11 Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO

11 Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO
Written by Micah Phillips

The Google Chrome browser is by far the most used browser around the world. If you are having trouble believing me you can always check out this graph from Stat Counter. Wondering why is that? Well, for one Google chrome provides a smooth integration of more than enough plugins and extensions, like way more than their competitors.

I bet you would agree these chrome extensions and plugins are a great help for us SEO experts. What? You don’t have a clear idea what they are? Well, if you’re not readily familiar with the plugins and extensions, then listen, they are small software programs or applications installed or integrated in the Chrome toolbar that increase the browsing experience and allow you to perform SEO with relative ease. If you want to know then the plugins and extensions appear in the top right corner of the toolbar, every plugin or Extensions has its unique functions. See the image below

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO

These extensions and plugins are briefly defined and pretty easy to use. If you are facing any issues these plugin icons also give you the options to learn about them properly

In this article we have designed a list of 11 important plugins and extensions which will help you with your website’s SEO.

Now, when I say 11 it does not mean you have to download and install each and every one of the extension and plugin. These are all mentioned to help you with your SEO process, it is you who decide which extension and plugin your operations require the most. Some tools may seem extra to you while the other would be downright useful to the very end.

Google Extensions for SEO

1. MozBar

MozBar is a Chrome extension by Moz that provides you with very useful SEO insight of different websites without leaving the tab or needing to open another SEO tool for website insights.

With MozBar you get various insights such as Domain authority of that domain and Page authority of a certain web page, alongside that you will also get a spam score of that website.

As illustrated in the image

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO-MozBar

This information is quite useful when it comes to Off-page SEO and finding websites with greater authority for link acquisition.


2. SEOQuake

SEOquake is a very useful Chrome extension provided by SEMRush through which you can determine the Alexa rank, Google and Bing index of different websites.

Information SEOquake is providing of a certain website.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO-SEOquake

You also get useful information regarding a website’s backlinks, domain age, social likes and the progress of your website on Google SERPs.


3.Google’s Page Analytics Extension

Google’s Page analytics tool is great for collecting data regarding your website traffic and how online users are interacting with your website.

It is a really handy tool allowing you to see where the users are clicking and which page they are dwelling on, all in real time.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO-Google’s Page Analytics Extension

Other important metrics such as the number of page views and number of viewers on different web pages, alongside the bounce rate and sessions on website.


4. META SEO Inspector

The META SEO inspector shows all the data regarding METAS of a certain web page which is usually not visible when you are browsing through the internet. This is quite a handy tool for developers and SEO experts when they want to keep a check on the Meta data.

It allows digital marketers to stay synchronized with the webmaster’s Google guidelines where they can verify the HTML of a site.

This extensions alerts the user of the length of the Meta title and description telling them that it requires a change.

As illustrated in the image below

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO-META SEO Inspector


5.Keyword Everywhere

Keyword everywhere is another interesting and useful SEO Chrome extension which is great for keyword research.
This shows the keyword volume, competition and cost per click of a certain keyword when searched on Google. You can also learn about the volume, competition and cost per click of the related keywords of your search query. This extension helps with setting the foundation of the On-Page SEO of any website.

See the images below

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO-Keyword Everywhere

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO-Keyword Everywhere


6.Link Miner

Building broken links is regarded as a white hat and effective building of backlinks for your site. However, it may seem like an easy task but it is quite time consuming which can get overwhelming. This is why tools like LinkMiner are essential for your website SEO.

With link miner you can get hold of the social and other info for a backlink, and to make things even better you can also export them to a CSV file.

The info of backlinks such as how many external links are their own your web page is also readily available with link miner.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO-Link Miner


7. SEO website analysis extension by Woorank

analysis extension by Woorank

This SEO Chrome extensions provides SEO analysis and important information of these four areas of a certain website: Mobile optimization and responsiveness, the SEO of the website, Usability, and Local SEO.

With these important analytical features it also gives quite handy tips as to how you can increase the SEO of the website to bolster website ranking on SERPs.


8. SERP Trends

Ranking of a website on SERPs is never consistent, with Google updating its algorithm every few days you can never be sure where your website will be the next day.

With SERP trends you can keep an eye out for your website position on different search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and obviously Google. You can see the position your website has gained or lost every day with this Chrome extension. You can compare your everyday ranking with this tool.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO-SERP Trends


9. Buzzsumo Extension

Buzzsumo is a great tool which helps in content marketing, allowing the user to find the most shared and popular content (for any topic) on the internet.

With Buzzsumo’s Chrome extension you don’t have to leave the web page or the browser to find how a certain online content is performing online. You can easily identify the backlinks it has generated and how the users are engaging with the said tool.

To see all the stats you can find the Buzzsumo icon on top right corner. Click the icon and it will show all the information you need as illustrated in the image above.

Buzzsumo Extension


10. Ninja Outreach Lite extension

Ninja Outreach is a blogger outreach tool but it has lite version which is available as a Chrome extension. This is a very powerful tool allowing you to gather all the useful information of a website.

Through this tool you can collect handy information such as the full names, locations, information about social media such as followers and likes. You can also collect information such as email addresses, Alexa rank, the page and domain authority of a website alongside its backlinks.

Ninja outreach lite also provides links to important pages of a given website such as contact, about, resources, case studies, and important service or product pages.

This tool also provides a powerful outreach capabilities and templates within the tool.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO-Ninja Outreach Lite extension


11. Link Grabber

Link Grabber extracts and displays links acquired by a certain web page. You can see these links extracted by link grabber on another tab and you can block any link from the list you want. See the image below

You can click on these links to visit the web page and also copy and paste those links wherever you want.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer and SEO-Link Grabber



Well there you have it, a comprehensive list of SEO Chrome extensions to help you with the SEO process. Now with these useful and handy tools (and important too) you can simplify some of the most difficult and complex tasks.
It will help you with saving a lot of your time and you will make sure that your SEO operations are error free.

Of course you do not have to use each and every tool, even though that would make it whole lot easier, but find the one which suits your requirements. If we have missed out on any SEO Chrome extension which you deem important then go ahead and enlighten us.