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10+ Best Gallery Apps for iPhone/iPad

Best Gallery Apps for iPhone/iPad
Written by Ratnesh

A gallery app is simply a medium to arrange your photos and videos in a proper format. A nice gallery app makes your collection look good and lets you easily share your content with others.

Users who find their gallery to be messy or unmanageable can receive significant help by having a gallery app.

Of course, your iPhone comes with its default gallery app or the photos manager, having a third-party app is always overwhelming that boosts the overall photos management experience.

Let’s see the best 10 gallery apps for iOS/iPad.

#1 Google Photos-All your photos organized and easy to find

This is one of the most used gallery apps by Google that makes it easy to manage all your media. Not just the iPhone but Android users as well often fall in love with Google Photos due to its user-friendly interface.

The app lets you easily browse your collection and choose through them with just a finger tap. Additionally, it brings you various features that assist along with your operations. The app also allows having an online backup of the photos that you can access anytime, anywhere, with just internet connectivity.

Google Lens comes as an innovative feature that recognizes the text and objects in your photos. Smart sharing and automatic movie/GIF creation are other concepts that you have access to with Google Photos.

#2 Slidebox-Photo Organizer – Apps on Google Play

The next one and one of the amazing gallery apps are Slidebox. When you want to experience some cool features, this app is a must-have. Its swipe gestures to execute multiple functions seem cool to users.

One who has tried using this one can’t stay back from continue using the app since it feels so perfect. Even the deletion and zooming out of the images happen with just a swipe or a tap.

The app also allows managing your apps into different albums so you can access the bunch altogether. Anyone looking for a cool interface that speaks the contemporary design, Slidebox, is the app you should try.

#3 MyPics-A Powerful PhotoAlbum on the App Store

The next one in our list is MyPics that is known for its organizational features. The app lets the users deal with the utter clutter of their gallery most tidily. The customization of images and album revolves around the perfectly-organized theme.

If till now, you were dealing with a cluttered space, MyPics allows you for a more liberated aura that is much sorted.

You can even set the date of the photo-wise that helps you grab the photos with the date mentioned. The map view lets you know where those photos were clicked, and hence, you get an overall in-depth analysis.

One can have the backup option using the cloud space with apps like Dropbox!

#4 Tidy Gallery-Photos Cleaner & Organizer

Go funky with Tidy Gallery that is another great photo management app. This one also embeds swiping features for initiating different functions. Just like the Slidebox, swipe navigation is what attracts users.

You can scroll through your images by pressing on the left/right edge of the screen. Similarly, it allows keeping the image when you swipe right and delete the image when you swipe left.

It is a tinder-like experience, and so it is pretty cool to try this app at least once. With just one drag and drop, you can keep the image onto any folder. The app nicely filters all the duplicate files and lets you delete the replicas saving you a lot of space.

#5 Gallery Explorer

This is another useful gallery app that allows users for a refreshed interface. By using, one can easily find the photos and sort them as per the choice.

The app even allows scanning the QR code if embedded on any picture you see randomly. On scanning, it reveals the insights about the image.

The audio immersion is another revolutionary approach of the app that provides you audio tours and lets you listen to the insights about the images without using an earphone.

Hence, for a wholly new interface and mind-blowing features, a user must try having Gallery Explorer on the iPhone.

#6 Gallery Vault-Hide Pictures And Videos

As its name, the app is about keeping your gallery secure against anyone. For the same, the app lets you lock your images using a passcode or your Touch ID that only can give access to.

This even allows you to change the icon, and that means it disguises itself very well that you don’t have to be embarrassed about keeping any pictures.

A pretty cool feature is that when someone tries to break-in, it does not just send you to alert about that but clicks a picture too of the intruder, and that would embarrass the other person, not you.

#7 Flickr-Upload, edit, and share your photos from any device, anytime

Flickr is a well-known name that enables the user to manage the online photo storage. The cloud storage is now increased for each user that varies as per the membership if you have got the free one or premium.

Pro subscribers can facilitate even more storage where they can view the images in full resolution. There are additional features also that come along, such as automatic uploading, location tagging, and other social features.

It provides a fascinating approach to photo sharing and handling. This takes your hassle away from syncing your photos with online storage. All your pictures are secured with Flickr!

#8 Amazon Photos-Store Photos and videos

Just like Google Photos, there is a photo manager from Amazon as well. Amazon Prime is available to everyone where the amount of storage depends on the subscription.

The Prime subscribers can have access to unlimited cloud storage where they get 5GB for videos and document storage. The app allows for automatically syncing so you can access your photos anywhere if you have a secure internet connection.

There are several other features, too, such as AI-assistance and family sharing features to share its value with your family members, too, having unlimited storage.

#9 Ever-Capture Your Memories

Ever, the photos manager allows you to manage photos in the cloud storage. It lets you sync your every single photo from various platforms and not just your phone such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Dropbox.

The automatic backup makes it an even useful app where you don’t have to worry about creating a backup every time.

This is a free premium app that means you can have it free of cost or pay for the premium version and access even more features and unlimited storage. Explore Ever in the App Store now and get to know about its benefits.

#10 Photosync-Photo Transfer and Backup App

PhotoSync is another approach toward managing photos, both online and offline. It provides cloud storage so you can access your photos everywhere regardless of the device you are using.

You don’t have to worry about all that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or hotspot connectivity when you use Photosync.

Also, this is a cross-platform app that lets you access it on the iPhone as well as Android. It also supports though a variety of cloud storage, and hence, it is a must-try app.

#11 Zyl-Easily create shared albums

Zyl embeds the charm of AI and arranges photos as even more appealing. The app supports both iOS and Android, and with its ability to be even-specific, it gives significance to your important events such as weddings, anniversaries, or any celebration.

The creative package of features, Zyl, is known to present its users with a lovely surprise every morning. The app offers a short animation of your photos that you can enjoy yourself or share on your social media channels.

All in all, it never goes out of style to use Zyl as that library always stays adorned specifically. The connection from cloud databases is another thing that keeps your photos safe.

#12 Gallery for iOS 11

The application allows you easy management of your photos and collages. A user can create as many albums as he wants, where you can arrange the photos as per the date, events, and more factors.

The automatic organization of photos accordingly lets you sit back and relax while the app does its magic

#13 Photo Gallery: Gallery X

Get your photos perfectly arranged, all in one place with Gallery X that serves for both iOS and iPad. By using the charm of AI, the app lets you find your memories from those trips, celebrations, or any event easily.

With this app, you are not going to miss your important photos or lose them anywhere. Based on the type of events, it beautifully presents your photos and lets you experience the charisma by adding up theme music, titles, and cinematic transitions.

Wrapping Up

Everyone wants to achieve a clean arrangement for the media and have tweaks around them in the most creative way. All these apps here work in their unique ways, presenting you with making the unimaginable possible.

Let those pictures speak even more and flaunt your collection in your group. Let’s give a try to these apps and keep changing every time you get bored or want to get indulged in new features.