How Do I Recover Deleted Office Documents from Windows 10

Written by Micah Phillips

Have you ever come across a situation where hours of hard work have all gone in vain due to a single error? If yes, then we have the right solution for you. Sometimes when we are busy in making our presentations or preparing excel sheets, we forgot to save it and then suddenly windows crashes without a warning or system starts to update automatically which eventually results in loss of important documents.

Now consider a scenario where you are working on word from the past couple of hours and after successfully completing the Word Document instead of choosing Save, you absentmindedly select the Don’t Save option. This too results in Data Loss.

What to Do? How to Regain the Word Document?

Gone are the days when losing a file leads to despair. In the current era of on-command, on-demand environment, data loss as well as data recovery is prevalent i.e., no data is fail-safe. Data loss is a condition in which anyone can face at any point of time despite using advanced technologies.

With the evolution of technology and growth in the data market, several advancements have been done to avoid data loss scenarios in a smart way. These ways include both manual and software solutions. However, prior to discussing them in detail let us have a look at the synopsis of different factors that leads to Word Documents loss.

Factors that Leads to Word Document Loss

Some of the common reasons that cause Office Document Deletion are as follows:

  • Virus Attack
  • Sabotage
  • Use of Shift+ Delete command
  • Recycle Bin bypassing and emptying
  • Power surges or outages
  • Accidental Hard Drive Formatting
  • Use of Command Prompt for Erasing Files
  • Improper Shutdown
  • Windows Registry Problems


Can I Recover Deleted Office Documents from Windows 10?

Recovering a deleted file from Windows 10 is possible. The reason being, when we delete a file, only the indexing is removed and not the actual file. Owing to this, the space for the particular file is being marked as available for reuse.  Therefore, it is always recommended to avoid system usage, as overwriting will eliminate the chances of recovery.

How Do I Recover Deleted Office Documents from Windows 10 ?

There are several methods of recovering lost Office Documents with ease.

Different Office Document Recovery Techniques

Method 1: Backup

The most common and foremost clicked method. It helps you get a hold on lost data easily and efficiently. However, you can only use it when you have a backup ready.

Steps for Office Document Recovery Using Backup are as follows:

  • Go to Office Document
  • Click on File
  • Select Delete Word Document Recovery and  Move back to the File tab again
  • Click the Open option
  • Select Lost Word Document option
  • Now, click the folder where the document is stored
  • Next, click on Backup File
  • Click Open


Method 2: Temporary Files Search

In general, for all the File types, temporary files are created in the computer’s temporary Files Folder. Temporary Files can also be used to recover lost or deleted Office Document.

Steps to Recover Office Document Using Temporary Files are as follows:

  • Go to Windows Search
  • Search for *.tmp files
  • Verify C: Documents and Settings*USERNAME*Local SettingsTemp


Method 3: Word’s Auto Recover Tool

Thankfully, Office Document comes with an inbuilt ability to recover lost Document. This built-in Auto Recover tool is very simple to use.

Steps to Recover Office Document Using Auto Recovery tool are as follows:

  • Go to Microsoft Office Document and open the file
  • Click the File tab
  • From drop-down menu, choose Recent option
  • Next, select Recover Unsaved Documents. Here, choose the desired Document file from the unsaved documents list.
  • Click on Restore


Method 4: Using Third-Party Recovery Tool

A Third-Party Recovery Tool is an efficient way to recover Office Document in a secure manner. This tool is not only free from manual intervention but is also easy, fast, and powerful. Being technology-equipped, this solution has minimal errors associated with it in comparison to manual methods.

In the current scenario, there are several Data Recovery software in the marketplace. Therefore, choosing the right option is a tricky task. Therefore, for added convenience, we have familiarized you with the best solution. This easy-to-use and secure solution is acknowledged for its easy operability, optimal performance, efficient functionality, intuitive design, and reliability.

Outline of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home

Whether you want to recover Presentation Files, Audio Files, Photos, Videos Files, Emails, Spreadsheets, or Word Documents, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery—Home is your true companion.  Backed by the high-end Recovery modules, this dedicated Data recovery solution works seamlessly under all logical failure scenarios, be it in case of corrupt files, virus attack, formatting, or accidental deletion.  

The unique trait about this software is data integrity i.e. the Data remains intact. This Data Recovery software is compatible with Windows 10 and all its previous versions. It supports improved Unicode, enhanced preview, multiple DPIs, specific file recovery and much more.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home: It’s Functionality

  • Launch Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home.
  • From the main interface, ‘Select what to Recover,’ choose Documents.
  • Click on Next.
  • Select Location will pop up. From this screen, choose the destination where Document is stored.
  • After selection, click on the Scan option to start the recovery process.
  • A dialog box –Scanning Completed Successfully will pop up.
  • Close the box.
  • Next, the Preview window will pop up. Under this window, there will be a list of all the found files or folders under a tree node.
  • Click on to any of these recoverable Files or Folders and preview them.
  • After successfully previewing the desired files, select the Desired Documents by check marking them.
  • Click on Save.
  • Under the Save dialog box, state the destination to save the recoverable data.
  • Click Start Saving.

The recovery process is complete.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you are a Home or a Professional User, Office Document is most commonly used program by all; however, it is important to note that they are not fail-safe, therefore, there is a need for Data Recovery as and when it happens.  Apply any of the above-stated data recovery techniques as per your requirement.

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