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10 Tools to Maximize your WordPress SEO Traffic

Written by Micah Phillips

When content management systems are considered WordPress is among the top list. To get a business website is a foremost requirement, but having a website without traffic is a waste and search engine optimization is a fundamental source for generation of organic traffic. SEO is the best practice to improve your rankings and get potential customers without many efforts. WordPress has inbuilt SEO plugins which aid you in gaining maximum subscribers and some of them are:

1. SEMRush:

If you want to compare your marketing efforts, then SEMRush is the best plugin for your WordPress website. Always have knowledge about your performance, ranking and analyze the growth of traffic. Some of the points which add competition are keywords, traffic, position, Costing, CPC etc.

2. SEO Plug-in by Yoast:

This is a plugin which is used by almost all the bloggers and one of the best SEO plugin. It gives you simple access to on page and off page SEO. It also helps in social optimization through the Facebook open graph and Twitter meta-data for good ranking. Yoast also includes information about inbound and outbound links and helps in optimizing RSS feeds.

3. Ultimate Video:

If you have video blogs and want to see it on the top searches then it is the plugin you must be looking for. The best feature of this plugin is that it doesn’t require any extra setting all you need to do is just upload the videos.

4. Broken Link Checker:

It is the best plugin it checks if the pages, content, comment or posts have some broken links or not. Also, it assists in checking the missing images, irrelevant content or spammy links. It will notify you either by email or dashboard.

5. Google Keyword planner:

Even if you are good in doing SEO then also without keywords it is not possible. These keyword ideas are possible if you have Google Keyword planner tool. People use these tool especially for bidding on advertising campaigns to check an estimate of search volume, etc. It is equally important for content writer or blogger to know the highest searched keywords.

6. Open Site Explorer::

This tool is free of cost through which one can examine data of domain name, anchor texts and linking domains, etc. To have an unlimited search on this tool you need to do a Moz Pro Subscription.

7. SEOPressor:

It can be used in place of Yoast SEO and more powerful than other tools. It gives you complete management of website by checking pages, posts, reviews and format custom posts. It helps you in put the keywords in content. It is an amazing tool to keep the track of your pages and tags.

8. Rel Nofollow Checkbox:

Whenever you want to link your website to any external website and don’t want to give authority to that linked website NoFollow attribute can be added to it. But doing this is not a good idea as dofollow is also helpful for many websites.

9. SEOquake:

It is a tool for browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Opera to know SEO related information of any website. The information is about page rank, Alexa rank, last updates, etc. just by downloading the add-on. This plugin is also useful for checking the competition of the keywords.

It is the best tool to search keywords for any content by giving keyword ideas collected from Google. This tool provides you the complete knowledge about keyword search that too very fast and free of cost.

This is a guide to do SEO for your WordPress website. This article has technical tips, content tips and many other tips to do the best SEO. If you want to be on the top of Google ranks then our WordPress website developers and SEO techniques are definitely the premier ones.

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