Alphabet, Google’s Parent Company is selling its Satellite

Written by Ratnesh

Google is selling its Terra Bella satellite to Planet Labs and will do an agreement to purchase SkySat Imaging data. The SkySat technology uses high resolution that can monitor things on earth quite easily and effectively. It can monitor a lot of things from space such as terrains, moving cars, fire, trucks moving things and the resolution is high enough to monitor things that impacts on the economy of the world. The resolution is quite high and it can easily monitor cars and trains and shipping containers easily.

Google is selling its Terra Bella satellite to Planet Labs

The satellite Terra Bella can record footages and video clips as long as 90 seconds at the quality of 30 frames per second which is a ground breaking new innovation and makes a lot of things easier for serve the purpose of monitoring objects on earth and keeping a record if there is any need of that. The high definition visuals recorded from space through the satellite will help experts monitor things that are happening around the globe and will help understand the economy, weather and other conditions requiring concern.

It is making it easy to keep an eye on work done for humanitarian relief, goods, supply chain and even the industrial activities. The company has set a goal ans aims to provide recorded data and footages or video clips of the earth many time in a day, it will help in keeping everything monitored and prevent many disasters and economic crisis and the relief and funds wherever needed can be provided. Skybox has a goal to make changes in the nature of the entire satellite industry by making satellites and electronics that cost under $50 million. The machines that made up the whole satellite are not only cost effective and made using low cost machinery, it also uses parts that are available easily and are inexpensive compared to what something so grand can cost.

Google is selling its Terra Bella satellite to Planet Labs

Terra Bella claims to capture and provide a unique look at how our earth is changing and evolving and how Terra Bella can help and provide support in making positive changes and invest technology in helping the world in its evolution.

Terra Bella presents a new view at the world, we are inside the world or on the surface, our view is what a normal human eye can see, the maximum we can do to reach the top and observe things going on is through the surveillance through helicopters or drones and that is not a very practical approach and does nothing to help monitor the entire world and can focus on only an area of about few kilometers which is not practical, does not make sense and does not make any difference either. Terra Bella however is helping things monitor from a whole different direction through satellite monitoring and this way, they claim to have a lot of things monitored in live videos and in recorded footages from the space of our earth. This is the time for all of those space movies and science fiction to come to life and people on earth start living in future.

Google is selling its Terra Bella satellite to Planet Labs

Our systems fail because of negligence in monitoring and not being able to find the flaws and problem area in an industry. Global terrorism, extreme weather threats, catastrophes, industries and logistics all are a part of things that are helping the world go round. The systems collapses when us humans fail to identify the problems and the root of them, and we may not be as smart as we think, our bodies and our minds are limited and do not think beyond what we know and move beyond what we think how we can. Just like planes in the sky, we have a limited reach and on a tiny level it was never possible to monitor what is happening globally. Terra Bella gave the world what it needed and it never knew it needed something to monitor the world from above and send reports. The system is build to provide next level surveillance from the space and send footages back to earth several times in a day.

Terra Bella is helping majorly in monitoring three things in general; one of them is monitoring sea ports. The monitoring in high resolution and keeping track of the supply chain will anticipate supply chain bottle necks from above. This will help industries identify logistics and operational inefficiencies and help locate the areas that are flawed and are causing great economic disasters and how to prevent the disasters from happening. It measures the flow of goods and commodities and measure global economic indicators.

Google is selling its Terra Bella satellite to Planet Labs

Second thing that Terra Bella is aiming to monitor from up there is to identify disasters and help in getting aid to the affected areas as soon as possible. Remote areas are ruined before the relief reaches the remote areas due to poor means of communication. The Terra Bella can help save lives and help in sending aid where it is needed to cut down on the time of communication in case of emergency and it will trigger emergency. Sudden fires and volcano eruptions can be monitored efficiently through the high definition videos so that respective aid group can monitor and plan rescue according to the size of the disaster and have a better access to the sensitivity of the problem. High resolution videos can also monitor mining development and inform authorities of areas of danger and opportunities.

Planet Lab will get more customers by buying the new fleet of satellites and will group better data and more companies with the help of their purchase of satellites with the capability of sending high resolution footages to earth after the Terra Bella has been sold to them. Google however does not sell its mapping satellite that is used in Google Maps and it will continue to use it like it always has and nothing will change. With Terra Bella getting in to new hands and broader market, companies look forward to hire the technology to make a difference.

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