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15 Best Tools for Creating Compelling Content for Social Media

15 Best Tools For Creating Compelling Content For Social Media
Written by Micah Phillips

Over the past few years, creating compelling content for social media has changed to a great extent due to the several updates & redesigns of the platforms. Like, Facebook used to be the purpose of text updates and statuses of what you are currently doing. Now, this social media platform is used to know about upcoming events, video content, fundraisers, birthday reminders, and for live video streaming. In simple, to stay fresh & up-to-the-date, social media change and adapt with time, which means your content also needs to stay fresh and updated. Because compelling content allows you to provide free and useful information to your targeted audience, attracting prospects to your website, and retain existing customers.

What’s more? Unique & fresh content brings three times as many new customer leads as traditional marketing methods and costs nearly 65% less. With that being said, content creation is so crucial, but to take benefit from it, creating compelling content is even more important for you. It simply means you need to work smart on Quality over quantity. So, to keep you up-to-date with the changing technology trends, we’ve got some best tools that help you create compelling content for social media. These tools will not only help you post fresh and unique content on social media but also help you elevate your Social Media Marketing strategy.

1. SlideShare:

It is one of the best tools for creating compelling content and reach that content to a widest targeted audience. Basically, LinkedIn owns this amazing platform, so it works fabulously amongst the list of other content creating tools. It automatically syncs with one of the largest social media platforms used today. On SlideShare, you can write compelling content, make a presentation of that content and then easily upload on it. After posting on slide share, you can also share with friends or audience that no longer a hectic process now. Just press a button, and spread it to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2. Typeform:

Haven’t found an easy way to get engagement yet? Ask as many questions, you can from the targeted audience. However, sometimes, asking questions isn’t enough to get a healthy response from your targeted audience. That’s where “Typeform” comes into use. It is an easy-to-use quiz builder that helps you ask your audience relevant and appropriate questions. Use the drag-and-drop builder to put together a range of styles of questions, like multiple choice, image-based, short or long text answers and simple “yes or no” type answers. Once you have your quiz created with compelling content, share the link on social networks to encourage participation in a unique way.

3. Wideo:

This tool works superbly in tandem with your Social Media Marketing strategy to create videos using compelling content in minutes. You can easily create professional videos online and share them on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. If you prefer to have this tool to create your video, graphic designers are necessary to assist you with your marketing needs. Once you are done with the video creation process, you can upload it on places like:

● Vimeo
● YouTube
● MetaCafe
● Dailymotion

4. Podbean:

Podbean is also one of the best tools. It helps you create and share professional podcasts in minutes without any programming knowledge and hassle. You can post created podcasts directly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and on other popular social media platforms. You can listen to your podcast for free and upload, publish, manage, and promote them with one of Podbean’s paid plans. Here are some best places where you can share your podcasts like:

● Podomatic
● SoundCloud
● Stitcher
● Archive

5. Venngage:

One of the amazing free content creation tools with tons of unique templates, Venngage, help you describe your story visually to the targeted users. Simply, it helps you to choose a template, add your content, visuals to the project, and customize your new infographic with fonts and colors to make it your own. Do you know venngage’s capabilities don’t stop at infographics? It can also help you to create everything from reports, logos, and newsletters, to maps, white papers, and business plans.

6. Piktochart:

This tool helps you create innovative, unique, and design-intricate infographics with selected icons, images, content, charts, and interactive maps. Once you are done with the process, save and post your newly & compelling content directly to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. This way, it helps you strengthen your social media marketing strategy in an advanced and smoother way. Here are some of the best tools that you can use to design-intricate infographics like:

● Visme
● Canva

7. BeFunky:

This freemium content creation tool aims to make image editing and graphic design simplified, accessible to everyone and inspires you to dive right in. There are a number of content creation tools for image editings like collage-making and several designing tools for posters, invitations that help you to create professional and quality images with no hassle. However, upgrading to BeFunky’s paid subscription can unlock more tools, like tools for removing objects from images, additional design features, and batch editing. To achieve the results that this tool offers, you can also use similar tools like:

● InPixio
● Fotor

8. GifMaker:

This free compelling content creation tool enables you to create not only gifs but also slideshows & video animations with other features like music. This easy-to-use tool facilitates a simple control panel for uploaded images that further allows you to adjust image size, animation speed, and a number of animation repetitions. To get benefited from this tool and its amazing features, you can also use its one of the best kind cum similar tools named GIF toaster.

9. Placelt:

As you know, a blog is a useful content marketing tool, and even more powerful, only if you can actively promote your brand through your visual content. And this you can achieve with a great tool – PlaceIt. This amazing tool enables you to drag and drop your site’s URL, or any landing page for a product/service, onto any of the stock images or videos it has in its library.

10. Evernote

Possibilities are you’ve definitely heard of Evernote before, as it has gained so much recognition in the past few years. The majority of B2B marketers nowadays, looking to streamline their social campaigns find it quite useful. It helps you store ideas, research, and take quick notes in a user-friendly and appropriate format. When you add items which can generally take virtually any form including text, audio, and screenshots, you can tag them, saving you time in locating them later. If you keep up with blogs, video content, and other resources in your marketing industry, it is a great way to organize pieces of useful information in the form of compelling content as inspiration for your social campaigns.

11. Skitch:

Just after the great tool Evernote, Skitch comes in use. It is a very useful image annotation tool. It’s too easy to use, simply add visual elements, including, arrows and text boxes to your content and make it more compelling. This tool helps you to call out several parts of your text and clarify an on-screen process for social media marketing strategy. It helps you to analyze what type of content can work faster than others for your social media platforms or what type is not so useful. Most of the B2B marketer that walks their potential clients through a complex processor makes it intuitive is one that will be discussed and a tool like Skitch can help accomplish that brand recognition for you.

12. PollDaddy:

It is a simple yet powerful tool. You just need to type in the questions for your survey and all possible answers. The best thing about PollDaddy is, you can choose from different answer types, like text or multiple choice, giving your potential customers flexibility in sharing their thoughts. This tool can help your social campaigns in two many ways. You can simply share the poll link on top-rated social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and can boost your social media content strategy.

13. SlideSnack:

With this powerful past presentation-sharing tool, you can upload past presentations, put your voice to them, and then share those presentations on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. To boost your social media marketing strategy, you can also embed presentations on most popular websites, especially those that use Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, etc.

14. Magisto:

This is also one of the best compelling content creation tools. This tool lets you synchronize audio and visual aspects to make an emotional connection with the user. Share your content in the form of videos on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, or your own blog can boost your business web presence more rapidly than ever.

15. 4screens:

It is a responsive platform that enables you to create quizzes, polls, and surveys. You can engage with users and track leads in real time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or from the embedded quizzes on your own website.

Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Now!

It’s never too late to use above-mentioned content creating tools for social media marketing. These tools work amazingly and will definitely help you boost your business worldwide. As you know social media is one of the primary keys to spread business all across the world and it will work only if you work on it thoroughly. So, create appealing content that not just attract audience only but also boost your business conversions.