send money to your contacts.

PayPal App has a bell icon that has all the latest notifications and updates from PayPal. It also has an activity section that lists all the transactions for users to know and repeat them if there is a need. The App has both the iOS and Android versions that you can download and use.

6. Ola Money

You cannot talk about the best money transfer App in India and leave behind Ola Money. It is a subsidiary of Ola cabs and a famous online money transfer app that allows people to transact with others with a high level of convenience. To add to this, the primary work of Ola Money is to allow people to pay for cans digitally booking through Ola.

Ola is both an additional feature in the Ola App and a dedicated app. You can perform most of the tasks through the Ola App itself but you can unlock other tasks by downloading the standalone Ola Money app like using the App to pay in other third-party Apps.

The UI of this App is simple and includes the section for Ola money and the option of adding money. The other options include withdrawal and history for withdrawing money and help you to keep track of past transactions. To add on this, you can pay for several bills and also use Ola Money to recharge your mobile number on several listed Apps. The list will continue to become longer as more third-party money transfer Apps will be added regularly.

7. Amazon Pay

Amazon is one of the most popular online money transfer services in India and beyond. However, it acts like a feature within Amazon and not a separate money transfer App. This feature is found in the hamburger menu in the Amazon App and stands in the eighth position to be precise. It is a capability that is inbuilt in the website builder that is used in designing this App.

When you click on this option, it will direct you to Amazon Pay that has several options for transacting online. You could also store your money in your Amazon Pay digital wallet Balance and this makes the transfer of money very easy.

Apart from the major features like the receiving and sending of money, you can also pay for postpaid and prepaid mobile phone bills, water, gas, DTH, etc. through Amazon Pay. You will also get several offers on gift cards, movies, gaming, food, flights, and many more using this app. It is among the top reasons why this App is considered to be the best money transfer app in India.

8. BHIM App

BHMI is a government operated money transfer App that both iPhone and Android users can use. It is among the most popular options of transacting digitally in India. The fact that this App is UPI-based supports the easy transfer of money.

You need to register first before you can use this App. The other thing you need to do is verify your phone number, select a passcode for accessing the app safely, and choose the bank you wish to link the BHIM app and you will be good to go. After doing this, you can select the Receive or Send option to begin the process of transacting money.

It also has a reward section for collecting all the rewards that you earn when using this app to transact. To add on this, you can scan QR code to pay businesses like vendors or vending machines or pay bills. You also create mandates for the pre-authorizing of transactions on this app.

9. FreeCharge

10. Airtel Money

11. Jio Money

12. PayZapp by HDFC

13. UltraCash

Apps with UPI Feature in India

Below is the list of App that provides UPI Feature:



BHIM app


Airtel Payments Bank

Google Tez



Paytm Payments Bank



Axis Pay



All these Apps fall among the best money transfer apps in India. You can choose any of them depending on the recipient of the money and your personal preferences.