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Advantages of HTML 5 Website Web Design & Development 

Advantages of HTML 5 Website

HTML 5 is the updated version of the hyper-text-markup-language. While it provides various features as older versions, it also has several new syntactical features like <audio>, <video>, <canvas> and integration of SVG content. Because of these elements, the integration of multimedia and graphical content into a website without using third-party plug-ins and flash has become easy. Let’s have a look at the other advantages of using HTML 5 below: Offline Caching of Content: HTML5 provides the users with the benefit of offline caching of content. It means the visitors can…

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5 Advantages of Building a Website on HTML5 Web Design & Development 

5 Advantages of Building a Website on HTML5

Since its launch in 2014, HTML5 has become widely popular among web developers. Its advanced features allow developers to work with ease and create neat, responsive, and functional websites across various platforms. Some of the world’s best web design agencies now use HTML5 as the primary language to design and build websites. Its interface is simple and its features are powerful. This allows developers to be creative and implement even the most intricate features into their designs without making the website difficult to navigate. Listed below are 5 advantages HTML5…

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