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Mobile App versus Responsive Website: Web Promotion

Mobile App versus Responsive Website
Written by Ratnesh

Today, if you want to ensure success in your business, then you must focus on website and mobile apps development. Website is the front face of your businesses which effectively presents brand information in front of the targeted audience and attracts them. Additionally, website is also known as the medium which connects brand’s audience with the brand and helps in gaining their trust. Similarly, if we are taking about mobile apps then it refers to a program which is specially designed for mobile users to facilitate them.

Mobile Apps Vs Responsive Website Design

The most powerful invention of today is the Responsive functionality. This is the option which enables users to access website using any device like mobiles, tablets, and laptop without destruction of information. Let’s discuss mobile apps and responsive website in details.

A mobile app refers to the program which is specially designed for small screen device like mobiles. The main purpose of mobile apps is to provide almost all the functionalities which help in making user’s life pleasant and easier. Mobile app serves variety of purposes like calling, surfing Internet, online shopping, calculating large numbers, create end notes, and more. Mobile apps and responsive websites are mainly targeting to the same audience called mobile users. The aim of both technologies (mobile apps and responsive website) is same as they are targeting mobile users and facilitate them. Using both options, users can easily access information using any handy device (called mobile).

Are Mobile App and Responsive Website same?

The answer to the above question is No. Mobile app and responsive website are completely two different aspects. If we are talking about mobile app then it means that an application which is only used by mobile users.On the other hand, responsive websites are those which can be accessible using any device such as tablets, laptops, and mobiles. These websites are not mobile specific. One can access responsive websites using device like laptops, tablets, and more.

If we implement responsive feature in our website then our website can easily open in any device but it may possible that some of the information get lost to fit in the specified screen area. On the other hand, mobile apps are designed for small screen and the information presents on the screen is highly customized. Using mobile app, only important information is presented in front of the mobile users.

Useful while there is No Internet Connection

The major difference between mobile apps and responsive website is that Mobile apps are easily accessible when we are Offline. This means, mobile apps are accessible when there is No Internet Connection.

As compare to responsive websites, mobile apps are small in size and can easily load on any mobile. Let’s have a quick view on the topic mobile apps versus responsive websites as given below:

  • Mobile app quickly loaded over mobile
  • Display important or useful information
  • Offline accessibility
  • User friendly interface
  • Effective and efficient designs
  • Offer notification facility
  • Support native environment

Now, we can expect that you bitterly understand the meaning and difference between mobile apps and responsive design.

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