Why You Need the Affordable and Robust Linux VPS Server for Your Business

Why You Need the Affordable and Robust Linux VPS Server for Your Business
Written by Ratnesh

Business owners deliberate over the various options that they have to get their websites the best hosting services. One of the best options that they have is to host their website on the affordable and robust Linux VPS server. To be successful, a business needs the best expansion opportunities. A growing website has fluctuating traffic and so cannot be too sure of their resource requirements. Shared hosting may not be able to handle any sudden traffic pressures while they are not yet prepared for the dedicated servers.


VPS fills the gap:

VPS servers have been designed to solve this predicament and comes as a bridge between the two traditional forms of hosting. It allows the businesses to scale their resources at peak traffic times and goes on to offer the features of a dedicated server at far more affordable costs.

VPS servers hosting are created by partitioning a large physical server into several smaller virtual servers hosting multiple websites. VPS customers share the server like in shared hosting but have the privacy and isolated environment like in a dedicated server.

Choice of operating system

The web hosts offer you a choice of Linux or Windows servers. However, if your site is running on ASP.NET and MSSQL, you need to opt for the Windows servers. Linux is an open source and comes free unlike Windows servers which carry a license fee. Linux is considered more sturdy and reliable than the Windows servers. The affordable and robust Linux VPS server suits the needs of websites of any size. Linux offers a number of flavours like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian etc. and has a vibrant and active community of users that extend dedicated and complete support.

Linux over Windows:

There are several reasons that makes the affordable and robust Linux VPS server a preferred choice for websites. Linux is more and a widely used operating system. It is popular with the developers and designers as it is very stable. It does not require too many resources to run its software applications and servers. It thus suits the needs of businesses of all sizes. Unlike Windows, Linux also does not require to be rebooted each time there is any update or upgrade. Linux comes with cPanel control panel.

Features of Linux VPS server:

• Root access: The affordable and robust Linux VPS server gives their customers complete administrative control. The customers are allowed to install the software of their choice. They can configure the server to suit their business needs although it requires the businesses to be technically competent.

• Isolation and privacy: The websites are independent and are not affected by of one another’s activities. Even when a business reboots the server the other websites do not come to know of it. Each website is given a unique IP address. This safeguards the websites from the dangers of being blacklisted as it happens in shared hosting.

• Reliable and scalable: VPS servers suit the small businesses that are still in a nascent stage with unpredictable traffic. VPS allows the websites to increase their resources with just a few clicks to manage a sudden rush of visitors. This ensures that the servers don’t crash due to traffic pressures. VPS is also highly reliable. Even if one of the server components fail, the websites are diverted to the other active servers which once again guarantees that VPS assures of highest reliability and business continuity.

Fully Managed cPanel VPS Hosting plans allows the websites to manage and control domains, email accounts, files, databases etc. from the simple and easy to use control panel. The affordable and robust Linux VPS server hosts extend 24/7 customer support and provides for the server maintenance and monitoring allowing the users more resources to focus on core business.

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